There was a thick feeling in Zoro's throat. He thought he might actually be sick. Why was he still here? What was he thinking doing this to himself. He was sitting there at the table silently, his expression blank all except his eyes. His eyes held something indeed, but what was it? Hurt? Anxiety? Fear? He sighed, for probably the tenth time that evening, and ran his fingers through his short moss hair.

He didn't like to consider himself so weak as to be one to feel those types of things, yet here he was, out with his boyfriend and feeling just exactly that. The Marimo had decided to go out with Sanji and his friends on a whim, mostly because he was always following Sanji around these days. Hell, he loved Sanji, why wouldn't he? Even so, he was beginning to possibly regret doing so.

Zoro knew Sanji loved the ladies. It was impossible not to, the blonde practically oozed lady loving hormones with every step he took. But still, sitting there with analyzing eyes, Zoro couldn't help but watch as Sanji flattered the ladies and spoke to them. The way his smile seemed brighter when it was with them, something he hadn't ever gotten himself or at least, hadn't in a while.

The way Sanji opened up lovingly, feeding off the attention and giving some in return, so involved in conversation that just made Zoro feel sick. It also brought up those questions yet again. Why was he here? It felt like he shouldn't be at all, he could barely keep up with conversation and any word that was put in was promptly ignored. He supposed that feeling of being on the outside looking in made a lot of sense now a days.

Maybe he should leave. After all it was kind of a stretch that he was there at all. As pointed out before Sanji was a ladies man. Why would he settle for someone like Zoro when, obviously there were women he could do so much better with, shared so much interest with. It was eating Zoro up on the inside. Was this some kind of torture technique he wasn't aware of? Though he would never wish this even on any enemy.

Although it might have not appeared so, he was indeed bothered. Zoro was very good at holding a composed front, but he reached his limit. He stood up abruptly from the table, catching Sanji's eye as the blonde seemed to realize he was there, though that wasn't entirely true, he might have been sending him comforting smiles that turned into scowls at one point. Still, it might have been the first time his words were addressed to the swordsman.

"Where do you think you're going, shit head?" He asked.

Zoro stared at him for a moment then turned his face away, grabbing his coat.

It was all he needed to say. There wasn't more to say. Wouldn't he be doing some sort of favor to the blonde by going away? No, that didn't help him since he wasn't a problem in the first place when he was just taking up space. It was for Zoro's comfort, something he was doing for himself. He wouldn't expose himself to that anymore.

Sanji still frowned though, watching as he walked away. Shitty guy, never telling him what he was doing or what was going inside his head. What was he suppose to do when he was left in the dark? Perhaps he just needed a moment to himself, he understood that. He hesitated for a moment, lost in his thoughts and staring down at where Zoro had sat before turning back to the lovely ladies. Then his smile returned.

"I'm sorry about that, don't mind him. What were you saying?"

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