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Date: March 11, 2012 7:30 p.m.

Location: Benson household.

Normal Pov:

"AAAAAAAH!" Amber screamed with pain while holding her now bloodied arm.

"You know, this wouldn't keep happening if you just followed our orders sweetheart," Nathan said as he cleaned the knife up once again.

"After taking good care of you for seven years…..and this is the thanks we get!" Maggie shouted while getting ready for another strike.

"Taking good care of me my – Ugh!" Amber groaned as Maggie punched her hard in the stomach.

"Shut it you worthless whelp," Nathan replied. "This punishment is far from over."

This wasn't supposed to happen. Neither of them was supposed to come home today and now everything is ruined. And Amber was having such a good day to.


1 Hour Ago – Amber's Pov:

"Pilot, projectiles coming in at three o' clock! Engage evasive maneuvers!"

Obeying my "commander" I performed a quick barrel roll, just barley avoiding the incoming projectiles.

"Thanks for the late warning Will," I complained while straitening my jet out. "Those could have shot me out of the sky you know."

"Sorry about that. I'm having a little trouble here keeping Mrs.-Trigger-Happy in line."

"Aw man, why did you have to tell her about those Will? I nearly had her that time!" Diane groaned.

"He had to Diane or otherwise you would've shot Amber out of the sky," Crystal replied. "That makes it like…seven times you fired off targets?"

"Well as they say, eight times the charm."

"Don't you dare push that button!"

In case you're wondering the four of us decided we would take my jet, The Lightning Strike, out for a quick spin before the Benson come back tomorrow. What is it you ask? Well, it's similar to the Turbokat only a bit smaller, silver instead of black and has these awesome lightning bolts painted on it.

"Uh…sis," Will commed nervously. "You might want to get down here before these two do something drastic."

"Roger that, coming in for a landing," I replied humorously while engaging the landing sequence.

"Aww no fair!" Diane complained. "Can't she stay up there for one more…?"

"NO!" we all shouted.

"Hmph! You guys are no fun."

I landed my jet safely in our own secret hanger. Heh….actually it's one of Nathan's, but since he's so "busy with life" he never notices. Sometimes living with those two does have its perks…though there very very very little.

"Nice flying up there sis, as usual," Will complemented as I climbed out of the jet.

"It's all thanks to an excellent co-pilot, an awesome flight navigator…and a good weapon firer," I told them while taking off my helmet.

"Who couldn't even hit this thing for all it's worth," Diane complained as she kicked one of the tires. "Seriously, who gave you this hunk of junk?"

"Diane!" Crystal hissed.

"What?" she asked, but upon noticing my now downcast look it hit her like a ton of bricks. "Oh my! Amber…I..I..I'm so sorry! I…I didn't…I didn't mean to –."

"It's okay Diane, y..you…you didn't realize it," I said while trying to keep my voice steady.

"Well…on that note, how about we all head home guys," Will asked trying to break the now awkward silence. "Let's do another flight the next time we're free?"

A small agreement of "yeah" went out before we went our separate ways. It wasn't long before Will tried to break the silence between us.

"You okay sis?"

"Actually…no," I replied a little angry. "I can't believe she would say such a thing. She knows how important The Lightning Strike is to me. It doesn't help the fact that that day is coming soon."

"It is coming up isn't it? But you gotta realize she didn't mean –."

"But she still had no right!" I yelled angrily. "Whenever someone insults my jet I –."

"Don't you dare start this now," Will said sternly. "Yeah I know it wasn't right for your jet to be insulted, but you of all people should know how Diane gets when she misses during flight practice. So just suck it up and move on already."


We sat in silence for the rest of the drive. It wasn't until he dropped me off at the front door that I broke the silence.

"Hey Will?"


"….Thanks...again for pulling me out of that."

"Anytime sis, anytime."

As Will was putting the car up I headed inside to go hide my flight suit. While reaching the top of the stairs, I noticed that something wasn't quite right.

Is it just me or is the house…quieter than normal? ….Nah, it's probably just your nerves playing with you Amber. Nothing to worry about.

As soon as that thought left my mind, the lights immediately went on. I turned around and to my horror…..Nathan and Maggie were right there.

"Well well well, and where have you been?" Nathan asked with a nasty smirk.

"I…I..I can explain," I stuttered while trying to get out of it.

"Explain what?" Maggie replied. "That you went out flying again when you should've been doing chores."

"I think she deserves an extra special punishment for this. Don't you dear?" Nathan asked with a twisted smile.

"Yeah, let's get started," Maggie replied as she cracked her knuckles.

While they dragged me into my room on thought went through my mind.

Ohhhh crap. This ain't gonna end well.

Present Time – Normal Pov:

Gotta hurry gotta hurry…..gotta hurry gotta hurry, Will thought as he raced to Amber's aid.

It was a few seconds ago that he heard Amber's screams of pain. He originally figured that she collided with something by accident while navigating through the house. But as the got more intense he began to get worried. Then he realized that she only screamed this bad when…whenever she was being punished.

Quick as lightning he raced through the house to try and intervene, or at least stop, the Bensons from going any further. But as he reached the top of the stairs they both walked out of Amber's room with pleasant smiles on their faces.

Oh no…I'm too late, Will thought with dread as the cruel couple walked by him. As soon as they disappeared he raced into the room to see the damages done. What he saw filled him with dread.

Her flight suit was badly torn, reveling new sets of scars and bruises on her body. Old scars that were almost healed were now reopened as small streams of blood leaked down onto the floor. Amber was trying her best not to cry from the pain, but wasn't doing so well.

Will got down on the floor to see if he could get a response from her. As soon as he got in her sight, Amber buried her face in his shirt and began to sob uncontrollably. Will put his arms around her to try and calm her down.

"It's okay Amber, it's okay," he whispered in her ear while rubbing her back.

"No it's not, and it never will be," she replied while burying her face further.

They remained in that position for a few minutes more. One was trying to get all of the pain out of their system, while the other was their only source of comfort in this place. It wasn't long before Will picked Amber up bridal style and carried her to the bathroom.

"Come on sis, let's try and clean you up a little," he said trying to get something out of her.

Amber said nothing in return.

Moments later Amber is now clean and bandaged up, trying to make herself as small as possible on her bed. It wasn't long before Will came in with a tray of food in his hands. How the heck he got that past the slave drivers, no one will ever know.

"C'mon Amber you got to eat something. It's your favorite, spaghettios with hot dogs mixed in."


"Okay then…how about we watch Swat Kats instead? That always cheers you up."

Still nothing. Not even a twitch.

"Alright, I guess I'll enjoy this on my own then," Will replied as he started up the DVD.

No response what so ever.

As the night wore on Amber made no attempt to eat or even acknowledge that her favorite show was on. It wasn't till episode three began that Will started to get worried.

Okay, she hasn't done anything besides sitting there looking pitiful. I better say something before she goes down the unbeaten path, he thought while pausing the episode. "What's eating ya sis?"

"My life that's what," Amber replied.

Oh look, she speaks!

"And what's wrong with it?"

"You know pretty damn well what's wrong with it Will," she replied while sliding off the bed. "Everything. Nothing ever goes right for me, and when something does it gets ruined by those…those…bitches! And there's hardly anyone to help me out of it!"

"Now hold on there, that isn't true," Will replied while trying to calm her down. "You do have others to help you out of it. Like there's –."

"There's no one at all to help me. Hardly anyone understands the kind of life I'm going through."

Well, this isn't working. Better try something else. "You're not the only one who has a hard life. Jake and Chance know exactly how you feel."

"How the heck would they know how I feel?" Amber yelled. "Their life is nothing compared to mine! They don't get abused everyday by their superiors. They're always seen as heroes whenever they're the Swat Kats. If anything, those two have a better life than me."

"Okay, that's it," Will groaned as he shoved her onto the bed. "If you think that your life is different from theirs then watch this."


Mega Kat City.

A bustling metropolis for all kat kind. Whether they come here for a visit or to start a new beginning, it'll have everything they need. It is a perfect place for everyone.

Well, it would almost be perfect…..if not for Dark Kat's ship of doom flying thru the city at neck break speed…with a trio of Enforcers jets on his tail.

One of the three was determined to not let him get away.

"Chance, Jake, let him go it's too dangerous!" radioed pilot two of the squadron.

Chance Furlong, pilot of Enforcer jet one, wasn't gonna let Dark Kat get away this time. "Negative. We're bringing him in. You guys get yourselves some donuts."

Pilot three couldn't believe it. "You two are nuts! We're breaking off pursuit!" The remaining two jets broke off in different directions to head back to headquarters.

"Roger that, leave it to us. We'll bring this psycho in if it kills us."

With that reply he continued to pursue Dark Kat through the city.

Dark Kat hardly paid any need to the jet behind him. He was focusing on firing a missile to his target. "Now I'll destroy the justice machine that protects Mega Kat City!" With the Enforcers out of the way there would be no one to stop him from creating his own empire: Dark Kat City!

Jake Clawson, Chance's co-pilot and best bud, notices what Dark Kat is after. "Chance, he's locking missiles on the new Enforcer building!"

"Then we got to nail him now Jake!" Chance replied urgently while keeping the jet steady.

"No problem. Missile deployed!" Jake fired the missile and it hits the opposing jets weapons system dead on!

Try as he might Dark Kat couldn't get any of his weapons to fire. All that it got was a nice "System Malfunction" message.

The twosome, seeing that they now had a chance to stop him continued their pursuit. They would've nabbed him if their superior hadn't butted in.

"This is Feral. Fall back you two, I'll handle Dark Kat."

Ulysses Feral, commander of the Enforcers, flew up beside them in order to continue the pursue himself. He waited a long time for this and wasn't going to let a pair of rookies bring in the city's number one criminal. In other words, Feral wanted all the glory for himself.

Chance wasn't going to have any of that. "Negative Commander Feral, we already have our missiles locked! It's our tag!"

"I'm ordering you to back off!"

"I repeat sir, we've got a lock!"

No longer listening to Chance, Feral sent a "love tap" to their right wing to get them out of the way. It got them out of the way alright…..but also caused the jet to spiral out of control. Chance and Jake were able to eject just before their jet crashed into the Enforcer building.

The commander takes notice of the destroyed building, which in turn gives Dark Kat the chance to escape. Feral realizes he's gone a second too late. And it's all thanks to those two young hotshots!


Today would forever be marked as the worst day in Enforcer history. Not only did Dark Kat get away, for the umpteenth time, but now the H.Q. was completely in disrepair. The building can be repaired…but it wasn't coming out of Feral's paycheck. Instead, the payment would be provided by the two Enforcers responsible for this. Or should we say…Ex-enforcers.

Chance and Jake pulled into their new home/workplace, the Mega Kat City Salvage yard. Basically a junk heap where vehicles, either Enforcer issued or a civilians, where taken to be repaired or scrapped for parts. A perfect place for two "throw outs" like them. However, they wouldn't be the only two working there.

"Hey look Burke; it's those two hotshots who wrecked the Enforcer building!" Murray, a short kat with a messed-up eye, hackled.

His taller fellow junkkat Burke laughed in response. "They don't look so hot now do they?"

They both continued to laugh at the ex-pilots expense while Jake and Chance gave each other "what the heck?" looks.

Burke continued to snicker as he tossed Jake the keys to the place. "Hey, Feral told us that you two had to work at the salvage yard. Till you paid every penny it costs to repair the Enforcer building."

"Yeah, and at your present salary should take a couple of zillion years!" Murray laughed at their expense.

It took every ounce of Jake's and Chance's self-control to not beat the two jerks into a bloody pulp.

"Take good care of the place now boys," Burke waved from the pickup.

"We'll be checking up on you's," Murray replied as the two drove away howling with laughter.

Chance, who was angered beyond belief, started kicking random scrap parts left and right. "This can't be happening! We're pilots not junkmen!"

Jake soon notices a discarded jet wing, causing the gears of inspiration to turn in his head. "Hey, you know Chance, there's enough scrap around here to build our own jet."

"And do what?"

"Well, for us to get back in the air and get back a Dark Kat. And all the other criminal scum who rear their ugly heads in this city. Only this time, we do things our way."

"Well what are we waiting for buddy," Chance replied as he high-fived Jake.


"Time to settle the score with Dark Kat," T-Bone said to his partner Razor. "And this time we finish him our way.

With that, they started up the Turbokat to take care of Dark Kat once and for all.


"Okay, what does that have to do with anything?" Amber asked as the scene ended. "All I see is how those two became the Swat Kats. It has nothing to do with my problems at all."

Will sighed. "You just don't get it do ya?"

"Get what?"

"All three of you have lost something important thru an event neither of you could control. Even though there are a few hiccups in the way, you all found something that helps gain it back in a sense."

Amber was about to retort back that it wasn't even true, but found that she couldn't. In a way…Will was right.

Jake and Chance lost their ability as pilots on that day when Dark Kat got away. Yet they gained it back by becoming the Swat Kats and through that they want to make sure he never gets away again.

For Amber, she lost her family from war and it nearly caused her to go down the path that most people go down when there's nothing left in their life. Through her adopted family of William, Crystal and Diane they steered her away from that path to help her get back on her feet.

Both of their lives were different, but they were similar in a few ways.

"I guess…you are right…most of the time."

Will just laughed as he roughed up Amber's hair. "Finally, you got that through that thick head of yours."

"Hey! I am not thick headed!" Amber whined while she straightens out her hair.

"Really, then how come it took you this long to get out of your slump."

Amber just pouted and turned away. It was then her stomach decided to make its hunger known.

Will just laughed even harder. "Well, since you don't sound that hungry, I'll just help myself to your serving."

Amber turned around and playfully slapped his hands away from her bowl. "Keep your darn hands away from my food!"

2 Hours Later – Normal Pov:

Will quietly left Amber's room to let her get some much needed sleep. He heads down to his room to try and repair her flight suit…..again. Just before he is about to enter, Maggie's voice interrupts him.

"So, is someone finally interested in buying that jet?"

"Yep, and he is really looking forward to getting it," Nathan replied.

Wait a minute….a jet? Are they talking about The Lightning Strike?

Quietly as he could, Will crept down the stairs to see both of them in the office crowded around the computer. What they are looking at…he had no idea.

"When will he be here with the money?" Maggie asked.

"He said he'll be here in two weeks to claim it," Nathan replied.

"Good. The sooner that piece of scrap is sold, the better control we'll have over her."

Piece of scrap sold? Better control over her? Don't tell me they sold Amber's jet online, Will thought nervously.

His fears were confirmed when Nathan moved away from the screen. Right there, in the center of a selling website page, was a picture of The Lightning Strike. On it, the word "SOLD" was typed in big bold letters.

Oh no…

"Well, I'm beat. How about we call it a day and get some shuteye sweetheart?" Nathan asked while shutting off the computer.

"Sounds good to me darling," Maggie purred as they left the now dark office.

Neither of them noticed Will as they walked to their bedroom. As soon as they were out of sight, Will quickly, but quietly went back up to his room. Their discussion from before continued to go on in his head.

This wasn't good. The Lightning Strike was the last gift Amber got from her parents before their sudden deaths. If the Bensons succeed in selling it, she will be so devastated that she won't put up anymore resistance against them. And he wouldn't be able to help her get out of a depression that low.

Looks like my plans of escape are coming sooner that I thought.

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