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Yume no Naka ni Seishin

Chapter Eight

Case One-Evil Spirit's All Over

Part Two

Harry woke up to the sound of his alarm, shrilling in his ear, and the ringing of his doorbell. Groaning he leaned over and shut the alarm off, taking a peek at the time and wishing he didn't. It was only 7 o'clock in the morning, no wonder he still felt tired. He ended up leaving with Shibuya-san at around 2 in the morning, which left him with around five hours of sleep. He ran a hand over his face and jumped a little as someone banged on his door again and decided that he had better answer it. He quickly threw on some clothes and headed downstairs.

Passing Hedwig on the way, he grimaced a little as he noticed she was awake and looking at the front door in anger and annoyance at being woken up. He gave her head a small pat as he went by and heard her give a small coo before moving her gaze back to the door, which now sounded as though someone was trying to bash it in. Harry opened it and was just in time to catch the arm that was coming down, along with the person who had put all their weight behind the knock.

"Morning to you too Mai," he chuckled, smiling as he helped her stand up straight. Letting go of her arm once he was sure she wouldn't fall over, he gave her a curious look, "What are you doing trying to bash my door in?"

Motioning for her to come in Mai answered as she took his invitation and started to take off her shoes, "Well, we have to meet Naru in a bit."

"Naru?" Harry enquired, trying to figure out who she was talking about.

Mai seeing his confusion explain, "I've decided that will be Kazuya's new name, Naru, short for Narcissist." Her voice sounded like she was announcing it to the world instead of just Harry. Harry had to duck his head, to make sure she didn't see the smile on his face that just confirmed she was nuts.

"I hope he's having a sneezing fit somewhere," she added with a grin and a small giggle.

"I'm sure he is Mai," Harry laughed, before growing serious, "I'm going to get changed into something more appropriate and then grab something for breakfast. Feel free to make yourself at home while you wait. Oh and don't touch Hedwig, she may bite you since you woke her up and she isn't happy."

He turned and began to go back up the stairs, when Mai stopped him with her question. "Hedwig…" she began and then stopped, "Erm, Harry, why do you have an owl here?"

Twisting his head enough to see Mai giving Hedwig an examination with her eyes, Harry quickly thought of something to tell her that would be plausible and not sound like a lie. Figuring that telling her the almost truth would be best, he replied, "That is Hedwig," he smiled as he moved back, remembering his warning from a few moments ago, "She was a gift when I was eleven. The school I went to was cut off from the outside world, no TV, no Radio, absolutely no electronics at all. The only way to communication with those outside of the school was by sending letters with an owl. They are specially breed and trained for that very reason. I still get post by owl, even though I live out here, she knows to bring anything home, unless it's important, and she is trained to find me straight away when that happens."

"Oh, okay," Mai nodded as she returned her attention back to Hedwig with a new light in her eyes, "Can I pet him?" she asked, not reaching out just yet, though she wanted to.

Hedwig let out a loud squawk of indignation at being called a boy, she pinned Mai with an angry stare. Mai jumped back a little at the loud sound and looked up to Harry. Harry laughed at the scene, only to receive a glare from his Hedwig. Raising his hands in surrender, he told Mai, "Hedwig's a girl and might let you, though after being woken up and being called a boy, she may nip you. So please be careful."

"Okay," Mai answered hesitantly as she started to reach forwards slowly, Hedwig was eyeing her fingers with a calculating manor as though trying to decided weather to try and bite them or not.

Figuring that Hedwig would be able to make her own decision, Harry started back up the stairs. Every once in a while, he could hear Mai talking to Hedwig and considering he never heard her squeal in pain, Hedwig must have decided to let her pet her. He knew that is what would happen anyway, since Hedwig loved attention, and wouldn't ever turn it down if someone was willing to give it to her.

Stripping quickly, Harry jumped into the shower ad rinsed off the grime from yesterday and last night. He didn't take long and soon was out and dressed. He walked down the stairs and smiled as he saw Mai still stroking Hedwig.

"Ready for something to eat?" he asked, watching with a small laugh as Mai jumped a little at his sudden appearance.

"Don't sneak up on me Harry," she growled at him, giving him a thump on the arm, Harry was thankful that she didn't hit her hardest, "and no, I don't want anything to eat. I already had breakfast."

Giving a sigh at her lose Harry continued into his kitchen, saying over his shoulder, "Well, I'm going to have a little toast then, and I'll make the both of us some tea."

"I guess some tea would be nice," Mai relented giving one last pet to Hedwig and then following Harry into the kitchen and taking a seat at the small dining table. "Harry, I was wondering, do you still talk to your friends over in England?" she asked him as she settled on the chair and looked over to him.

Taking out some bread and putting it in the toaster, Harry paused for a moment, he then filled the kettle as he finally answered her, "Yeah, I do. They plan on trying to visit during the summer months, which will be somewhere around the July or August. Though I think they will turn up around the end of July," he said as he set the full kettle onto the stove, he grabbed two cups and the loose tea leaves and prepared the teapot.

"I see, will I get chance to meet them when they come?" she questioned with a slight blush on her face at her boldness, she had no right to ask, but she couldn't help feeling curious about the friends he had left behind.

The kettle gave a shrill whistle and Harry removed it from the stove and poured the water into the teapot, and let it steep for a few minutes, thinking about Mai's request. When it had steeped enough he poured two cups and brought them over to the table, setting one down in front of Mai and one in his spot, saying as his toast popped up, "I would love for you to meet them, but why don't we wait until they get here for us to set up a time."

Mai hummed her response as she took up her cup and blew on it, before taking a tentative sip. A look of bliss came across her face and she relaxed exclaiming, "Harry you really have to teach me how you make your tea. It tastes so good!"

"Years and years of practice," Harry answered a slight bitter tone in his voice.

It reminded him of the Dursley's, for if he ended up making it wrong he would soon be punished for it, which meant that he was shoved into his cupboard and locked in there for hours, only to be let out for more chores after his punishment was over.

"How many years?" Mai asked him.

"I started making tea when I was very little," Harry answered shortly, not wanting to go into any detail about his relatives.

Sensing that Harry didn't want to discuss something, Mai move on, "How do you get it to taste like this, mine is always so weak in comparisons to yours?"

"It's a matter of making sure that the tea steeps right, and that the water is at the right temperature. Just follow the basics and practice, and I'm sure that you'll get it soon enough," Harry said giving Mai a smile, glad for the change of subject.

Mai returned his smile, "I will then," confidence lacing her voice. Her smile changed to mischief as she then enquired, "You'll be my taste tester, won't you?"

Harry stopped as he walked back to the table with his toast and jam and glanced over to her, at seeing her look he couldn't help but give a shiver of fear, before he said softly as he went to the chair, "I'll think about it."

He sat down and began to eat, as he took a bite out of his toast and went to clasp his teacup for a small sip he heard Mai gasp. He looked over to her and frowned, wondering what it was that had made her react like that.

"Harry," she exclaimed as she pointed to his wrists, where his tattoos sat, "when did you get those?"

Examining his left wrist as he took a sip from his cup, he then answered her softly, "I got them just before I left England."

"How come I've never noticed them before?" Mai puzzled as she studied the left one, since it was closer to her.

"That's simple," Harry smiled to her, "I've always worn long sleeves, which cover them up. Today, I'm wearing a T-shirt so they are on show." He finished shrugging his shoulders and going back to finishing up his toast and tea.

It wasn't like he was trying to hide them at all, and he had been wondering when someone would catch a glimpse of them. So far no one at school had, which shocked him greatly, it could be that they had and decided not to say anything.

"Do they have any special meaning at all?" Mai questioned, pulling Harry out of his thoughts and back to the conversation between them.

Swallowing another bite of toast he smiled at her as he answered, "There is a meaning to them, but I'd rather not say anything for now."

"Why not," Mai asked, showing Harry once again that she was a very curious person.

Taking the last bite of his toast, Harry met her gaze with his emerald eyes and started, "It's very personal," before going quiet with only the occasional slurp as he drank his tea.

Mai deflated a little, getting the hint that he didn't want to talk about it any more, and so finished up her own tea. Watching as Harry got up and set his dishes in the sink, she followed. He turned to her and smiled at her cheerfully and said, "Come on Mai, we need to get going."

Smiling back at him, glad that his good mood was back, they went to the door and she put her coat and shoes on; Harry right behind her. They left the house and headed to their temporary boss and the supposed old haunted schoolhouse.


It didn't take them log to reach the place, and as they drew closer they could hear a tapping coming from the other side of the van. Walking around they found Shibuya-san sitting partially in the van looking at the laptop in front of him and making notations.

"What are you doing?" Mai asked as she walked towards him and started looking over his shoulder at the screen.

"Checking the data from last night," was Shibuya-san's short answer, continuing on with his work like Mai wasn't there.

Harry walked up and leaned sideways against the open door so he was facing Shibuya-san, "Did anything happen after we left last night?"

Looking up and meeting Harry's gaze Shibuya-san answered, "Nothing happened while we were there and nothing happened after we left either," he then glanced back at Mai and then back to Harry with a calculating look.

"What do you mean after you left, didn't you leave when I did Harry?" Curiosity and frustration sounded in her voice and Harry figured she was curious as to why he had stayed behind, and frustrated because he didn't tell her during their conversation this morning.

Thinking it would be in his best interest to answer the girl Harry stated, "I went back to stay a little longer. I don't like leaving people on their own Mai," giving her a small smile to soften his words.

Mai was interrupted from her reply by another female voice, though this one sounded older, "You have a lot of fancy equipment, a little too high tech for a few kids to be playing about with."

Shibuya-san, Mai and Harry whipped their heads in the direction of the haughty voice to see an auburn haired woman and standing next to her a young man with dirty blond hair held back in a short ponytail. Both had tight smiles and seemed to be looking down at them with slight disgust.

Seeing that she had their attention the woman introduced her-self, "My name is Matsuzaki Ayako, and I'm a Shrine Maiden." He eyes narrowing a little as she examined the three of them, "The principal wasn't too sure about you, so he called me in to drive the spirits out."

Shibuya-san glanced at her and looked her over; he then closed his eyes saying, "I was under the impression that only innocent virgins could be Shrine Maidens." The way he said it was like he was looking through his memories to find what he needed.

Mai chuckled, but tried to hide it by covering her mouth. Harry tried to hide his own mirth by coughing, a lot. They were trying not to be rude at the moment, but it was just too funny. Harry noticed that the man beside Matsuzaki-san was also trying to hide his laughter, by doing the same thing as Harry, but what threw Harry off was that Shibuya-san wasn't showing a hint of a smile, though Harry could feel the amusement coming off him in waves.

"And your point would be?" Matsuzaki-san bit out, clearly showing off her anger at the insult.

Harry could feel the anger in her emotions and was quick in trying to strengthen the shields he was using. Shibuya-san's amusement battered him as well, but it helped to soothe the anger Harry was feeling from Matsuzaki-san.

"At the very least I would say you are looking to be too old to still be a virgin," Shibuya-san stated in the same stoic manner as before.

That did it for both the men and Mai as they all gave up the pretences of being nice and laughed outright. Mai's shoulders were shaking hard and she had her arms wrapped around her stomach. Harry leaned more against the door, trying to keep his chuckle in, but his shoulders were also shaking, until he was hit with her anger again, even more than before, making him gasp out a little.

"How nice," she growled with narrowed eyes, shooting daggers at Shibuya-san, "Smart ass," she added as an embarrassed flush coloured her cheeks.

"What about you?" Shibuya-san enquired, moving his eyes to stare at the man that was still shaking with laughter beside her, "I would guess that you're too intelligent to be the Shrine Maiden's assistant."

The man stopped laughing and met Shibuya-san's gaze with his own as he took a small step forwards, "I'm a Monk from Mt Kōya, the name's Takigawa Houshou."

"And since when are Monk's allowed long hair?" Shibuya-san asked.

"Hakaisou (1)," Matsuzaki-san said with a smirk, before covering it up with her hand.

"I'm just on vacation for a little while," Takigawa-san defended himself while running a hand through his bangs, "At any rate playtime is over kiddies. You may have been able to get this job just because your office is nearby, but the principal thinks that you're just playing a scam since there's a teenager running the show," he accused as he looked over the three of them.

"Did he now," Shibuya-san murmured going back to his laptop, not the least bit concerned by what Takigawa-san had said.

"Matsuzaki-san began glancing around at all the people gathered around the van and stated, "The principal is just wasting his money having all of us on the job."

"Yeah, he only needed to call me in," Takigawa-san stated in a confident tone.

Matsuzaki-san gave him a side glance with a challenge in her eyes and a smirk on her face saying, "We shall see about that."

Harry watched the two as they tried to stare each other down. He was wondering where they got their confidence from. Sure Shibuya-san was confident, but seeing as he had never found a case he couldn't solve made that easy for him. Granted though, he knew nothing about these new people.

Harry was brought out of his through by a grateful voice he recognised coming from the other side of the van, "Oh, thank goodness that you have come. That place is a nest of spirits and it has been bothering me for a long time."

"Oh here we go again with all the fake crap," Harry muttered to himself in English, thinking that nobody could understand him as Kuroda-san started babbling about all the spirits.

"Why do you say that, Harry?" The soft cynical voice of his new boss, Shibuya-san, inquired.

Harry hadn't expected anyone to understand him so he was shocked when somebody spoke back, which made him whip his head down to stare in astonishment at Shibuya-san, "I didn't think anybody around here spoke English. Anyways to answer your question, she isn't a medium, but she definitely has some type of power, I just can't figure out what it is." Harry wasn't really sure how to explain to his boss that her aura was all wrong.

"How would you know, sometimes it is not obvious who is a medium and who has any abilities." Shibuya-san pondered while moving his eyes between Harry and Kuroda-san, studying them both.

"It's just what she said about spirits. It goes against everything I know to be true. Not because I am a medium," Harry said waving a hand towards Shibuya-san heading off the question he knew was going to come from his previous statement, "but because I have been around spirits for the last five years. It's hard not to pick up on the things that they know and tell you." Harry didn't really want to reveal too much of his past, but he figured this little bit was fine.

"Where could you have been that would have spirits around without someone coming in to get rid of them?" Shibuya-san asked rising an eyebrow in question as he went on to explain why they would need to, "Spirits tend to become dangerous after a while on this plane of existence."

Harry shrugged his shoulders and answered him as truthfully as possible, "I went to a boarding school that was over a thousand years old, and it has a type of aura around it that stops them from becoming dangerous. Though they can sometimes cause harm, though it's more scaring the other student. We even have a poltergeist named Peeves, which has taken on human form causing all kinds of trouble." Seeing Shibuya-san's look of worry Harry stuck up for the ghost, "Nothing too harmful, just school yard pranks. Like throwing water balloons or stink bombs, mainly delaying us to class to try and get us in a little trouble." He smiled as he was the victim of those pranks often enough in first year. "He also likes to scream out that you are out of bed after hours, or past the school boarders. He takes great pleasure in getting people in trouble. I should know. I'm one of them that he has caught quite a few times." Harry said with a chuckle and a small grim on his face.

Shibuya-san didn't show his amusement at the last part, but Harry could feel it in his emotions, as plain as day as he said, "For some reason, I can believe that of you."

They were both taken out of their conversation when Kuroda-san yelled out, her voice dark and angry, "I'm going to call a spirit to haunt you," directing it to a just as angry priestess.

Harry gave Shibuya-san a 'what the heck' look, as he could fell the hurt and anger coming off the younger girl. Shibuya-san gave him a confused look back as he had no clue as to what was going on either. They both turned their attention back to the other four, figuring that they would find out sooner or later, though Harry thought it might be best to ask Mai a little later on.

Mai snapped out of her shock first and said softly, "Hang on Kuroda-san," trying to calm the other girl down.

It didn't work though as Kuroda-san pierced Matsuzaki-san with a glare saying, "you're the fake, not I. I see spirits and feel them, you'll see, you will regret this." She added then stalked off the way she had come from.

"A fake physic calling a spirit to haunt me, I don't think so," Matsuzaki-san snorted as she turned away from where the girl was walking away and faced everybody standing around the van.

Mai wanted to just forget the whole incident, so she turned to Shibuya-san shaking her head and asked, "Hey Naru, what are we going to do today?"

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(1) Hakaisou - Someone who has left his position as a Monk