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If someone were to drop a needle, everyone would be able to hear the sound of it landing against the ground.

That's how silent the base was.

As soon as Talida voiced her suggestion aloud, everyone went silent, taking it in. Everybody was too busy fussing over Arcee being aboard the Nemesis and how she had come so close to finding Optimus that they forgot about the 'Cons nabbing the power source they needed to complete their Space Bridge.

When they realized that the power source was in Decepticon claws, everybody immediately began thinking of the repercussions that would occur from this. Megatron could bring everything he needed to win the war and destroy Earth from Cybertron to his warship.

They never thought about commandeering it and using it for their own purposes.

After a while, Miko voiced her thoughts on the idea,

"Whoa. That's a pretty good idea, Tally."

That was when the whole debate was launched.

"Oh! Well, if Miko thinks it's a good idea," Arcee scoffed.

Arcee was clearly referring to past experiences involving Miko and her ideas. Whenever Miko had what she considered to be her good ideas, there would always be consequences – sometimes near-fatal ones – that they had to pay. Most of the time, those consequences involved a Decepticon attack. Other times…it was simply the forces of nature.

Jack decided to come to Talida's defense, pointing out what should be the obvious, "Nobody's saying it will be easy. But you've seized a Space Bridge before."

"We blew one up!" Bulkhead retorted, "That's a whole lot different than three of us seizing and holding one!"

"We shouldn't be talking about seizing the Space Bridge because we don't know where to find it!" Bumblebee pointed out.

"Bee's right," Arcee agreed, "We'd have to find the thing first."

"Uh, hello! If it's a Space Bridge, isn't it…?" Miko trailed off as she pointed to the ceiling, gesturing to the space above it.

"The term 'space' refers to its transport range! Not it's physical location! And we've been monitoring Earth's orbit since the last one! We'd know if it were there!" Ratchet snapped.

"So it's here on Earth somewhere!" Talida gasped in realization.

"Like trying to find a servo in a scrapyard," Bulkhead grumbled.

"Then maybe we'd better start looking," Arcee suggested.

"But the fact remains: we don't know what the Decepticons have in store for Optimus. Or if he's truly safe from harm," Ratchet decreed.

"No. We don't," Talida cut in, earning looks in confusion, "Megatron's twisted. No doubt about that. But he never does anything unless he has a reason behind it. Everything he does must have a motivation that would help the Decepticon cause."

"Like capturing you to hurt Optimus which would've potentially helped him to win the war," Raf suggested.

"Right. Sure. Hindering us in terms of the war is a good reason to take Dad. But there must be another sole motivation behind this. Dad was weak after losing his memory. He's forgotten everything about being Optimus Prime. Including basic self-defense. Megatron had the chance to kill him and win the war. Why didn't he take it?" Talida asked rhetorically.

That struck a cord in everyone. It was then they realized how right Talida was. Megatron never did anything unless there was an ulterior motive behind it. History has proven that time and time again throughout the war.

What was motivating the Decepticons?

An hour after the decision was made, Talida was sitting alone on the roof of the base. She had decided during the excitement that she needed to take a minute and get some air.

She hoped that she would be able to be alone.

But Ratchet wasn't exactly going to let that happen.

"I was wondering where you were," Ratchet said, taking a seat beside her, "Aren't you a little close to the edge?"

"I'm scared of a lot of things, Ratchet. Heights aren't on the list," was Talida's response, resting her chin on her arm that was resting across her bent knee.

"We are going to do all we can to find the Space Bridge, Talida," Ratchet swore, "We will find him."

"I know we will. The question is if we'll find him before the damage is done," Talida retorted, surprising Ratchet.

"You said that Megatron had an ulterior motive and won't harm Optimus," Ratchet reminded her.

"I said kill him. He could still decide to torture him or impregnate him or something," Talida shot back before suddenly questioning in fear, "Please tell me male Cybertronians can't get pregnant."

"Only femmes have reproductive chambers," Ratchet clarified.

"Thank Primus!" Talida cheered, clearly relieved.

"Whatever Megatron has done to Optimus isn't something that can't be fixed. We will heal Optimus however he needs to be when we bring him home, Talida," Ratchet promised, wrapping a comforting hand around Talida, "You will help him most."

"How?" Talida asked in confusion.

"Before you were left on that doorstep, you and Optimus were always close. Virtually inseparable. Whenever I used to visit, I had a hard time getting him to put you down just so we could talk. You were close to both of your parents. Don't worry. You and your mother had a bond of your own. But you and Optimus… He was good at hiding emotions. But leaving you affected him more than he said. If he had a reason to come back to us, it would be for you," Ratchet explained.

"And I'm not gonna fail him," Talida decreed, already going to stand up, "Come on. We're not gonna find a Space Bridge sitting up here doing nothing."

Ratchet smiled as he watched her retreat into the base.

They would never fail each other.

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