Title: The Angelic Dynasty of DX: The Dynasty of DX

Author: Kaykyaka

Disclaimer: I do not own any of the WWE and TNA characters used within this fictional story. No copyright infringement is intended and no money is being made by this work of fiction.

Ratings: T

Characters: Shawn, Cameron, Cheyenne, Rebecca , Amy 'Lita' Michaels, Hunter Hurst Helmsley, LC Helmsley, Joanie "Chyna" Helmsley, Aurora Rose Helmsley, , Tamara and Tristen Nash, Scott Hall, Sean Waltman , Trish, Randy and Randy Orton Jr, Melina, Johnny and Romeo Hennigan, Jeff, Stephanie and Elizabeth Hardy, Angelo and Angela Jericho, John, Marion and Mickie James Cena, Kelly Kelly, Dolph Ziggler, Kofi Kingston, Adam, Angelina and Angelica Copeland, Phil "CM Punk", Velvet and Ravine Brooks, Dave and Maria Batista, Vince McMahon, Tanya Madison, Melissa Turnbull, Jamie Albright, Charlene McKenzie, Cassidy and Brandon Montenegro, Mark and Garrett Calloway and Charlotte, Dan and Carla McCool.

Summary: After Wrestlemania the DX family continues to face battles over Cheyenne's wedding, LC and Cameron's baby and so much more. This is the last story of the series, enjoy!

Chapter Six – Sunshine in New York

New York City, New York

It was late afternoon and the crowds of press previously gathered to see the Pope was gone as the angry Pontiff had already gone to his hotel room. In Central Park there was a gap in the avenue between Central Park West and Park and the other side of the street. That was about to be fixed as soon as Angelo Jericho and Aurora arrived. Jeff Hardy had an idea, one that Stephanie was very excited about. She wasn't sure if the local New York residents would be able to handle it though.

"Here they come," Stephanie said pointing to her kids who came over from school in Long Island and Aurora had flown from Florida.

"Hey mom, Jeff. I heard the Pope was here," Aurora said.

"He's still here and he isn't alone, get this Ro-Ro and AJ, he's working with Eric Bischoff and the Damsels of Destruction," Stephanie said to AJ and Aurora.

"Eric B is in the house? Where is he I wanna say hi," Aurora said and Stephanie rolled her eyes at her daughter.

"You want to explain yourself?" Jeff asked Aurora.

"I've never met him," Aurora said.

"That's a good thing because he's trouble," Stephanie said. "Not as much trouble as Chris Jericho but that's a whole other conversation,"

"What if Jericho's working with Eric Bischoff and the Pope?" AJ said and Stephanie and Jeff exchanged glances; the idea of Jericho being in the area made them unwell.

"That's a possibility," Stephanie said looking around. "I'm kinda glad we're all here just in-case he decides to show up, even though I'll deal with him if he does,"

"No mom, we'll deal with him together don't try and be a heroine, Jericho's not worth it," Aurora said. "Now let's get back to why you wanted AJ and me to come here today,"

"Right well as you know your mom and I are going into the hotel business and we came to New York to see Donald Trump and talk to him about investing in our franchise. Trump said no and we felt like giving up our idea of starting the chain in New York and then we went to the Pope's press conference and it turns out that the Damsels of Destruction are looking for a place to hang their latest artwork," Jeff explained.

"So we're going to make our own hotel right here across from Central Park, right where this gap is," Stephanie said and Aurora and AJ looked to where she was pointing.

"Oh I see," Aurora said with a smile, "You want me to create an earthquake to make space for your new hotel,"

"Yes but just a little one with a short radius and minimum impact, you can do that can't you?" Jeff said to Aurora and the Helmsley Girl nodded in excitement.

"You bet I can do it!" she said jumping up and down excitedly.

"We knew we could count on you Aurora, now AJ we need you to use your Gift from God to keep traffic at bay so nobody gets hurt during Aurora's earthquake. Can you do that AJ?" Stephanie asked her son.

AJ shrugged, "I haven't used since last year's Wrestlemania, how do I know if it still works?"

"Try it out and see," Stephanie said encouraging her son with a smile and a kiss.

"Hi five," Jeff said and AJ slapped his stepfather's hand in agreement. "Cool now let's do this thing,"

Aurora turned towards the gap across from Central Park and AJ stood by her right side. AJ had to use his Gift first so that nobody drove by until Aurora's earthquake was done shaking things. Moments later God worked through AJ's hands and all incoming traffic froze and the drivers beeped their horns in confusion that would only last for awhile and Aurora opened the ground beneath the buildings and they dropped down into the ground creating a whole lotta space for Jeff and Steph's new hotel. When the earthquake stopped AJ used his Gift to let the drivers move and they were able to drive again, blaming the incident on the mayor of New York. Steph and Jeff applauded Aurora and AJ for their work and they held hands in admiration of their future which definitely seemed bright.

"This is a whole new chapter in our lives now, this hotel franchise is going to be a huge success," Stephanie said excitedly. "There's just one thing we need for it and that's a name,"

"We'll get to that later first I gotta build the thing from scratch, it's gonna take me a while to build the walls and infrastructure. If I had Cheyenne's help I'd be done in a couple of hours," Jeff said.

"But she's planning her wedding we can't ask her to help us build this hotel, can we?" Stephanie said with a cheeky grin and she pulled out her cell-phone and called Hunter and asked him if he could get Shawn.

Aurora frowned, "Why didn't mom just call Shawn's cell?" she asked Jeff.

"Because Shawn's cell is switched off, the Pope kept calling him and making threats so he turned it off and told us to call Hunter's cell if we wanted to talk to him," Jeff explained and Aurora laughed that her Uncle Shawn was dodging the most powerful religious leader in the world.

"Hey Shawn its Stephanie, yeah I'm still in New York and no the Pope is not with me," Stephanie said. "Look Shawn I wanted to ask you something but it might not be appropriate. Do you think it would be okay to ask Cheyenne to help Jeff build a hotel in New York City in a few hours?"

When Shawn gave his answer Stephanie nodded, said thank you and hung up with a smile.

"What did he say?" Jeff asked Stephanie.

"He said it's cool as long as I come to L.A and help Cheyenne with her wedding planning with the ARK Angels of DX, Amy and Joanie," Stephanie said. "So I'm going to go over there now and after we're done I'll fly her over here and we can start building the hotel,"

"Halleluiah!" Jeff Hardy said and Stephanie hugged him while the kids talked about this new exciting adventure Jeff and Steph were about to go on, not knowing that Jericho was watching and listening not too far away.

"So Stephanie wants to go into business in the greatest city in the world huh?" Jericho said as Eric Bischoff rubbed his hands together nervously. They were sitting across the park in the Pope's limo while the Pontiff blew off some steam in a sauna at the hotel he was staying at. The staff there knew something was up when the Pope refused to take off his hat while in the steam room."Well I'm going to make her life a living Hell after I'm done making DX's lives a living Hell in L.A. There'll be no escaping Chris Jericho, I'll be the ghost of the East and West Coast and the man that DX hate the most!"

Eric shuddered, "That's catchy and it would be great if not for one thing," he said.

"And what's that?" Jericho asked Eric.

"I hate ghosts too!" Eric said and he ran away from Jericho who followed him. He loved being the freaky spirit, it was a good way to intimidate people who didn't believe in Hell; Jericho was living proof that there was one.