Cross-Dressing: Poland x Lithuania One Shot
"So, like, it's decided, right?" Poland said as he grasped Lithuania's hand. They had just made a bet. If Lithuania could go a week without compulsively calling him, Poland would dress more like a boy, for once. In turn, if the Lithuanian couldn't take the challenge, he would be forced to cross-dress. Of course, Toris wasn't really looking forward to dressing like a girl if he lost, but seeing Poland in normal clothes would be quite a nice change.
"Yeah. Sure." Hesitantly, he shook Poland's hand, setting the deal in stone. No backing out now.
"Starting..." Felicks glanced down at his watch. "Now! See you on Friday, Liet!" He waved a single hand as he walked away, leaving the Lithuanian to decide if what he made was really the right decision.
The days leading up to the end of the week were the longest in Lithuania's life. Several times a day, he picked up the phone, only to set it back down again, thinking about having to wear a dress. Poland, on the other hand, was getting antsy. If Lithuania didn't call him, he would have to wear boring boys' clothes, and wouldn't be able to see Liet in a cute little dress. His phone rang, startling him from his thoughts, and he picked it up immediately.
"Ha! I totally win! Better get into that dress!" He shouted a little excitedly into the phone, automatically assuming that Toris was on the other end.
"Huh?" The voice came off as Italy's, and his hopes were instantly crushed.
"Oh... Italy... It's just you... That's fine..." He sounded really sad, causing his friend to ask what was wrong, to which he didn't respond.
Lithuania drew in a deep breath late Thursday night. It just couldn't wait. He slowly turned the dial, stopping at each number that made up the sequence for Poland's phone. He answered, and Toris could just feel the smug grin on his face when he said who he was.
"Well, well, well. What do we have here? Do I like, totally win, or what?" Lithuania sighed.
"Yeah, you win. I just wanted to say that I-" he was cut off by laughter on the other end.
"Haha, just, like, stay there, alright? I'm coming over. There's no way I can pass up an opportunity to see you dressed up like a girl!"
"But... You do it all the time. Why is it different for me?"
"Because, Liet. It's you, not me. This is going to be so cute!" Lithuania sighed as he heard rustling on the other end. "Ooh! Now, listen, Liet. I totally have the perfect dress for you! You just have to put it on, and, like, let me do your hair. Ok?" Another sigh.
"Fine... But I'm only doing this... Because I love you. Alright? I said it." A gasp travelled across the line, and Poland hung up immediately, causing Lithuania to think that he did something wrong. A few minutes later, however, the doorbell rang, and Lithuania found Felicks standing there, wearing jeans and a t-shirt, instead of his usual girls' clothing. He blushed and looked down at the ground, holding out the dress he had picked out for Toris. "Poland..."
"Just, like, put it on, ok?" Lithuania nodded and ran to his room, doing as he was told. He came back out wearing it, and Poland gasped. "Wow... I... Have never been so attracted to you."

Author's Note:
Well, I felt that I've been writing too much Spamano as of late, so I decided to do some one shots of different pairings I like. Thus, this happened. Kind of bad, I know. And a little long for a one shot. But, ya know what? I DON'T GIVE A SHIT. xD