Wand, Knife and Silence

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Chapter 10 Interlude: Death At the School

Pansy Parkinson was an angry girl.

She stalked through the halls throwing venomous looks at the few remaining werewolf bodies. She was alone late at night, and since Filch was still recovering from his encounters with the werewolves earlier that day the dungeon halls were deserted except for Aurors posted at every entranceway. There was no way in and out of the school.

The mangy beasts had failed. She had put all her time and energy into weakening the wards, letting the doors swing open just enough for them to get in so they could rid the school of the muggleborn filth and they screwed it all up.

Pansy had wanted revenge on the mudbloods ever since her father had been thrown in that horrid prison for daring to claim the respect and honor that should be inherit for any pureblood. He had stood by the one who would have made all that possible, the Dark Lord, who would sweep in and save the magical world from the things that festered in its wounds and gnawed at its foundations. The most powerful wizard ever to live.

And yet on that whim of those two blood traitor bitches, Weasley and Greengrass, her noble father had been thrown in prison, a martyr to the cause. Pansy hated the two girls for it. She'd always hated them from the first year, Greengrass's family outmatched hers money wise and Weasley had better grades. Both of them had thwarted a number of her earlier attempts to get rid of the filth in the school and her patience for the pair of them was running low. And that Granger bitch...oooh, Pansy couldn't wait to exact bloody vengeance on that mudblood for what she did during fifth year.

The proverbial last straw for Pansy was when Greengrasses little brat of a sister corrupted her Draco, brainwashing him into believing that the Dark Lord would lead them to ruin. The little whore just blinked those pretty green eyes at him and suddenly he was following her everywhere. Pansy had finally seized her chance when the packs came into the forests outside the school, she could get rid of the little parasite that was poisoning her Draco and she could get revenge on Greengrass through her little sister. The blonde bitch doted on her pathetic sister, she wouldn't be so accommodating after the little girl was savaged by a werewolf, ruined and worth nothing.

And yet...and yet...both of them had survived! All of them had! Worse then that, Astoria Greengrass had let Draco take the fall for her and he was the one carrying that horrid curse.

Pansy paced angrily. The whole attack had not gone as well as it was supposed to. She and Alecto Carrow had been counting on that old goat Dumbledore going by his usual 'stunners only' party line, and by the end the amount of casualties would have alienated many of the old fool's supporters, those who still clung to the idea that the old man was actually capable of saving them from their intended master.

Unfortunately the woman from Verona had other ideas, and the students had ended up fighting back regardless of the Headmaster's wishes. So not only did many potential victims survive, it gave the students and other Light aligned wizards another rallying point.

Pansy's sabotage had only succeeded in taking ten lives and injuring twenty six more while leaving only three truly moon touched. Which was pathetic she thought angrily, as Hogwarts was home to five hundred students.

Those beasts were truly worthless after all. The tame one Dumbledore had hired for a pet was more dangerous then Fenrir's vaunted pack. The most dangerous werewolf in existence, he had called himself so many times. Scourge of the aurors. You'd think that he would have been able to take on a group of motley seventh years!

The Slytherin continued her pacing, teeth grinding together. She needed something far more concrete to show for her efforts before she spoke through a proxy to the Dark Lord again. Fenrir was considered a huge asset to the Dark Lord's forces, loosing him would not be taken lightly. Not when Voldemort was finally beginning to mobilize to take this wretched country by storm.

The monsters he had recruited were rising in number, but the most savage of werewolves wasn't someone they could just replace. And if it fell on her shoulders...

Pansy gritted her teeth. Nott and Bulstrode should have made sure that her targets walked into the main pack! Those two Clan wizards wouldn't be anything without her taking pity on them when they lost their family fortunes to the raids carried out by the Weasley Patriarch and that cockroach Amelia Bones. Hadn't she promised them a share in money and glory if they put their backs into this venture? And yet they had failed their task.

"I might as well have asked for Crabbe and Goyle to do something about it," Pansy muttered under her breath, stalking back and forth, nails digging into her skin. "They would have proven just as useful, and I would have at least known that they had no brains to begin with!"

"That's not fair," A sulky voice sounded from the doorway.

Pansy paused in her irate stalking to turn towards it, glaring. Bulstrode had dared show her face after her failure this morning. Millicent walked out into the hallway, glancing uneasily over her shoulder to make sure the stationed Aurors were close enough to hear their conversation.

The girl had a huge frame, big boned and as mean as her slanted eyes suggested. It was a clear sign of imbreeding that some pureblood families turned towards in order to keep their purity, going back probably two generations. Millicent was considered a disappointment by her parents; her father was always drunk and her mother was a shrill harpy who could only remember the times when the family was great. She was more adept at using her fists then her spells, so her grades were some of the weakest in Slytherin.

She had ambition, however, despite her family having fallen on hard times thanks to gambling a few generations earlier, so when Pansy swooped in and said that she would restore the girl's family to greatness along with her own.

Millicent had been acting as Pansy's personal guard ever since, and she had taken over Crabbe and Goyle from Draco after the blonde Slytherin had become taken over by Light sided ideals.

You'd think that would install a bit of loyalty into the thug, Pansy thought furiously.

"What the hell happened?" She demanded.

"Those monsters couldn't tell the difference between me and the ones they were supposed to be eating. Besides, Greengrass and Weasley were with the Zabini boys through most of the night."


"Theo almost got himself killed trying to bait them into taking different passages, and that was just to set the smallest on Filch. Anything more then that and we would have been found out. What was I supposed to do?" Millicent responded with a growl.

"I-don't-want-your-excuses!" Pansy ground out, stalking across the room until she was nose to nose with the thug of a seventh year. "You know that the Our Dark Lord will tolerate them even less then I do!"

"We only did as we were told," Millicent snapped. "You said that you were going to take down the defences but apparently it didn't occur to the oh so smart Parkinson heiress that dating seventh years might be strolling the halls before the werewolves could descend on the ballroom?"

"That didn't matter!" Pansy snapped. "The point of this venture was to kill as many mudbloods and supporters of the old man as we could!"

"Oh, is this your psycho grudge against Daphne and Ginny again?" Millicent enquired sarcastically. "They're just two kids. Fish in a pond."

"If you believe that your a bigger idiot then you look," Pansy said sneeringly. "Greengrass and Weasley are some of the most prolific of Light supporters in our generation! All you had to do was make sure they walked into the main pack, even if you had to use your own flesh as bait! How could you screw that up!"

"My body?" Millicent snapped, glaring. "You're expecting me to stick my neck out and get turned into a 'mangy beast' as you love calling them? Oh, you were welcomed to that bit yourself if you wanted it done so badly!"

"How dare you!" Pansy growled out. "May I remind you that I'm the one who took you from a nobody and gave you a chance at greatness? My charity is what brought you out of the gutter you were stuck in, mine and my fathers! You OWE me!"

"Oh, grow up Parkinson! Haven't you noticed? None of your little schemes within the school have very much to show at this point. You've been outwitted by a Gryffindor and a couple of foreigners. Besides, you just give orders and then cower behind the nearest pureblood. You didn't even do any of the heavy lifting," Millicent growled right back, "Theo and I did. You only opened the door, nothing more. You never even left the safety of the ballroom!"

Pansy's nostrils flared, and she was tempted to go for her wand. It was a mark of how low she'd had to sink that she had to do dealings with thugs like Bulstrode, but until she had more even footing and better acclaim she'd be stuck with them.

Internally she fought to focus on the problem. "You might not have noticed, but what we achieved is significantly smaller then what we meant to in the first place! You want to meet our lord face to face for the first time as a failure?"

Millicent grimaced as she considered the ramifications of that.

Pansy would have to deliver to him one of those meddling little brats, someone with a close connection to Dumbledore. There was still a media chaos around Hogwarts, so most of the teachers would be busy talking to reporters. "Hm. Bulstrode, where's the Weaslette sleeping?"


Ginny had fallen asleep in the Slytherin dorm next to Daphne. The two friends had opted to stick together after the savage attack to better comfort each other, and a silent show of support. None of the other girls in the dorm had complained about it, which was a welcomed change of pace considering the usual dynamic between Slytherin and Gryffindor. Ginny was on a bed of her own, wearing a nightgown that left her neck exposed. Daphne was sleeping not too far off close to her sister, who'd clearly been crying for some time before she finally went to sleep.

Millicent walked towards the room and stopped at the doorway. It had been difficult, sneaking the sleeping draught into the drinks that had been served that evening. Most Slytherin girls had been trained to keep an eye out for those kinds of things. However, after the ordeal most of them would have been too tired to do any checks and had taken the bait easily, without even realizing it.

So Parkinson was good for something, Millicent mused. This might not be as difficult had she had been expecting. Dumbledore really didn't care about his students, if this was the standards of safety after an attack. Imagine that.

Millicent was so wrapped up in her intended kill, who she was walking towards slowly and quietly, that she didn't realize someone was behind her until he spoke. "You're supposed to be an assassin? You breathe so loudly I could hear you coming a mile away."

Millicent spun around, but it was too late. A cold hardness was pressed against her neck, and she found her arms pinned to her sides and staring straight into the twin eyes of an angry Harry and Blaise Zabini. Blaise was the one holding the knife, blue eyes narrowed into slits of barely suppressed anger.

"Not a sound," Harry croned with a crooked smirk, right before pulling his fist back and smashing it into Millicent's face. The world went dark.


Harry wasn't angry. He'd gone past angry a long time ago.

They had found the moles, and it couldn't have been better timed. Blaise had run for the dorms the moment he realized that there had been sleeping draught in the drinks passed around, correctly guessing the intended targets out of long practice and an admitted sense of protection.

Harry glanced around the room. No one had stirred. "They obviously have a leak, and they don't post aurors at the dorm doors?" He said in disgust. "The sooner Bones gets elected, the better. At this point I'd quite happily kill all the competition to ensure it."

Blaise turned Millicent over with his foot. "Inbred. Thug. There's no way she's doing this alone, someone's giving her direction. She's hardly likely to be the only one either. Harry? Check her memory."

Harry nodded briskly and knelt down next to Millicent's head. He put his wand against the seventh year's temple and began muttering under his breath. The spell he was using was technically illegal in every country except Norway, but Harry had been adept at mental magic ever since he was a child. His spells left virtually no trace on their victim, and always got him the information he needed.

Harry walked through Millicent's most recent memories, and his lip curled when he saw her talking to Pansy Parkinson and mentioning Theodore Nott. He heard all about the intended attack and that Pansy was getting help from higher moles.

That was meant for Daphne and Ginny, he thought with a hot spike of anger, along with any muggleborn they could snap up. That bitch is going down.

"Parkinson and Nott," he said as he moved back into the waking world. Blaise's eyes hardened, he had suspected that from the beginning as well. "And someone else is helping them, Bulstrode doesn't know who it is but there's no way that Parkinson doesn't."

"Then we'll get her." Blaise said coldly and shortly. "I'll be the one to make her talk, alright? You go and get Nott. He might be on his guard."

"As if that would make a difference," Harry responded dryly. "And after we've drained them for information?"

"Azkaban isn't worth the bricks it's built on," Blaise said contemptuously. "No, we'll show them the same mercy we showed their seniors. They're memebers of that group through and through, even if they have no mark."

Harry nodded and left the room, wand in hand. Blaise levitated Millicent and cast a heavy disillusionment charm over himself before heading in the direction of Parkinson's dorm.


Pansy screamed when she opened her eyes and saw herself hanging out of the Astronomy Tower window, thousands of feet above the ground. A moment later, she fell straight forward onto her face on the cold stone floor.

"Who helped you break the Hogwarts alarms?" The voice was cold and accented. Sure enough, Pansy twisted her head up slightly (her arms and legs were frozen in what could only be a bodybind curse) and saw the elder Zabini, Blaise, standing over her with a wand and a knife in hand. His entire face was expressionless except for his eyes, which were burning murderously.

"What are you talking about?" Pansy rasped, hoping she sounded innocent and confused enough for him, though in her heart she knew it wouldn't work, "Let me down you brute-"

Blaise clenched his fist and Pansy gasped in pain as the invisible cords binding her tightened to a constricting and painful degree. Her vision darkened for a minute, and she thought that he was going to strangle her when abruptly the bindings loosened again and she was left gasping on the floors.

"You might be able to play these words games with the old man running this castle, but they're not going to work on me."

There was a soft click on the ground, and the black-clad boy knelt close to her face. The dark leather was dragonhide, and the blade in his hand was painted black to keep it from reflecting the moonlight. "You have no wand and no one is going to hear you if you try screaming like a coward," He informed her icily.

Pansy tried making another noise, and then she felt a heavy hand grab none to gently a fistful of her hair and pull her head up by it, leaving her to stare into eyes like coal furnaces, burning just as hotly.

"So let me make one thing clear. You can tell me on your own free will who helped you, or I could force the truth out of you." Blaise informed her, his tone still holding that even icy cantor. It was his eyes that were promising violence, and pain the likes of which she, a pampered pureblood scion, would not be familiar with. "You won't like how I'll go about the second one."

"I know nothing!" Pansy insisted, squirming as she tried to reach for her wand.

Blaise smiled coldly and said, "I admit I was rather hoping you'd say that." He took out his wand and pressed it against Pansy's temple. The girl screamed as a feeling like a rock striking her skull rushed through her body, her mind scrambled and her vision going grey and then spiralling into multicolors. She could feel information being torn away from her, the knowledge she had sworn that she would not leak, and when it finally ended she collapsed on her face on the floor.

Blaise tapped one foot against the floor, humming as he considered what he had seen. Why is no one coming? Pansy thought desperately, Someone must be hearing or seeing what's going on up here! Why is no one coming to my aide?

"So, Peter Pettigrew seeks to regain his master's approval by wreaking havoc within Hogwarts," Blaise said. Pansy flinched violently. "He managed to get his master's body back, but his cowardice made him little use to the monster...he's seen as weak, the very thing that drove him to work for Voldemort in the first place. So he turns his attention the jewel that Voldemort has wanted to capture for a long time. Hogwarts itself. Hm, the weak and cowardly monsters are among the most disgusting. This doesn't surprise me at all."

Blaise's eyes fell upon her, cold and emotionless and that of a Dementor, no longer the face of a teenaged boy but that of a practised killer. "And you wish to elevate yourself in his eyes by letting him slaughter your classmates."

Pansy's throat was dry as a desert, and she found that her tongue was sticking to the roof of her mouth. So she couldn't deny it. Maybe there was another way out of this. Assassins often answered to pay. Perhaps she could convince him to change targets that way.

Blaise grabbed her by the throat and walked over to the window. Pansy kicked helplessly at him, and a second later she felt a shrieking wind whip through her hair.

"I could point out that your venture was useless anyway...Bellatrix Lestrange already serves as Riddle's bedwarmer, and she would rather kill you then share her place. I would have liked to see that... unfortunately, I'm not going to risk you threatening my brother and someone who means something dear to me by waiting for her to realize this."

His eyes flashed. "Have you wondered why they didn't identify the ones who did the Ministry killings?" He asked casually.

Pansy choked in terror, not just because she was being held by the throat. Blaise leaned in and smirked coldly at her. "Because we didn't use magic."

With that, Blaise bodily flung her out the window of the tower.

With Harry

Harry kicked Theodore Nott to the ground just in time to see Pansy leave the tower window. He watched, one heel on Nott's back, as the body fell down, down, down...and finally hit the ground with a distant cracking noise.

Harry made a clicking noise in his mouth. "That probably isn't very fair to Filch, if he's the one to clean tomorrow...I might just give him a pay raise. Having to scrape junior death eater off the walkways must be unpleasant."

"Monster..." Nott groaned out, trying to stand up.

Harry put more force on his heel, causing Nott to cough violently as he struggled to breathe. "Pot, this is kettle. You're black. A bit hypocritical, honestly, because you're a shade of black darker then my own."

"I killed to get the mark, yes. What about you? You've killed, more in number then me judging by who your mother is. What's the difference?" Nott wheezed out, glaring up at him.

"Oh, good question. Not many are this smart. Let me think..." Harry said disdainfully, green eyes widening in mocking surprise. He twisted his heel on Nott's back as he pretended to deeply contemplate the question. "Ah, I've got it. You kill for pleasure and for sport. It's my job to step in and take out trash like you, by the leave of your enemies, when legal means simply don't cut it."

He drew his knife and said, "Don't join in a war if you don't expect the chance of becoming a casualty. But you didn't consider that, did you? You figured the monster who's helm you kiss is invincible."

With that, Harry leaned down and cut open Nott's throat. The blood soaked the grass, pouring out of the wound as for thirty seconds Nott writhed and struggled against the inevitable. After a minute, he finally gave up and lay still, his eyes still wide and staring.

Harry chuckled to himself and stepped off the body, saying "Think you can play the 'not so different' card? Like I've never heard that one before." He took a few steps to the right, turned and pointed one of the wand at the body. "Incendio."

A burst of fire consumed the corpse, leaving nothing behind but a puddle of blood and ashes. Harry turned and walked away without another word. Fire was extremely useful to assassins. Just in case you had to use magic, you could eliminate the body completely.

He stopped by the unconscious Millicent Bulstrode and looked down at his hand. He was holding her wand, which he had used to mock duel Nott for just the right amount of time. With careful concentration, he added the memory of another spell to the wand itself. It was a simple spell that most wizards learned in their first year, but with enough power it could lift a teenager's body high up into the air.

Blaise appeared next to him just as he finished and put the wand in Millicent's hand. Harry gave his brother a cocky smirk and said, "Ready for this bit?"

Blaise rolled his eyes. "You ask me this every time we do a frame up. I'm your older brother Harry. What do you think?"

Harry gave him a completely unapologetic smile and knelt next to Bulstrode's head. Blaise knelt on the other side and as one they began to work a spell that few people would have known, False Mind. It took a good deal of concentration and care, but done properly it mimicked memories that the person in question was trying to hide from others. It wouldn't take their mother or one of the interrogators long to reach them, and it left no traces.

Once they were done, Blaise said, "Harry, make yourself scarce. I'm going to report these unfortunate deaths, and it might be suspicious if you're here."

"It's the whole 'suspicious fourth champion thing, isn't it?'" Harry grumbled. "Fine. I'll go back and check on the di Angelos."

"And talk to mother as soon as you you have the chance. We were right, it was Pettigrew who got the werewolves into the castle."

Harry's eyes narrowed into slits at the mention of the man who betrayed his birth parents. Blaise knew that more then anything, his younger brother wanted to find, and kill, the person who had betrayed Lily and James Potter to their deaths. As much as Harry did love him, Samantha, and their grandparents, Blaise could remember nights where he lay awake, crying for the parents he had never met, or screaming from the age old nightmare of the green light killing the mother who refused to step aside and save her own life.

Samantha had told Harry everything she could about the pair of them, but it wasn't the same as knowing them. Blaise knew, with a somewhat heavy heart, that Harry would never know true peace until he could confront the evil that killed his original parents.

Blaise, who loved Harry as his stubborn and wild younger brother, had made a vow to himself that when he did confront that evil, they would be standing together.

"Did she know where he is?" Harry asked quietly.

"No," Blaise replied regretfully. "I looked, but she had never been allowed that deeply into Voldemort's council. But I may know where we can start looking."

"Great," Harry said without a trace of emotion. "I'll be waiting."

"I know," Blaise responded. Together, the boys left the sight and walked back towards Hogwarts.

End Chapter

I wanted to remind everyone that for whatever else Harry and Blaise are, they're still assassins and therefore morally grey. I felt I was drifting away from this, but they are the center of the story and the next few chapters will be centric to them. Ginny and Daphne do have their roles but they're secondary to these two.

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