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I started writing this story because I felt a lot of things in the Twilight Saga were treated as normal, and I'm not talking about the supernatural things. I'm talking about clear neglect/abuse, and manipulation which is easily forgiven. I thought if I commented on it I should try and do it again but better. At least from the point of those pet peeves. I accentuated some things, to make them more visible. Other things I turned up side down because I couldn't stand them.

This story is completely pre-written, and will be posted one chapter a week. To give me time to write the sequel which is almost completely lined out, right now.

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Dreams are nothing but fairy tales

If you are born for a dime, you'll never become a quarter.

You're a precious gem waiting to be discovered, never forget that.

If you look at the previous statements, you probably can't tell which of those I had to believe to survive. And even though I believed fairy tales to be fictitious, I still wrote them to escape my hellish surroundings. I created my own world where the lowly servant girl became the queen—all to temporarily drift off to happier places; of course, I was that servant girl, forced to work in the castle, sometimes even to tend to the pigs and looking the part—but the prince always noticed her and rescued her to a life so much more than her lowly beginnings.

This is a story of how the last statement became true; my prince entered my life and indeed rescued me from a dismal future.

This story tells how my future became a fairy tale.


Against all odds, I kept my morals.

Against every previously written law, I prevailed.

I learned I didn't have to be alone.

I became the knight in shining armor.

I was humbled by the greatness of my shooting star.

I started out totally alone within a family.

I ended up more closely bound to an angel than I could ever have dreamed about.

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