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*Marvel Universe*

"YOU LOST MY SON?!" the king of Asgard thundered as he towered over Spider-Man, the skies roaring with thunder and dancing with lightning as his anger grew exponentially. "HOW DID YOU LOSE MY FAVORITE SON?!"

"You know, I think it's words like that that made Thor and Loki archenemies in the first-"


"…eep…" Spider-Man whimpered as he turned back to his fellow Avengers for some kind-ANY kind- of help, but they were just as terrified of Lord Odin at the moment as he was. Even the Hulk seemed to have decided it'd be smart to be a nice distance away from the father of the one entity that could go toe- to-toe with him any day; even Ms. Marvel, Spider-Man's girlfriend, chose not to intervene, deciding this wasn't a situation she could help her boyfriend out of.

Valkyrie had gone to Asgard once the Avengers had returned to Earth to bring the news that Thor had disappeared from the universe, something she really didn't want to tell to the King of Asgard. In the few hours she was gone, the rest of the Avengers discussed who'd be the one to speak to Odin on the Avengers' behalf; this meant that said chosen individual would have to explain to an extremely angry father, who happened to be king of the Norse Pantheon and have power on par with Silver Surfer, Uatu and rivaling Galactus, just how they allowed his son and their teammate simply disappear into a portal that was known to be unpredictable.

Even Captain America was uneasy about the prospect and Stark definitely wasn't someone the team could entrust a task to.

Unfortunately, as they continued to try and figure out what to tell the god, Odin suddenly appeared before them on the Mansion grounds, accompanied by Valkyrie, Balder, the Warriors Three, Lady Sif and Heimdall the All-Seer. And extremely furious couldn't even begin to scratch the surface of describing how mad Odin was. His first words were, "WHICH ONE OF YOU MORTALS ALLOWED THOR TO ESCAPE YOUR CLUTCHES AND BE TAKEN FROM THIS REALM?!"

Out of fear, every single one of the Avengers immediately pointed at Spider-Man, which had led to this situation.

"Odin, you gotta understand-I tried to get him to safety, but the winds of the portals were just too strong and my webs couldn't get to him. He just got sucked in and I-WE couldn't do anything!" Spider-Man said as he tried to reason with the King of Norse Gods.

"Spider-Man speaks truth, Lord Odin," Valkyrie interjected, trying to help out her fellow Avenger. "The vortex was simply too powerful and Thor was sucked in."

"All Seer," Odin said as he turned to Heimdall. "Can you confirm this?"

"I can, Lord Odin," the Keeper of Bifrost said sagely with a nod. "This Spider-Man did attempt to save the Odinson, but his efforts were hampered by the portal's mighty vortex and he could not succeed."

"Then why…did you not…try…HARDER, MORTAL?!" Odin roared again, almost making Spider-Man piss himself in pure fear.

"Should we…help him?" Spider Woman asked.

"You wanna argue against HIM?" Quake replied. "Have fun with that."

"I feel so helpless here," Ms. Marvel added as she buried her face in her hand.

"You should, Carol," Iron Man retorted. "You're leaving your man hanging out there."

"I don't see YOU trying to help him out," Protector said as he rolled his eyes.

"Lord Odin, I must speak on Spider-Man's behalf," Valkyrie again interjected. "You cannot blame him for not being strong enough to save Thor."

"EXACTLY!" the arachnid Avenger said. "Wait, what does-?!"

"My Lord!" Heimdall interrupted suddenly, all eyes turning onto him as his own eyes began glowing with his vigilance. "The Thunderer-he has returned to Midgard! He has appeared along the seas near the nation of the Greeks.

'Sir, Thor's bio-signature has appeared along the Mediterranean Sea approximately three seconds ago,' JARVIS interrupted, enticing cries of joy from the rest of the Avengers.

"Thor, buddy!" Stark cried into his ID card. "If you can hear me, come on back over to the Mansion!"

"AND HURRY!" Spider-Man yelled into his own ID card. "Your dad's about to kill me!"

1o seconds later, the skies darkened and rumbled, flashing with lightning as Thor Odinson, the Norse God of Thunder and one of Earth's Mightiest Heroes descended onto the grounds of Avengers Mansion, having returned to his home.

"Ho, Avengers! I bring-Father?" Thor said with surprise as he looked back from his allies to his father, a confused look on his face. "Has something transpired in my absence that requires-?"

"MY SON!" Odin said with joy as he embraced the Thunder God. "May Asgard rejoice as its future king has returned once more to the Nine Realms in piece!"

"Your father was deeply worried about you, Thor," Balder said with laughter as he embraced his half-brother. "He almost smote the one called Spider-Man for failing to save you-"

"And I am SO glad you're here to prove I can still live," Spider-Man sighed with relief as he and the rest of the Avengers came over to welcome back their teammate. "God is it good to see you again, Thor!"

"What happened to you anyways?" Iron Man asked. "Hank and I couldn't find any trace of you anywhere, and apparently, the Heimdall guy over had searched almost every part of the universe looking for you, but you were just nowhere!"

"Because I was not in anywhere in the Nine Realms, Iron Man," Thor replied. "I was in a whole new universe, one were the heroes are vastly different from the ones here-and where Asgard does not exist."

"What lies be this, Thor!?" Fandrall asked as he, Hogun and Volstagg came closer for the tale. "A realm where the Realm Eternal is nonexistent?"

"Aye, Warriors Three; in its place, the Greek Gods of Olympus are the deities, and they have a champion, an honorable warrior known to her people as Wonder Woman, but her name is Diana. She gave me quite a battle, my brethren-she was on par with the Hulk and even the Sentry in speaking of brute strength; she was very formidable, yet she was also a remarkable friend and ally, and she was quite a beautiful creature as well; I was on an island, you see, and it was inhabited solely by an immortal race of female warriors called Amazons, and Wonder Woman was their champion-"

"Thor, maybe you should save the story for another time," Captain America said warily as he and the other Avengers slowly took a few steps back. "Especially the parts about this 'Wonder Woman' and the island filled with only women."

"But Captain, this Champion was a woman like no other!" Thor continued. "She is one of the finest warriors I've ever laid my eyes upon, a fervor rivaling that of the Valkyrior, and she was indeed a lovely sight to behold why are you all acting so nervously?" It was only then that he saw that his fellow Avengers were slowly retreating away from him, and the Warriors Three were looking at him with a mixture of humor and sadness, while Heimdall suddenly found the skies extremely interesting as Valkyrie face-palmed and Odin looked at him with a mixture of fatherly love, pity and humor.

Then it hit him.

"Sif is standing right behind me, isn't she?"

"Yes, Thor; yes, I am."

Ignoring the gulps and snickers of the rest, Thor Odinson, Norse God of Thunder, turned to take in the angelic form of his lover-Lady Sif, Norse Goddess of War; and although she looked pleased to see him back in one piece, she clearly wasn't pleased about how much he spoke highly of Wonder Woman, and he could tell by the way she cradled her blade in her fingers.

"Oh, please, my love, don't stop the tale on my account," the war goddess said with a raised eyebrow, daring him to continue.

'Yes, it is good to be home once more,' Thor thought to himself as he simply smiled sheepishly.

*DC Universe*

Years earlier, the sound of jets would've led the Amazons to prepare for invasion from Man's World; in fact, it had happened on several occasions, the first being the arrival of the first man on Themyscera in millennia: Steve Trevor. But today, the roars of the engines of a Justice League Javelin merely told the island inhabitants that either their princess & champion was returning to visit, or that her allies of the Justice League had business on Themyscera.

It was with that reasoning that the Amazons gave mere passing glances to the 12 Javelins that descended onto the shores of Themyscera as they continued their process of rebuilding their island paradise.

Diana, Hippolyta and a squadron of armed Amazons approached the fleet of Javelins; Hippolyta had decreed that the males of the Justice League were always welcome upon Themyscera since they had successfully defeated Ares when the war god attempted to take over the island a few years ago. That still never made it comfortable for the men to come off the Javelins first, and so female members like Hawkgirl, Vixen and Supergirl would always get off first. Or so it was up until about a year ago when the Dark Knight became the Princess's lover, and he easily defeated Philippus in combat; now, he was always the first of the League to touch Amazon soil.

"Diana!" Batman said as he rushed to her and embraced her, the Amazon instantly returning his embrace. "What happened? J'onn told us there was someone or something attack the island. You're not hurt are you?"

"No, Bruce, I'm fine," Diana smiled, loving how the usually cold & insensitive-coming Dark Knight would always instantly let his emotion come out around her. Then she realized something. "Wait, how come you're back so soon-all of you? I thought the war against Darkseid was becoming more of a stalemate, and Kal said it'd be another few-"

"Weeks, I know," Superman interrupted as he, Flash and Hawkman came up. "Your Majesty," he added as he bowed to Hippolyta, the other two following suit. "Orion managed to convince High Father to help us and Thanagar out after all, and well, that kind of did it for Darkseid; he's back on Apokylips licking his wounds."

"Plotting his revenge, no doubt," Batman muttered.

"We'll be ready," the Kryptonian replied.

"ANYWAYS…." Flash interrupted, "we got back about 30 minutes ago, just as J'onn and the others we're wrapping up the Injustice Gang. He told us something was invading Themyscera and you and the Amazons most likely needed help and we rushed over here. From the looks of it," he added as he looked around at the stony and marble carnage, "we missed a really big party."

"You sure did, Flash," Diana smirked. "Hades escaped from the Underworld and almost destroyed the island, ready to take over the world."

That stunned many of the assembled Leaguers. "Wait, what?!" Superman said, astounded.

"The Greek god of the Underworld broke out," Batman repeated, "and almost took over the world. Yet if I remember correctly, none of the Amazons-even you, Princess-can match the gods in power. The battle was evidently massive, but how did you defeat him, and where is he?"

"What, all this?" Diana asked as she waved at the damage caused by her battle with the Asgardian. "No, that wasn't Hades, my friends; this was the intruder who attacked Themyscera that J'onn told you about earlier." They all looked from the carnage to her, back to the carnage, to her and back again.

"What the hell did this?!" Hawkgirl asked.

"His name is Thor."

"The Norse god of thunder?" J'onn asked. "I was not aware other gods were existent in this world."

"They aren't, here it's just those of Olympus," Diana confirmed. "But this Thor…he was from another universe, another dimension where it's the Asgardian Norse gods that are the existent deities, where he is also a hero-part of a team like the Justice League, but called the Avengers. He was very powerful-remember when I knocked out Kal that one time? I did the same to Thor and it did nothing to him. He was able to go against me at full strength for almost 3 hours, unrelenting and nonstop. His hammer allowed him to call the lighting and thunder to him as a weapon. I only beat him using a sleeping poison when we both were too strained to continue the battle."

"Where is he?" Batman asked with a deadly monotone, angry that such a warrior would hurt his Princess.

"After he helped us defeat Hades, we all had a feast and he then returned to his own universe," Diana replied simply.

"Wait a minute," Vixen interrupted. "Let me get this straight-this Thor guy comes to Themyscera, trashes the place, almost destroys you in a fight and you knock him out, and then he helps you take on Hades? Di, you lost me somewhere there."

"It's a long story," Diana grinned. "But you'll love it, and I'm sure you all would've loved to meet him; after the initial confusion, he ended up being a great warrior and ally, and an even greater and compassionate friend. And," she added, her eyes twinkling, "he was really hot."

"Well, he's a god, so yeah, I figure he would be," Shayera grinned in response. "Man I would've loved to see that hunk. Wait, since he's probably never coming back, did you do it with him?"

"SHAYERA!" Diana, Hawkman, John Stewart, Superman and Flash snapped as Batman stiffened. Diana and Hippolyta, however, almost bit their tongues off trying to keep from laughing.

"Fine," the female Thanagarian sighed. "Did you at least kiss him?" she asked as Hal Jordan & Plastic Man came up to them.

"Oh, come on Shayera-!" Hawkman began.

"Well…." Diana began with a blush, unable to lie at all, looking nervously at Batman, whose eyes widened in shock and surprise.

"YOU DID!" Shayera cried with laughter. But before Batman could say anything, or before Superman and the others could react with surprise…

"Hey, that's funny because Batman made out with some hot Thanagarian chick in between some fight!" Plastic Man said with a smile, instantly getting a slap from Hal Jordan, face palms from the other Leaguers, surprised looks from Diana and Hippolyta, and the deadliest Batglare to ever see the light of day.


"You kissed a Thanagarian woman?" Diana repeated, looking at Batman with shock.

"I'm just gonna…" Plastic Man began as he edged away.

"You can't hide from me," the Batman snarled before responding to Diana. "She was thankful I saved her life and she found me after the battle and gave me a kiss. Nothing more, and I told her I was taken." Despite being mad, he couldn't help but smirk. "And since I'm never seeing her again, same with this Thor…"

"I should be mad at you," Dian smirked in response. "Yet I guess I can't, being I did the same. We should work on that. Now, be a dear and help us out with rebuilding, Bruce."

"I need to return to Gotham-"

"I can go after Thor if I wanted to try," she teased. Batman would've responded with a Catwoman remark, but figured he'd never survive. Smirking, he followed the Princess as the rest of the League began to help out the Amazons in rebuilding.

'Yup, everything's back to normal,' Diana thought with a smile.



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