Remus Lupin walked through the wall of Platform 9 ¾. Something he hasn't done since he graduated Hogwarts years ago. He looked around the platform, smiling to himself. In spite of the fact that it took some convincing, Remus was very excited to be coming back to Hogwarts. The beginning of his summer was quite a surprising one, getting a visit from Albus Dumbledore, the Headmaster at Hogwarts.

Remus was in his shabby old apartment, looking through the ads in the Daily Prophet, job searching. He was never able to hold down a steady job and has always been struggling. As he looked at the front page, there was a large picture of a man he hasn't seen in over twelve years, with a large headline that said, SIRIUS BLACK ESCAPES AZKABAN PRISON!

Of course Remus knew who this man was. He was best friends with Sirius, as well as James Potter and Peter Pettigrew. Remus shuddered as he put the paper down on the table. He would never forget that day when he lost all of his best friends on the same night. James and Lily were both killed by Lord Voldemort and Sirius was sent to Azkaban for killing twelve muggles and Peter. Remus had a hard time coping after what had happened and he shut himself off from the world, suffering on his own. Being a werewolf was hard enough, but grieving at the same time made his transformations at the time even harder. He was bitten when he was a little boy and to this day, there is no known cure for it. Shunned from the wizarding world, werewolves are considered dangerous, despite the fact that they turn into a violent creature only once a month.

Suddenly he heard a knock on the door. Wondering who it was, he walked over and opened the door. Standing there in midnight blue colored robes, a long white beard and that twinkle in his blue eyes, stood Albus Dumebldore, his former Headmaster from Hogwarts. A man who he hasn't seen in quite a few years. It was because of Dumbledore that Remus was even allowed to attend Hogwarts, regardless of him being a werewolf.

"Professor Dumbledore?" Remus asked, surprised, as he held the door open for his former mentor.

"Ah, Remus, please call me Albus," Dumebledore said, with a slight smile.

As Dumebldore walked in, Remus led him into the kitchen. "Can I offer you some tea? I was thinking about making some anyway," Remus said, as he walked over to the stove.

"Ah yes, that would be lovely, my dear boy," Dumebldore said, taking a seat at the small table in the corner of the kitchen.

"Sorry about the mess," Remus said and with a wave of his wand, the new papers disappeared. "You know, job searching and all…" Remus trailed off as he brought over two cups for himself and the headmaster. After pouring tea into both cups, Remus sat down across from Dumebledore.

"So what can I do for you today, Albus," Remus said after taking a sip from his tea.

"Well, I know this is quite a long shot for me to be asking you of this and you will probably turn it down as soon as I ask, but please hear me out. I would like you to return to Hogwarts as our Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher," said Dumbledore. "We are in dire need of a professor with talents such as yours and I know you would be the perfect choice. I understand your concern," said Dumebledore, as Remus opened his mouth to interrupt, "But I would like you to think about it."

"But what about my…condition," Remus said, with a shudder.

"Remus, my boy," Dumebledore said, laying his hand on Remus', as Remus looked down at his cup, not wanting to meet the Headmaster's gaze. "We will take the same precautions as we did while you were at Hogwarts, as well as have you take the Wolfsbane potion that Severus will brew for you."

"I don't know about this, sir," Remus said, looking up at The Headmaster. Remus didn't want to put any children in danger and definitely didn't want anyone going out of their way to help him in this situation. "Can I have some time to think it over?"

"Of course, Remus," Dumbledore said, patting Remus' hand as he stood up to take his leave. "Please contact me as soon as you can with your answer, as I have to prepare for the new year."

As Remus walked Dumbledore to the front door, Dumbledore turned around, with that same twinkle in his eye.

"By the way, I know there is one student at Hogwarts that you are probably very eager to see after all these years," Dumebledore said, as he opened the door.

It took Remus a second to figure out what Dumbledore was trying to say but then it finally dawned on him. "Harry…" Remus said, with a sudden smile on his face. Of course Remus knew who Harry Poter was, as he was best friends with Lily and James. His heart soared, as he remembered Harry as a baby. all the times he baby sat him, visiting the Potter's and so many other occaions. Suddenly, Remus knew what his answer would be.

"I will take you up on your offer, Albus," Remus said with a smile.

"I knew you would dear boy," Dumbledore said. "You know, he looks exactly like James. Except-"

"For his eyes," Remus said, his smile growing bigger. He hasn't seen Harry since he was a baby, but he remembered that he inherited Lily's bright green eyes and James' unruly hair.

"He will be entering his third year," Dumbledore said. "He has definitely had quite a few adventures in his first two years. I think he inherited James' troublemaking skills as well," he said, with a bright, mischievous twinkle in his eye.

Remus laughed. "Do I even want to know?"

"I'll let Harry tell you all about it," said Dumbledore, with a chuckle. "I must take my leave as I have other matters to attend to, but I will keep in contact with you. Thank you for taking up my offer, Remus. I know the students are going to learn quite a bit from you."

"You're welcome sir. I'll see you in September," Remus said. With one last smile, Dumbledore walked away and Remus shut the door, walking back to the kitchen. He took a seat at the table and stared at his empty tea cup, contemplating on what he just signed on for.

Of course he was nervous about the fact that he just said yes to a teaching job, despite his condition. He didn't want anyone finding out about what he was. But the fact that he finally gets to see Harry after twelve years made it all worth it.

Remus walked onto the train, as he was one of the first to arrive, hoping to get a compartment to himself. Putting his suitcase on the shelf above him, he took a seat near the window and stared out as he watched all of the students appear on the platform, saying bye to the families and getting ready to board the train. Remus eventually dozed off, unaware that he was about to have some company.