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Chapter 6: The Grim and a Surprising Revelation


As Harry, Ron and Hermione walked into the Great Hall for breakfast, Harry looked around and noticed that some people were staring at him and whispering to one another. Harry ignored them and sat down at the Gryffindor table next to Fred and George as Ron and Hermione sat across from him.

"Hey Potter!" Harry heard a drawling voice behind him. He turned around to see his rival, Draco Malfoy at the Slytherin table, pretending to faint as the rest of the Slytherins roared with laughter.

"Watch out Potter! The dementors are coming, ooooh!" Draco's friend, Pansy Parkinson shrieked at him, while the others started laughing hysterically. Harry rolled his eyes as he turned back to his best friends. Ron looked like he wanted to jump out of his seat, but Hermione out a hand on his shoulder to keep him from rising.

"How did he find out?" Harry asked angrily, piling food onto his plate, though he wasn't feeling quite hungry anymore.

"Just forget it," Hermione said. Harry looked back over as Malfoy pretended to faint in terror again.

At the moment, Professor Mcgonagall came around, handing out everyone's class schedules. She gave Harry a discrete concerned looked before she walked away. Harry looked at his schedule and saw that their first class was Divination, which was a class Harry and the others have never taken before.

"Ohh looks like we start our new classes today," Hermione said excitedly, looking at her own schedule. Ron glanced over her shoulder and his eyes went wide.

"Did they mess up your schedule, 'Mione? It says here you have three classes today at 9! How is that possible?" Ron asked, grabbing her schedule out of her hand, staring at it.

"Ron, how can I be in three classes at once," Hermione asked, ripping the schedule out of Ron's hand. "Don't worry, I handled it with Professor McGonagall last night."

"But-"Ron started, but Hermione just gave him a look and went back to her own food. Ron shrugged his shoulders and started shoveling food in his mouth. Harry, who, after glancing over at the Slytherin table, turned back to his food as well. He wasn't feeling as hungry as he thought, no thanks to the Dursley's basically starving him this summer. He was about to push away his food, but after he saw Hermione and Ron's concerned looks, Harry started picking at his food just to appease them. Luckily, they didn't comment. After everyone in the hall finished eating, people started making their way to their first classes.

"We better get going, we have Divination first," Harry said, pushing his plate away and stood up. Divination was up at the top of the North Tower. They walked out of the Great Hall and headed in the direction of the tower, though it was definitely a long journey. After going up several flights of stairs, they finally made it, completely out of breath.

"We have got to find some kind of shortcut next time," Harry said, trying to catch his breath, as they walked to the ladder leading up to the classroom. Harry looked at Ron and Hermione before he ascended up to the room first, with the other two following him.

As they pulled themselves up, they looked around the room. It reminded Harry of some old fashioned tea shop, with small tables and armchairs all along the classroom. All of the lamps and windows were covered with multicolored scarves, which made the room darker than it should be. There was a stifling, perfume like smell that was already making Harry sleepy. The trio, along with the rest of the class, made their way to the tables and took a seat, Sybill Trelawney walked out of her office.

"Welcome, welcome my children," she exclaimed, as everyone finally found their seats. "Welcome to the noble art of Divination. My name is Professor Trelawney and together, we shall cast ourselves into the future!" Harry tried not to laugh, as he glanced at Hermione and Ron. Ron was just staring at Trelawney like she was crazy. Hermione was trying to suppress her giggles, as were a few other students. At least they weren't the only ones who thought this teacher was off her rocker.

"For our first lesson together, you will be reading each other's tea leaves and using your inner eye to predict your fellow colleague's future!" Trelawney said, passing out everyone's tea cups. After they drank the scalding hot tea, Harry and Ron swapped tea cups and opened their books to the appropriate chapter. Harry could already tell this class was going to be one of his least favorite classes.

"Looks like you have some kind of cross," Harry said, peering into Ron's cup. He then glanced in his book. "According to this, it means you will have trials and suffering. Then this here looks like it could be the sun…" Harry glanced again at the book. "This means 'happiness.' So you're going to suffer…and be happy about it?" Harry was trying his best not to laugh, while Hermione wasn't doing anything to hide her giggling. Ron just rolled his eyes, laughing.

"You need to test your inner eye, mate," Ron said. Harry and Hermione laughed. "My turn," Ron said, grabbing Harry's cup. "There's some kind of animal in yours. Looks like a sheep…" Ron said, looking at his book. They suddenly heard a gasp behind them.

"Let me see that, dears," Trelawney said, grabbing Harry's cup from Ron's hand and stared at it. She suddenly gasped and dropped the cup on their table, slowly backing away from them. "My dear, boy…you have…The Grim," she said, with tears filling up in her eyes.

"The Grim?" Harry asked, looking into his cup. "What's that?"

"My dear, The Grim!" Trelawney exclaimed. "It's a giant spectral dog. It's the omen…the omen of death…"

Harry didn't know what to think. He looked around the classroom, who all stopped their own work and watched the scene. Mostly everyone had looks of terror on their faces. He looked at Hermione, who was trying not to laugh and to Ron, who had the same look of terror as everyone else. Was this teacher a complete fraud? Or was this death omen true?

"We will go ahead and end class here for today, my dears," Trelawney said, as she gained back her composure and made her way back to the front of the class. Everyone gathered their belongings and made their way out of the classroom. Harry could still feel everyone's eyes on him. Great, just what he needed- more attention. Wasn't it already bad enough that Malfoy told most of the school that he fainted on the train?

Their next class, which was Transfiguration, sped by pretty quickly. Harry wasn't paying any attention though. He sat in the back of the class with Ron and Hermione, but he couldn't concentrate at all. Hermione kept trying to get his attention but she finally gave up. Harry had way too much on his mind. The Grim? Did that mean that in the near future, Harry was going to finally get killed off by Voldemort? By his own Uncle? Harry inwardly shuddered at the thought.

"Mr. Potter!"

Harry suddenly looked up, realizing that McGonagall was standing right in front of him, giving him a very stern look.

"Is there a reason you aren't paying any attention?" McGonagall asked.

"I'm sorry, Professor," Harry mumbled, feeling himself go red.

"See me after class, Potter" McGonagall said, as she walked away. Ron gave him a concerned glance, while Hermione glared at him. Harry ignored them and tried to keep up with the rest of the class. Once the bell rang, Hermione and Ron told him they would meet him at lunch. Then Harry made his way to McGonagall's desk.

"Potter, you need to pay more attention," she said, giving him a very stern, but concerned look. "is everything okay?"

Harry didn't want to lie to her. But he also didn't want to speak what was on his mind. It would raise way too many questions and he didn't want to hear any of it. "It's nothing, Professor. I just didn't get a lot of sleep last night…" This was partially the truth, no thanks to his nightmare that woke Ron up.

"Well, try not to let it happen in the future, Mr. Potter," she said, waving him off. "You may go." Harry thanked her and left her classroom. He was about to head to the Great Hall, but decided that he wasn't hungry. He made his way to the library, remembering that he needed to find some kind of healing spell to cure all of his injuries. Because of the bruising on his ribs and back, along with the welts, his body was already sore from walking around the castle and it has only been half of a day. He was in such deep thought that as he turned a corner, he almost ran into Professor Lupin.

"Oh, I'm sorry, sir," Harry said, stumbling back a little, giving his professor a small smile.

"It's quite alright, Harry," Lupin said, smiling. "You aren't going to lunch?"

"Um no, I was actually heading to the library to look something up," Harry said.

"Well, would you like to come to my office for some tea?" Remus asked. I was getting ready to head there myself to make some and have some lunch sent up."

"Sure, Professor," Harry said, as he followed Lupin up to his office. Though he was desperate to heal his injuries, he didn't want to be rude and decline Lupin's offer. Once they were in his office, Lupin gestured to the seat in front of his desk. As Harry took a seat, Lupin searched for his tea kettle. After he found it, he added water and tapped it with his wand. Lupin poured them each a cup and sat down behind his desk. They sat in silence for a few minutes, taking some sips out of their tea. Lupin suddenly waved his wand and a plate of sandwiches appeared in front of them.

"Go ahead and have one," Lupin said, grabbing one for himself. "Minerva would have my head if she knew that you skipped lunch," Lupin said, laughing. Harry decided to have one, not wanting to be rude. "So how were your first two classes?"

"They were…interesting," Harry said, as he went into detail about Divination.

Lupin shook his head. "I wouldn't worry yourself over that. Minerva told me all about Professor Trelawney. According to her, she predicts someone's death every year."

"That's what Professor McGonagall told me," Harry said, feeling somewhat better about the situation. After that they went silent for a few moments., while Harry was in deep thought. He had the same feeling about Lupin as he did on the train. Why did this man seem so familiar to him?

"Anything worrying you, Harry?" Lupin asked.

"No," Harry said, taking a bite of his sandwich. After a few moments, he decided to come out with it. "This is going to sound weird, Professor, but I feel like I've met you somewhere before. You seem really familiar to me for some reason…"

Lupin sighed and put his cup down on his desk. "I'm not surprised, Harry. I have to tell you something." He paused for a second, as he seemed to try to find the right words. "I used to know your parents. I was best friends with both of them actually…"

Harry looked up from his tea and just stared at Lupin. He knew his parents? He was friends with them? Harry never heard many stories about his parents at all. All he's basically heard about them is that he looks like his father and has his mother's eyes. Aunt Petunia never talked about his mother, as she despised her.

"Really?" Harry asked, with a small smile on his face. "What were they like?"

Lupin laughed. "Your mother was absolutely brilliant. She cared so much about others and she always had a loving quality about her. Your father on the other hand was quite the trouble maker. And from what I hear, he passed that onto you," Lupin said, with a big smile on his face. Harry blushed at this comment.

"Can you tell me some stories about them, sometime, sir?" Harry asked enthusiastically.

"Of course, Harry," Lupin said. He looked at his watch and saw the time. "You better get going, I believe you have your next class soon."

Harry nodded, put his cup down and stood up. "Thank you so much, sir, for telling me about my parents. I never hear stories about them…"

"It's no problem, Harry," Lupin said, waving it off. "I'll see you tomorrow for defense."

"See you then, sir," Harry said, giving Lupin one more smile and walking out the door.

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