Dean picks you up and playfully tosses you on the bed of the motel room. The bed bounces and creaks while the springs go crazy. He straddles your chest and you reach up and tug his shirt over his head. He leans down and kisses your jawline and works his way down your neck and collar bone. You moan quietly but Dean hears it. He chuckles under his breath. "You like that?" he ask's close you your ear...

"OH GOD SAM!" you scream as he thrusts into you. He pulls till just his head is in then thrusts deep and hard within you. "mmm yeah, god yes." Sam grunts. You wrap your hands around his head and kiss him, letting your tongues explore each others mouths. "I want more of you inside me!" you growl. He laughs and pulls out as he sets his cock on your lips and you kiss his sensitive head. You start to suck lightly on his head and he lets his head fall back and a groan escapes his mouth.

"Oh Dean... yes Yes YEs YES!. He thrusts farther in and then pulls out. He slides down your sweating body kissing every inch on the way down. He sets his head between your thighs. He teases your clit with his tongue while he slides three fingers inside you. You moan so loudly you feel it rumble your chest. He pushes his tongue into you and you feel his hands slide up your body. He grips your waist and moves his thumbs in a circle. The movement makes you shudder with excitement.

You slowly take more and more of Sam in. Inch by inch till hiss full length is in your mouth. You bob your head and Sam intertwined his fingers through your hair. "Oh god... I'm gonna cum." he moans. Seconds later Sam reaches his climax and fills you with his warm cum. Then he lays you down and inserts 2 fingers in your still throbbing pussy. He pulses them at a fast motion. You practically scream " SAM... OH GOD... YES YES YES!" He pauses as you reach your climax then pushes his fingers in and out slower and slower till he takes them fully out.

Dean makes his way back up and is fucking you hard grabbing your hair as he reaches his climax. "Fuckfuckfuck!" he moans loudly as he finally cums inside you.