Characters: Bass, Miles, Ben, Rachel, Charlie, Danny, Nora, Militia soldiers, Emma, Maggie, unnamed guy, and two unnamed guys

Summary: This is Sebastian Monroe's story beginning to the end in Sebastian's POV. I hope you enjoy.

Bass/Miles (friendship)

My name is Sebastian Monroe, and I am the former Militia general that Miles Matheson and I created. Miles and I have been friends since we were kids. We go way back. We have always been close. We are brothers, though we are not related. We're so close that we forgive one another, no matter how bad the other screws up.
When Miles and Rachel were dating back in our school days, we fell in love and had a fling Miles never knew about. We ended it when Emma and I fell in love. Then Miles and Rachel ended it when Rachel and Ben fell in love and later got married.
When we were in the war, we fought like hell and survived. Then Miles got shot.
"You gotta go, Bass," I remember him telling me.
"If you're dying, I'm dying with you," I remember telling him.
After Miles survived, we went back home to Georgia.
When the blackout happened, it was unexpected. Ben and Rachel were behind what happened, but it was an accident. They didn't have control over it anymore; Ben's boss, Randall, did. Ben, Rachel, Charlie, and Danny left the city shortly after it happened, and so did Miles and I. Everyone that left the city, escaped to the country. And then Miles shot a couple guys to save a guy we found out was named Jeremy. Then Miles made a point, saying, "Someone had to do something."
Later, Miles and I created the Militia. We trained people that wanted to be a part of it and others rebelled. We called them the rebels. Some of the rebels tried to rise against us. At first, it was one man. He bombed a restaurant Miles and I were eating dinner at and Miles got hurt worst than me. For Miles' sake, I killed the man and his family. Miles thought I had gone too far though, and he attempted to kill me one night in bed. He couldn't pull the trigger, though. Then he left and fled to one of the cities; Chicago.
Ten years later, his niece, Charlie Matheson, came to him for help in getting Danny, her younger and only brother, back from the Militia soldiers. Danny was all she had left of blood related family, excluding Miles and Rachel, because Ben had been killed by a Militia soldier. So Miles helped her.
During the time of searching for Danny, Nora Clayton tagged along and Maggie, Charlie's mother figure and friend, was attacked by a dog and died soon after.
After they rescued Danny and Rachel from being imprisoned at my headquarters, Danny was killed by Militia soldiers, helping to stop my soldiers from attacking rebel camps and killing rebels.
As you can tell from my history, I have changed. I screwed up. Now my own men are shooting at me. I'm running for my life, as to survive and not be killed by my own men.