"I've been observing you.

You know what's happening and what it means if it doesn't stop.

I can help you fix it.

I'll take care of everything.

I'll set it all up and let you start it.

You just have to let me watch.


Do we have a deal?"

All For You

Disclaimer: I own nothing in regards to Mirai Nikki or Puella Magi Madoka Magica.

Chapter 1: Opening Move

"Yuki. Yuki, wake up. Yuuuukiiiii."

The white and pink, cat-like creature stared at the scene. A pink haired girl dressed in a black, tattered robe was kneeling over a young man also in a black robe.

"Yuki, you need to get up. We have to keep the world running and then watch the stars. We can make more constellations Yuki. You always like that. Yuki. Come on Yuki."

The creature looked closer at the girl. Her face held an empty smile as she talked to the boy on the ground. Her eyes were hollow, vacant even. Like she wasn't even looking at what was in front of her. To the creature, it seemed like she was trying to actively deny reality and see something else. Because the reality was, the boy was dead.

Hmm, I don't think I will ever fully understand humans.

"Yuki. Yuki. Yuki!"

The girl's eyes were getting more vacant. Her smile more strained. Her face looked ready to crack.

Now. "Yuno Gasai."

The girl, Yuno, froze for a second. She then grabbed the boy, Yuki, tight and held him against her and looked at the creature perched on a ledge above her. Her eyes weren't vacant anymore. They were intense. Calculating.

"Hello Yuno. I heard about your dilemma and came to help."

Yuno's pink eyes stared at the creature suspiciously. She held the body tighter against herself.

"Help? What do you mean? Yuki and I are fine right now."

The creature tilted it's head a bit. "Is that so? But then, why isn't that boy moving?"

Yuno looked down at the corpse in her arms. "He...he just needs to rest a bit. It's hard ruling a universe. He...he'll be back soon. He put himself to sleep is all." Yuno's voice started cracking and her eyes tearing up.

The creature stared at her longer, unmoving. Yuno ran her hand along Yuki's face.

"Yuki. Yuukiii."

Tears started falling. Yuno held him against her body.

"Yu-yuki! Why? W-why did you leave? We could have fixed it! You d-didn't have to go and leave me here a-alone! There h-had to be a-another way!"

Yuno was now bawling and desperately clutching Yuki's body. The creature stayed unmoving.


The world began trembling. The sky started slowly turning orange and black. Cracks in the ground appeared around Yuno.

"Yuno Gasai!"

Yuno stopped crying immediately and turned to the creature. A feral, dangerous look was on her face.

"I can grant you a wish Yuno. Any wish you make, any desire you have, I can make it real. No matter what it is. I can grant you even the most impossible of miracles."

Yuno's eyes brightened and her face lit up.

"Any wish? Anything? Even bringing back Yuki? Do you mean it?"

"I do." It's tail swished back and forth. "All that's required is to make a contract with me and become a Puella Magi."

"A contract with you? And you? Who are you?"

The creature's eyes seemed to flash just a little. "Me? Just call me Kyubey."


Mami stood on the ledge of the skyscraper in her magical girl outfit, looking down onto the the city. The city, normally lit up at night from building and street lights, had a dull haze blanketing the block she was looking at. She glanced at her ring, which quietly pulsed with light. She sighed.

"It will be a busy night it seems." She crossed her arms with a serious look before smiling. "Better get started then."

Mami jumped from the ledge and fell to meet the ground below. Her golden hair shaped in drill-like tails flew behind her as the air streamed about her. As she fell, her eyes darted everywhere. It had to be around here somewhere. But where?

A giant shadow moved. Mami smiled and brought her hand up as she fell. 20 large flintlock rifles formed a circle around her. She pointed at the shadow, and the rifles simultaneously fired with a noise like thunder. The rush from using her power secretly thrilled Mami. It was intoxicating, if you weren't careful.

The bullets shot toward the shadow with yellow intensity marking their paths. They struck the shadow just as Mami softly landed on the ground. It fell over and a large figure fell to the ground at Mami's feet. It looked like a giant human wrapped in a monk's robe, except now it's head was completely gone. As she stared at it, it quickly dissolved until only a small black cube remained.

Quick and precise. Just the way she like it. Mami smiled. She had been hunting these creatures called wraiths for several years now. Ever since that fateful day she had made that wish.

Best not to think of that now. There must be more nearby.

She slowly turned in a circle while forming a ribbon of magic between her fingers. She could sense them, but the dark and the miasma they created made it very difficult to detect where they were. More than once, she had been ambushed from the dark and so she was always on guard.

Mami twirled the ribbon in a circle around her. It seemed to stay in place, hovering in the air, before shooting out in an intricate web around her. A loud groan came from behind and to the left. She summoned a huge flintlock rifle in her hands and fired in that direction. The brilliant yellow bullet struck a wraith square in the chest as it attempted to free itself from her ribbon entrapment.

Mami had no time to celebrate. A wraith from above swooped down to crush her. She summoned another rifle only to sense movement beneath her feet.

A trap!

She discarded the rifle and crouched to the ground. She put one hand on the ground and another above her. Ribbons made an intricate web over the ground as a dozen rifles appeared above her hand. A thunderous roar riddled the wraith above with holes as the wraith hidden in the ground was forced out into a ribbon cocoon. Mami leaped to the side and landed on top of a streetlight as the Wraith smashed into its cocooned partner before dissolving. Mami almost lazily summoned a rifle and destroyed the remaining trapped wraith.

The miasma started to slowly clear. Mami sighed. In the heat of battle, she rarely noticed the energy required to use her powers, but she always felt a bit drained afterward. Destroying 4 wraiths was not easy, and she had been lucky to snipe the first one.

Mami concentrated on her ring until it morphed into a large, yellow gem resting on the palm of her hand. Her soul gem. It let her know how much energy she had left before...well, before things became very dangerous. It was still bright but it had acquired a slight drab to it, like graphite dust had been lightly coated on it.

Mami grabbed one of the black cubes left behind and touched it to her soul gem. A bright light shone and then the cube became darker, leaving her gem sparkling. She concentrated again and it became a ring once more.

Mami smiled. She always felt a bit relieved making her gem brighter and did her best to never let it get even close to dark.

If only we had been better about that before. Maybe Sayaka-

She shook that thought away immediately. It didn't help to dwell on past mistakes and tragedies. She just had to keep pushing forward and be the heroine and protector this city needed. And it needed it. It seemed that within the past few weeks, the number of wraith attacks had increased dramatically. It used to be she could relax at home most nights with a wraith appearing only twice a week at most. Now it seemed wraith attacks were happening almost every night, requiring her to be on constant patrol. And 4 at a time? Last year she would have thought that unthinkable, but it had slowly become the new norm. So far she had risen to the challenge, but she couldn't stop the nagging worry in the back of her mind that said soon she might go out and run into something she just couldn't handle.

"Good thing I have Kyoko or else I might be terribly depressed," she said. Kyoko was a fellow magical girl and friend. They had known each other for years, even before making wishes. Mami had become a magical girl first and helped Kyoko adjust when she had become one too. Despite having a falling out in the past, they were now friends again.

I should talk with her about the increase in wraith numbers. Maybe she'll have some idea. I should also contact girls outside the city to see if it's happening everywhere or just here.

Mami quickly gathered up the remaining cubes and prepared to head home. A shout sounded on the other side of the building. Mami hesitated for a second before running to the sound. She was feeling tired now and hoped it wasn't a wraith again. She looked at her ring. It wasn't pulsing.

It shouldn't be right? The miasma cleared up. Maybe it's just a mugging or a bike accident.

Something in her gut told her it wasn't though. She ran faster and turned the corner. Her fears were confirmed. A wraith was towering over a man and his dog. The wraith's face was covered by the usual light mosaic that disguised their features, but a mouth had formed beneath and was glowing brightly. Mami's stomach dropped. The man was about to have his soul ripped out of his body.

"Over here wraith! Feel my justice!" Mami shouted, hoping to distract it, as she quickly summoned a large rifle and shot at it. Her shot dug into it's shoulder and glowed a bit, but the wraith remained unfazed and began extracting the soul.

NO! I need to-

The wraith froze in place and the lights on its face dimmed. A vertical cut appeared going the length of it's body before each half of the wraith started slowly sliding apart. A bright light spilled out of it's insides as each half collapsed. The body dissolved into a single cube.

Mami gaped. "Wha...what was that? What happened?"

She looked up and saw a figure standing on a window ledge, but it was in shadows. The man on the ground was in shock and his dog had curled into a ball, whimpering. Mami made to go to the man when the figure dropped down in front of him.

"Wh-what happened? What's going on? D-did you save-"

The figure raised a sword it had been holding at it's side and knocked the man out with it's hilt. He collapsed on the ground. The figure turned and walked into the light causing Mami to gasp.

"Are you...are you a magical girl too?" Mami asked.

The figure was a tall girl but young, about 14. She was dressed somewhat like a magical girl with high boots and bright pink colors to match her hair, but there were distinct differences between her outfit and Mami's. Mami often considered her outfit to be a bit different than the other girls' that she knew. Mami had a hat, brown corset, high brown boots with socks covering most of her legs, and a brown skirt. Other girls said it had a "western" feel to it. But like most girls she knew, she had white on her. In her case, a white blouse and detached sleeves. This girl had no white at all. Instead, her clothing was predominantly black where it wasn't pink. Instead of being cute, loose, or frilly, her clothes were sleek and tight except for a black robe that hung around her shoulders. A long, keen sword held easily in her hand completed the picture.

What struck Mami most of all though were her eyes. They were wide, intense, and strangely hollow. They seemed to bore into Mami's very being. She wanted to look away but dared not to.

A small figure bounced into view next to the girl. Kyubey.

"Ah, Mami Tomoe! It is excellent you are here. Meet the newest magical girl."

There was a change in the air. The very atmosphere seemed to shift. The girl's eyes were now bright and friendly, radiating a pink warmth. Yuno bowed to Mami.

"Miss. Tomoe, I am very happy to meet you. I am Yuno Gasai. Kyubey told me a bit about you."

Mami was taken aback by the complete mood shift in the girl. She was so cheerful and open now, it made Mami want to befriend her immediately. The sword had also disappeared. She could almost believe she had imagined the look Yuno had before. Almost.

"Miss Gasai, please call me Mami. Since we are both magical girls, would it be fine for me to address you as Yuno?

"Of course Mami. I am new to being a magical girl and so have much to learn."

Mami smiled. "Don't worry Yuno. I remember what it was like starting out, and love to help those just starting their duty. Why don't you come to my house tonight? We can have tea and get to know each other more as I mentor you."

Yuno grinned. "Sounds wonderful! Are you sure it won't be a bother?"

"No no! Of course not! I love having company over. And when that company is another magical girl, well, it's twice as good!"

Kyubey sat with it's head tilted slightly watching this exchange. It's tail flicked back and forth.

"Now before we leave," Mami said, "do you see that cube over there?" She pointed to the cube.

Yuno nodded.

"Pick it up," Mami said, "and bring it over to Kyubey."

Yuno did as instructed. She knelt down to Kyubey who swiped it with it's paw and knocked it upward. The pink pattern on Kyubey's back opened up like a hatch and the cube disappeared inside before his back closed up again without a seam.

"Whenever we kill wraiths, that monster just now, they leave behind these cubes and we give them to Kyubey or use them ourselves if necessary. Speaking of which, Kyubey, here's some more. It was a busy night."

Mami threw the cubes she collected to Kyubey who caught them all in it's back.

Mami bowed to Kyubey. "Thank you, Kyubey, for introducing me to Yuno Gasai. You are a dear friend."

"Think nothing of it Mami! I'm just doing what's best."

Mami took Yuno's hand in hers. "Let's go to my place now and have some tea. You can ask me anything you want."

Yuno smiled at her. "Yes, I'd love that. Thank you so much for taking care of me."

Mami smiled as her heart filled with warmth. "No no! The pleasure's all mine!"

This is what makes it all worthwhile. Helping others and making new friends. Mami smiled again.

Mami jumped up to a ledge and beckoned Yuno to follow who jumped after her. They then jumped away into the shadows.

Kyubey watched them leave before getting up.

Everything is going as planned.

It jumped after them and disappeared into the dark.