Tommy walks slowly to his car. He had an intense workout at the gym and wanted nothing more than to go home and rest. As he was nearly his car he hears someone call out his name and turns to see who could possibly be calling his name.

"Hey you dropped this," Kim tells him as she sprints up to him.

He stands there stunned for a second. She was the most beautiful girl he had ever seen in his life. "I dropped uh my gym membership card?" He holds out his hand dumbfounded as she hands it to him. Tommy's hand was so sweaty he almost dropped the card.

Kim gives a small laugh. "I was walking out the gym a few feet behind you and noticed something fall to the floor as you were walking out." Oh, he is blushing; he is so handsome. "I being the Good Samaritan and all decided to make sure you received your card back." Kim removes her ponytail holder from her hair and shakes her hair out before she runs her hands through her hair. She knows that once she does that she has men eating out the palm of her hand.

Tommy gulps before he replies. "Uh yes, that was the right thing to do; thank you."

Aw, he is shy. "So since we both like to work out how about we meet up and have lunch or dinner sometime?" Kim gives Tommy a winning smile. "My name is Kimberly; Kim for short."

Say something stupid and stop staring at her. "Dinner or lunch will be fine uh whatever you prefer?" Tommy tries to look cool.

"Dinner it is then," Kim types her cell phone number into his phone and walks to her car.

Tommy smiles down at her phone number when a thought occurred to him. "Oh Kim, I can I walk you to your car?"

Kim turns around and smiles at him. "Sure Tommy."

He walks over to her and they walk to her car. "Um I would normally open the car door for you but seeing as you are the driver and all."

"Such a gentleman," Kim smiles at him. "It is a rare discovery to find one."

Tommy laughs. "My parents taught me well besides my mother would go crazy if I did not do the gentlemanly thing and offer."

Kim looks and that is when she notices his keychain. "I see a cross keychain."

Tommy nods his head. "Yes I carry a cross keychain because I am a Christian." "I actually am starting a Jesus karate school." Tommy looks down at his hands. He had not spoken of his idea to his friends let alone a girl. I cannot believe I told her that.

"That sounds awesome," Kim face lights up. "My father is a Christian and very passionate about it." Kim grins, "Living with him I never missed a service."

"What about now," Tommy asks. He could not believe he was this bold with this woman yet he felt at ease with her and could talk to her about anything.

Now it is Kim's turn to blush. "I uh I do not go as often as I should but I am trying to change that." She makes a hand gesture and that is when he notices her tattoo. She sees him staring at her wrists. "Oh it's of a cross resting on a balance beam." "I am a gymnast."

Tommy let his eyes scan over Kim. He had been so enticed by her face that he failed to notice that she had an amazing body. Tommy hears Kim giggle and quickly lifts his eyes back to her face. "Oh I was…"

Kim waves her hand. "No problem people check out my body once they learn that I am a gymnast and want me to help them work out."

"Maybe we can work out sometime as well," Tommy gives Kim a small unsure grin.

"I would enjoy that," Kim unlocks her car door and turns back to Tommy. "Just give me a call and we can set something up." She slides into her car and allows him to close the door. Kim rolls down her window. "Hey maybe next time I can walk you to your car."

Tommy laughs at Kim's joke before he watches her pull off. Wow, I met an awesome girl today. He smiles all the way to his car.

The next morning Tommy visits with his parents. "Dad I will go to the store and obtain the milk for the mash potatoes." He reaches into his pocket and pulls out his car keys.

Mrs. Oliver smiles at her son. "We raised such a fine young man."

"Oh you are just trying to compliment him since you forgot to buy the milk earlier today." Mr. Oliver laughs as he settles into his recliner.

"On that note I will fetch the milk and anything else that we may need." Tommy kisses his mother on the cheek and heads out the door. When is the right time to call Kim? Tommy contemplates the answer as he drives to the grocery store. Inside the store, he heads to the dairy section holding a small cart in his hands. He opens the door and takes out a milk; as he is about to close the door he sees a woman behind him. Tommy hands her a milk cartoon.

"Thank you," the woman tells him.

"No problem; my name is Tommy." He shakes her hand.

"I am Katherine but my family calls me Kat." She gives him a smile. He is so hot.

"Nice to meet you Kat…" Tommy did not know what to call her since he was not her family and he had no experience talking to women.

"Kat is fine; so Tommy do you have any plans for the afternoon?" Kat touches Tommy's arm.

Tommy is a little taken aback with her forwardness. "Um I am eating lunch with my parents." He moves hair out of his eyes. I have to call Kim. She is such a beautiful woman. At the idea of Kim fresh in his brain, he immediately smiles.

"You must really love your parents," Kat tells him.

"We only have one pair right unless something happens." Tommy gives Kat a small smile. "I must be going; mom needs the milk for mash potatoes."

Kat frowns. "You did not answer my question Tommy."

Tommy glances at Kat. She was someone who seemed to like to have a good time and he was not sure he wanted to see a woman like that. He looks into her cart. "You drink beer?"

"I am twenty-two after all and judging from your looks I would think you are about the same age." Kat shakes her head. Uh oh he is one of those types. "I am more than someone who likes to hang out and drink." "Just give me a chance to show you."

I was taught to be fair and not judge a book by its cover. "Okay Kat, I will take you up on your offer." He takes out his cell phone. "What is your number?"

Kat quickly gives Tommy her number as if he might change his mind. He will be fun to make mine. I really need a good man for once.