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Harry inwardly frowned as he got on the boat next to Hagrid. Now that the excitement had dwindled he was starting to think more about Hogwarts. Other than it was a magic school and Albus Dumbledore was the Headmaster he knew nothing about it. While he didn't know much about private schools he did know that they sent representatives that described the course load among other things. Hagrid hadn't done any of that and Harry got the distinct feeling that Hagrid wasn't the schools representative either. So this Dumbledore decided to send him someone who clearly didn't know how to explain his school but also someone who did something bad enough to not be allowed to use magic. What did that say about how important they thought he was.

Coming to a decision he was suddenly glad that Hagrid had written that letter and not him. He hadn't written an acceptance letter so he technically didn't have to go. He would just do some research on Hogwarts and other schools and pick one he liked the best.

Harry smiled as he walked into the room he had rented at the Leaky Cauldron. He was almost incredulous at how easy it was to trick Hagrid that he was going to Privet Drive alone. Dumping the pamphlets onto the bed he set about putting his things up in his new trunk. Going back to Gringotts had been a great idea as it ends up he met his account manager and learned that he also had another vault that he could access when he was fifteen. This had led to a shopping trip of epic proportions in his opinion, He didn't even want to think of how ill prepared Hagrid was sending him to Hogwarts.

Laying down he picked up one of the six pamphlets.

Iselia Academy

Iselia is a magic academy located Tuscan Italy. It was founded by Pomona Iselia in 1818. Iselia is rated third around the world and is a première school. School starts September 1 and ends June 15. Students may leave every weekend with a guardian or if they are of age. Iselia is near Keldrin Ally and the students are allowed chaperoned visits twice a month. The current Headmaster of Iselia is Marcus Prince who is famous for Holding off the Dark Lord Grimmauld's forces for five hours and an Order of Merlin third class.

Below is information designed for first year students. If you are planning to transfer into Iselia please send a letter to the Headmaster to receive more pertinent information.

Primary Courses, Professors, and Books:

Transfiguration – Matilda Hopsket

Mandatory- A Beginners' Guide to Transfiguration

Helpful- The Virtues of Visualization

Charms – Adriano Caceli

Mandatory- The Standard Book of Spells; Charms: The Basics

Helpful- Wrist Movements and Pronunciation are a Wizard's best Friend; My Magic and Me

Defense – Liam Sprout

Mandatory- The Dangers of the World and What to Look Out For; A Basic Guide of Shields and Spells

Helpful- Elementary Jinxes and Hexes

Herbology- Aldo Scamander

Mandatory- One Thousand Magical Herbs and Fungi

Helpful- How to Take Care of my Magical Garden

Potions- Kendra McGonagall

Mandatory- Potions: Procedures and Preperation, Basic Potions for Beginners

Helpful- Potions: Ingrediants and Reactions

Care of Magical Creatures- Benito Calihan

Mandatory- Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Themselves

History- Margeretta Goshawk

A History of Magic

Extra Classes Available in Third Year:

Ancient Runes



Blood Magic



Finance and Economics

Laws and Politics

Muggle Studies

Wizarding Culture and Traditions

Extracurricular Activities:



Broom Racing

Weapons Tournaments

Dueling Tournaments

Charms Club

Transfiguration Club

Potions Club

Defense Club

Debate Club

Iselia Newspaper

Harry read the pamphlet happy at what he found. Reading the other he found them all the same more or less except Hogwarts. Hogwarts actually had the less classes and activities. Worse it was ranked thirty-seven in world and seemed to be running mainly on it's old reputation. Frowning in disgust he filled out a letter for Iselia finding that it was the best in his opinion.

"Potter, Harry!" As Harry stepped forward, whispers suddenly broke out like little hissing fires all over the hall."

""Potter, did she say."

"The Harry Potter."

Everyone stared waiting for said boy to come out of the group. Whispers broke out as no one appeared. Minerva pursed her lips as she called out the name. Looking through the first years she found that none of them resembled her old students and no one had a lightening bolt scar.