The Sweetest Feeling –Prologue

By, Satsumi

Disclaimer: I don't own Ash, Misty, Brock, Pikachu, blah blah blah, and to cut things short, I don't own POKEMON! Nintendo, plus another bunch of Japanese guys own 'em. Don't sue me, because if you DO sue me, I'll COUNTER sue… how about that eh? HOWEVER… I do own the PLOT! And the "bad guys". So don't steal them or I'll get you when you sleep…Bwahahahahahaha! And now, on with the story…

A tall, gigantic and dark mansion stood majestically on the hills of Lawrenceville, strange and fore-boding.

The last rays of the failing sunlight vanished into the distant hills and the hoary moon crept silently out from behind a cloud, illuminating the mansion with its faint silvery light. Shadows slowly began to dance around the place and the mansion's massive outline loomed over the land around it.

The grey moonbeam penetrated one of the opened glass panes of the structure on the second floor, and there among the shadows, a silhouette could be seen, sitting by the window.

It was a girl.

A pretty young girl about the age of fifteen, with dark, flowing purple hair and a big red ribbon tied at the back. Her narrowed emerald green eyes would send a chill down your spine if you looked straight into them. An icy smile played around her lips as she stroked a black, dry-looking iguana in her arms. It had yellow beady eyes, rough spiny skin, and it was as long as the girl's arm. It crouched on her lap like a cat, enjoying its mistress's company.

Then, the door to the room creaked open, and light from the corridor flooded in, along with a beautiful woman and a man. The man turned to switch on the light.

"Don't turn on the light, Papa," the girl said instantly without turning around. "I'm enjoying the dark."

Her stepmother smiled, walked over to her and stood behind her chair, stroking her long silky hair. "Have you finished practising with Snapdragon today, dearest?" she asked affectionately.

"Yes, Mama," came the reply. "Snapdragon was a very good boy today." The girl's eyes finally left the moon and settled onto the lizard on her lap, smiling at it approvingly. "When will I be allowed to really take part in pokemon battles? I've been practising for a long time already."

Her mother bent down to reach her stepdaughter's ear, "Jessica, you know that your Papa and I are very proud of you. We want you to be the best you can be. And it'll be your fifteenth birthday soon, so we want that day to be the most meaningful to you, for we have something special all prepared for you."

The girl nodded knowingly, and her gaze shifted back to the scenery outside. "I'll be the greatest pokemon master in all history," she said unquestionably, a tone of authority her voice.

"And your Papa and I will make sure you get what you want." The woman leaned over the armchair and gave her daughter's shoulder a squeeze. The man crouched down beside her and patted her arm.

"No one will get in your way, I'm sure your mother will see to that, princess," said her father.

The woman smiled cunningly.

Soon after, they left the room, closing the door and plunging it back into darkness.