Summary: Set in S3 about three years after S3E1 if it had aired. Would Bass had been able to rebuild the Monroe Republic with Connor at his side, or had he failed? If he had succeeded, would he have been the enemy, or would there have been a greater threat? Where would Miles and them have ended up at?

It was a cloudy day in Kansas, Missouri as General Sebastian Monroe road a thorough bred horse alone, down a trail through the woods, not far from the Missouri river. He had been the general of the rebuilt Monroe Republic for a year now with Connor at his side, helping him. This time, it wasn't making him insane or paranoid, controlling so many people. This new Monroe Republic was much better than the old one. He wasn't afraid of anyone being disloyal. Sure, it would make him happier if Miles, Rachel, and Charlie would join but he wouldn't force them. They would join when they were good and ready.
It began to rain and he kept going. He wanted to be alone sometimes and this was one of those times. Being general didn't mean he had to stay at the Monroe headquarters day in and day out.
Suddenly, he heard gun shots in the distance. Being general and wanting to know what the hell was going on, he raced on horseback towards where the sounds were coming from. It was his duty to keep people from firing at each other, since he had changed the rules. People were allowed guns and an American flag, but if anyone misused the right to own a gun, it would be taken away and the person would be either put in a Monroe Republic prison or be executed.
When he arrived, he saw that Tom was firing at Charlie, who was firing back, despite the pain from Tom's grazed bullets.
Bass took out his gun, as he came closer. He had to protect Rachel's daughter. Besides, he cared about her.
When Tom saw Bass, he began to shoot at Bass, too.
The horse stepped back and flatted his ears from the sound and the bullets fling past, as Bass dismounted, letting the horse go free.
He ducked behind a tree for cover, as Tom shot at him. Then he shot at Tom, getting him directly in the side, in the shoulder, and then on his wrist, making him drop the gun. Tom was a former Militia soldier from the first time he had made the Monroe Republic, but that didn't mean he was better than Monroe. Bass could beat pretty much anyone in both a gun and sword fight. He was even better when he fought alongside Miles.
"It's been a while, Tom," the general said, as he walked up to the former Militia soldier.
"She killed my son," Tom said.
"And you killed Ben. The way I see it, you're going to turn yourself in. IF you don't, I'll personally hunt you down and you'll wish you were dead. Now go," he ordered.
Once Tom was out of sight, he put his gun away and rushed over to Charlie.
He knelt beside her and rested gentle hands on either side of her head. He looked at her to see where she was hurt at. She was barely conscious with a grazed leg, shoulder and side and a wound by her abdomen.
"Bass?" she said weakly, as he gently pulled her into his arms.
"I'm here, Charlie. You're safe now. You'll be okay," he replied.
She wrapped her arms weakly around his neck and rested her head on his shoulder, eyes closed, as he gently picked her up in his arms, heading back to his headquarters.

In the end, Charlie got better and went home to Miles, Tom was executed, and everyone carried on with their lives.