Wand, Knife and Silence

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Epilogue: Age of Wonders

"...the battle between Potter/Zabini and Gaunt lasted three days, and destroyed a good chunk of what is now Neo Europe. The reason our champion was not destroyed and corrupted by his powers was, when the dust settled, his future wife walked across the field without fear and joined her magic with his. Thus, lord Harry Potter Zabini remained human in time to usher in the new Age of Wonders."

The teacher finished the history lesson with a smile on her face, examining the mixed muggle/magical class in front of her. Once a 'muggle studies' teacher, she had gone on to be part of the two different people reuniting after the Battle for the Ages. This was her dream, one she had never expected to achieve in her lifetime, and she wouldn't trade it for anything.

And there was one group of people she could thank for that.

In the middle row, there were a pair of twins, one with messy black hair, the other blonde. Next to them was a dark skinned redhead with a sneaky smile, the oldest of three. Next to her was a mischief chasing black haired girl with silver eyes. Behind them, a boy with wavy bronze hair and a bag full of books, a boy who's hair constantly shifted colours, and a silver haired girl who's aristocratic features were softened by her smile.

She was honoured to have all of them in her class.

"Any questions?"

Many hands went up. "Yes, Estelle?"

"You were there when the Statue of Secrecy was taken down, right?" The silver haired Malfoy asked. "What was it like?"

Charity gave her class a secretive grin. "For lack of a better word, it was...downright magical."

The muggle students all giggled at the irony of that description. One of them put her hand up. "Yes, Carrie?"

"Did anyone see how Gaunt was defeated?" She asked. "I know Michael Bay made a movie, but I think he might have embellished a few things."

Another wave of snickers flooded the room. Charity laughed a bit herself before responding, "It was witnessed by Lady Daphne Potter and Lady Ginny Zabini. Gaunt's soul came loose from his body because of his dealings in the blackest of magic. He had to be banished from the living realm by ancestral Potter magic. So yes, mister Bay did embellish a bit – though not by very much. It was a very cinematic battle."

Some chatter. Another hand went up. "Yes, Jamie?"

"Dad said that he isn't a hero; he just did what he felt would help other people. Is that crazy or what?" The black haired boy asked. His sister Jasmine elbowed him and gave him a mildly disapproving look, but Charity smiled.

"That, I believe, is just part of your father's character. It's been my experience that heroes rarely describe themselves as such."

More hands. "Yes, Leah?"

"Is it true that you're one of the first teachers to teach a mixed class like ours?" The firey young redhead asked.

"Yes indeed. And I couldn't be happier about it." Charity answered. At this point, the bell rang for recess. "Alright, you lot have some fun – remember we have a reading exam after lunch!"

"Yes miss Charity!"

Jamie and Jasmine Potter-Zabini lead their way out to the field were transfigured playsets and broomsticks alike were waiting for their playmates. Their cousin Estelle Malfoy raced to keep up with them, while Teddy Lupin and Daniel di Angelo followed far more sedately, discussing the book they had written their joint report about.

Leah Weasley-Zabini ran off in the other direction with her best friend Emily Black, hoping to get to the slides first.

Jamie and Jasmine always felt weird calling Emily 'aunt'. "She's the same age as us!" Jamie would insist to his mother whenever he called Emily 'sister' instead. "It's weird!"

Emily would then stick her tongue out at them, he would chase her, and all the adults would laugh.

In the end, Harry had been the prophecy child – just not in the way the now disgraced and imprisoned Dumbledore had thought. And to think all this would not have come about if an assassin with a good heart hadn't gotten lost on a dark road all those years ago.

End Chapter

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