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Ahri stretches her arms as she walks through the dark corridor leading to the Colosseum, her tails also extending. Once of them accidentally knocks into Vayne.

"Hey, watch it." Vayne threatens

Ahri immediately coils her fluffy white tails back to herself.

"Sorry." Ahri apologetically says as the champions reach the exit of the tunnel.

Ahri shades her eyes with one of her tails as they file out into the open sunlight. Sitting in the seats surrounding the Colosseum are several summoners their skill levels ranging from novices to grand masters. In the centre of the circular training ground is a grand master summoner, his hands in a welcoming gesture.

"Welcome to the colosseum!" He shouts with pride. "As usual we have opened the colosseum for your personal use, I would recommend that you train as much as you can here, as this is the only place besides the arenas where death is reversible. After twenty four hours, this place will be closed."

Ahri walks over to where the ranged champions train with a discontent expression. As a requirement to stay in the league every champion must meet several requirements, which can only be maintained by training. Ahri finds that training is a waste of time however.

As usual they form a circle, making a smaller makeshift arena. Ziggs and Tristana enter the circle, ready to battle.

After Twitch and Kog'maw finish their fight and reappear at the summoning platform in the centre of the arena, Graves speaks up.

"So who wants to go in the middle next? He asks

No one says a word; Ahri looks around the circle of faces. She might as well get her training over with.

"I will" she says confidently.

Ahri slowly struts to the centre, all eyes on her.

"Anyone care to challenge me?" Asks Ahri in a playful way

She is replied with silence

"No? Okay then"

Ahri lifts up her finger and points at Ezreal. An ideal target for Ahri, she beats him in mobility and also will be able to kill him quickly.

"Fight me"

Ezreal reluctantly walks toward Ahri, the blue gem on his gauntlet emitting a luminous blue light, slightly pulsing.

Ahri lifts up her orb and straightens out her tails, after this fight is over she can spend the rest of her day relaxing.

Suddenly Ezreal rushes toward Ahri, She fires her orb in his direction, forcing him to jump out of the way. Ezreal counter attacks by firing mystic shots at Ahri, staying out of Ahri's range. Ahri continues to keep dodging Ezreal's mystic shots frustratingly. While dodging, Ahri spots an opening for her to attack.

Ahri spirit rushes forward and blows a kiss at Ezreal, the floating heart hitting him. Ahri continuously fires her spells into Ezreal's body. Suddenly Ezreal forms a brilliant translucent blue bow on his gauntlet, yellow arcane power forms around the bow and shoots forward.

His true shot barrage collides with Ahri's stomach, the sheer force forcing her tumbling backward. She coughs warm blood onto the dry dirt of the arena. They both lift up their injured bodies, ready for another round. Ezreal runs toward her again, Ahri shoots her orb at Ezreal, expecting him to dive to the ground, however he disappears.

Before Ahri realises what happened, Ezreal shoots multiple mystic shots and essence fluxes at her back. Ahri spirit rushes away, avoiding most of the damage. Ahri pants in pain as the dust cloud dissipates, suddenly Ezreal's body jumps out of the cloud. Ahri blows another kiss at Ezreal in hope that she can stop his attack, Ezreal once again teleports behind her again. Ahri slams her tail against Ezreal's neck; he falls to the ground with a thud. Ahri stamps her foot on Ezreal's chest, holding the orb close to Ezreal's dusty face, the blue essence glows brighter, the heat starting to burn at his skin.

Immediately once Ahri bent her abdomen slightly, her blood gushes into her mouth again, unable to breathe, Ahri coughs out more and more of her red blood, some of it spilling on Ezreal. He pushes her foot off him and rolls backward. He charges another true shot barrage; golden stings of arcane power merge together into a projectile. When fully charged he fires it into Ahri's defenseless body. She feels a large spike of pain before everything goes dark.

Ahri opens her eyes to a familiar darkness, blue streams of light swirl around Ahri's battered body, ominous aura healing her wounds, the deep gashes and cuts slowly closing up, leaving behind her pale, untouched skin. Soon the darkness fades away and the coliseum reappears.

Within the crowd of champions congratulating Ezreal she quickly catches Lux's looking at her disapproval before she turns away. Instead of walking back to the circle, Ahri heads to the exit, she passes the mob of cheering champions. Besides the glares of some of the female champions, they don't acknowledge her. Their ruckus slowly dies down as Ahri walks back through the dark tunnel.

Ahri lies back on the park bench, her attitude sombre.

"No one here likes me for who I am." Ahri thinks to herself, her fox ears drooped

Ahri, pulls her knees up to her chest, and lowers her head slightly, hiding the warm tears rolling down the sides of her cheeks.

"Is this what it is like to be a human?" Ahri asks herself

"Are you alright?" Asks a familiar voice

Wiping her tears Ahri looks up, standing in front of her is Vatra, with concern on his face.

"I saw what happened before." He says quietly before sitting down next to her. "I never knew they were like that."

Ahri sniffs and wipes away another tear.

"It was not as great as I hoped when I became a human" Ahri mumbles "The only reason people hang around me is because of my body"

Vatra looks over to her, pity in his eyes.

"I feel really sorry about that Ahri. But, but I could be your friend… I don't hate you, and you seem like a nice person." Vatra says quietly

"Really?" Ahri asks with a hint of happiness

"Yeah" He says with more conviction

Ahri pulls Vatra into a hug, her warm breath gently blowing against his neck, arousing him.

"Thank you" Ahri says in a quiet manner, almost seductive

"Um Ahri, friends don't do that…" Vatra says awkwardly