Hello there readers, so here is the first chapter for my Great Mouse Detective story "Pursuit out West". The credit goes to my good friend AVP5 for giving me the suggestion to do the Idea. The Idea involves slightly older Basil teaming up with an older Olivia to track down a criminal mastermind who has fled to America after a series of major bombings in London caused by him. I had the Idea to make the story an action/mystery western since it would take place in the declining days of the American Frontier, and I'll use "Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows" for inspiration. I'm also going to throw in some action and a little romance in there for good measure (it will be an Olivia/OC pairing that I came up with). So anyway, I hope you guys like the story and I hope I get some reviews. Enjoy.


If everyone remains the same the world never changes. If the world remained the same no one would ever change. As time moves on so does every living organism in this world. We learn to adapt, we learn to change, and we learn to survive in order to remain alive in this ever changing world. For those who refuse to change and remain the same, then the future will pass them by.

It was a dark and cold night out in the English countryside far outside of London. In the dark area, there was a small town of mice built up in the area. It was brightly lit and lively, even after it was dark, for this town was holding a little festival to honor the founding of the town. Banters were hung all over the streets as far as the eye can see, the local pub was lively with beers being drunk and people chattering, and music was playing throughout the night as fiddles and trumpets played loud enough for everybody in the town to hear. They would soon gather in the center of the town for a speech from the mayor of the town and to commemorate all that they have done for this town. Little did they know that outside of the town, a carriage was stopping outside of the town, and a mysterious hooded figure was waiting behind a building. The figure had a cloak on to hide his, and he appeared to hide his left arm underneath his cloak. The carriage stopped and out of it came a stern looking mouse, with a worn out trench coat and a bowler hat. He carried out a large crate and carried it over to where the hooded figure was waiting for him. Once he was in front of the hooded figure, the mouse dropped the box and looked at him.

"I knew you would make it Tyson" the hooded figure said in a thick British accent to the mouse that was waiting for him.

"I follow my instructions well" the mouse Tyson replied "I have that package for you just like you asked me to bring"

"Good" the hooded figure said as he looked down at the wooden box that was next to him "I believe that this town is the perfect test site for our special package"

"Are you sure that the soldiers that are around won't take into notice?" Tyson asked the hooded figure.

"They would never suspect an attack out in this area" the hooded figure said to Tyson "If it would attract attention, then they would be completely oblivious as to what caused the explosion and who had done it in the first place"

"Where do you want me to put it" Tyson asked him.

"In the center of the town, it will be clear enough for you to get a shot from a far distance so that it will set it off" the hooded figure told Tyson "And remember; the soldiers will have their guards down so they will never see it coming" Tyson nodded in reply as he picked up the box and proceeded to carry it out into the center of the town, away from others attention. The hooded figure watched from the distance as he called upon a small wagon that was waiting to pick Tyson up as soon as he dropped the package off. Tyson walked slowly through the town, unnoticed by the people and the soldiers, who were either keeping watch of others things or getting drunk from drinking too many beers. Tyson carefully placed the box in the center of the town and left it there as the carriage rode through the town that belonged to the hooded figure. Tyson quickly hopped on board the carriage as it proceeded to ride far away from the town to a hill in the distance that overlooked the whole town. As he rode away, an old mouse, who was drunk at the moment after one too many beers, came stumbling out of the pub with an almost empty mug in his hands. He seemed to notice the box in the center of the town but was hard to figure out what was in it or what it was because of his current condition.

"Hey, where did that box come from" the old mouse replied drunkenly "I bet it's for me. I guess I'll take a peak. He then began to stumble through the streets as he made it through the crowd of mice that were gathering for the big speech that the mayor of the town was about to give. Meanwhile, the assistant had stopped in the stone hill that was far outside of the town. He was loading up a long range sniper rifle that he would use to shoot what was in the box to set off what was about to happen. The drunken mouse continued to make his way to the box as the speech was being spoken to the crowd of mice citizens as to how he felt about this town. The drunken old mouse had made it to the box, but not before he fell over and fell flat on his face, then got back up on his feet.

"Now let's see what my big gift is then" the mouse said after he had finished what was left of his drink and threw the mug aside as it bounced on the ground. He slowly pried open the top of the box and looked inside to see a glowing object. It appeared to be the shape of a metal ball with several small glass windows on the top, bottom, and sides to reveal and orange glowing source inside. Meanwhile, Tyson already loaded up the sniper rifle and took aim at the box that was in the center of the town. He saw the man peeking into the box, but that wasn't much to worry about since he was drunk. Tyson took aim at the box and fired one shot. Immediately as the bullet hit through the box and into the center of the ball, a massive explosion erupted, blasting through houses and mice and everything in sight. Mice that saw it happening, tried to get away from it as much as possible, but were not fast enough as they were consumed by the massive flames. In a matter of 10 seconds, the entire town was reduced to rubble and ashes. All of the mice in the small community were incinerated by the blast and buildings were reduced to wreckage. Tyson looked satisfied with his work as he cocked the weapon, flipping out the used cartridge in his rifle before he turned to the hooded figure that was right beside him, along with several other mice that hooted and hollered in victory.

"Well sir" Tyson replied "It looks like our little experiment was a success. What should we do now?"

"We will proceed to use these to attack London to see how effective in a city they are" the hooded figure replied "Then once our job here is done, we will move to America to lay out the rest of my plans" he smiled as he looked back on the ruins of the town "Everything is going as planned, and soon the whole world will know who I am"

Alright, so that's it for the prologue, which I decided to put with a little help from AVP5. I wanted to find a way to show something that would be part of the story line. The hooded figure I will reveal later, but just to let you know that it is not Rattigan, but an original character that I came up with for the story. So the next chapter will feature Basil, but I don't want to give away too much. So I hope you guys like what I have so far. Please review and I will update as soon as I can. So long readers.