Chpater 1: Becoming a Walker

"Stop it, you pervert!" Misaki said, trying to catch her breath. But Takumi didn't stop. "Takumi! Stop!"

Takumi leaned closer to Misaki, their faces just millimeters away. "Ask nicely." He whispered in her ear, with his super seductive voice.

Misaki's face was already red, but she became a deeper shade when Takumi's lips touched her ear. "P-Please stop… Takumi…"

A smirk came across his face. "And?"

"A-And… I-I'll do anything y-you say…" Misaki breathed out.

"Anything else?" Takumi asked. "Something like-"

"JUST GET OFF OF ME!" Misaki shouted. "I COULDN'T EVEN BREATH WITIH YOUR TICKLE ATTACKS!" She pushed him with all her might. He fell back on the ground.

"Owwww…" He said, getting up.

Misaki slowly rises herself off the floor. "Don't you dare do that ever again!" she glared.


She walks into the kitchen and opens the fridge. "…" she looks at Takumi, then the fridge, then Takumi, then the fridge again. "There's nothing in here…"

Takumi scratched his head. "Well you rarely cook and we've been going out these days so…."

"Right…" she grabbed her bag. "Stupid parties." She took Takumi's hand, "Let's go to the groceries store."

"Okay..." Takumi smiled and intertwined his fingers with his. "Anything for my beloved fiancé."

Misaki blushed. "Shut up..."

Yes, there were about to get married~! But these last few days were tiring! Misaki's Bachelorette Party, as same for Takumi too, but mainly Misaki's, was super tiring. Sakura and Shizuko even brought in some students from high school which totally shocked Misaki. Later on, they had a large, I mean LARGE, engagement party. They had some business trips around the world, going together of course, to appear in TV shows, etc. And now they were living together because Takumi demanded that his wife-to-be should get to stay with him for a few months before marriage. Of course the Ayuzawa family happily agreed. Thus, Takumi bought a large mansion, and they moved in together.

"Let's get potatoes, Misa-Chan!" Takumi says, leaning over her shoulder.

"Okay okay. Just stop leaning on me!" she says, taking a few potatoes and dropping them into the basket.

Takumi grabs Misaki's hand and leads her to another aisle. "Takumi!" Misaki blushed. "The hand…"

He looks at her. "Why can't I take my own fiancé's hand? We're going to be married in a week."

When they left the store, Misaki gently tugged on the corner of Takumi's shirt. "Ne, Takumi…" she said, blushing. "C-can I help with dinner?" Takumi stared at her with widened eyes. "I-I just want to help and…" She blushed even more. "Oh never mind!" She took a few quick steps in front of him a mutters. "I just thought you worked too hard."

Takumi slowly wrapped his arms around his fiancé's small waist. "So you're worried?" His Misa-Chan never fails to surprise him. He rested his head on Misaki's shoulder.

"Working as the Vice President of the Walker Incorporation must be hell!"

Takumi smirked, "So you are worried."

Misaki looked away. "Not the least."

Takumi took his hand and kissed her fingers. "You can help as long as you don't make our kitchen explode again." He smirked.

Misaki felt her face heat up. "I NEVER MADE OUR KITCHEN EXPLODE!" She faced forward and murmured, "Just a small fire few weeks ago…"

~Time Skip~

"Misaki!" Usui dove for the falling knife and caught it by the handle before it fell on her foot. "Please, be careful!" he sighed.

"Sorry." Misaki squeaked. "I accidentally knocked that over." She placed a bowl full of salad on the counter. "Are you hurt?" She walks up to Takumi.

"Shouldn't I be the one asking?" He sighed and set the knife on the cutting board.

Her eyes fell, "Sorry…" Takumi blinked at her a few times. He smiled. Misaki-Chan, you never fail to surprise me.

He pat her head lightly. "It's fine, as long as you're all right." He then planted a kiss on her forehead.

She took the knife and grabbed a tomato and started to cut it into circular shapes.

"I'll cut the cucumbers then." Takumi said. He took a cucumber off the plate and started to slice it at the speed of light. "Oh one more thing." He dumped the sliced in the salad bowl along with the salad.

Misaki stops and looks up from her tomato, "Yeah?"

"Do you have any plans for tomorrow night?" he smirks and held a cucumber to his lips.

Damn! Misaki thought. Only he can make it look sexy with a cucumber! "Aside from dress fitting in the afternoon, I'm free from 6 pm and down."

"Great." He sighed. "You're going to have to wear your makeup and high heels tomorrow night again."

"AGAIN?!" Misaki exclaimed. "I just did last week!"

Takumi looks at her pouting face. "Yeah… Gerard and Grandfather are coming tomorrow night and wants to have dinner with us." He chuckled as he touched Misaki's pouting lips. "Don't worry, I'll be there with you. I won't let anything happen to you." And he kissed her lightly.

Misaki smiled, "You better be there."

~Time Skip: 7:00 pm~

Misaki glanced out the car window nervously as Takumi's silver Ferrari sped past the tall and expensive buildings. Even though she and Takumi have been engaged for over 5 months, she had never had a meeting with his grandfather, the Grand Duke. She sighed, again, for the millionth time.

"Misa-Chan~~" Takumi said, in his teasing voice. "They're not going to eat you. Besides, we've already made it public that we're going to get married. They couldn't not let us marry in any possible way!"

Misaki rolled her eyes. "I already know that, Baka Alien." She returned her gaze out the window.

"Then why are you all scared?" he smirked. "Afraid to take the chance to lose me?"

"What?!" She glared at him. "Of course not!"


"It's just that your grandfather is kinda scaring me…." She admitted.

"Eh…" His lip slightly lifted upwards, amused. "Already? You haven't even met him yet."

"Well excuse me!" Misaki snapped back. "With all your stupid tales about him not liking you and shunning you makes me nervous okay?! Gosh!" She huffed and crossed her arms.

"Well we're all settled now." Takumi chuckled.

"Right…" Misaki said. "After they found out that you were a total genius and totally cured your brother from his decease like a professional doctor…"

"Hey~" Takumi chuckled, parking his car in front of the grand hotel door. "I studied in medical school for a year ya know."

"Yeah, but that was before you became a doctor did the Walker family make you take business as your major."

"Well I'll make you happy and agree to you that I'm a total genius~!" He got out of the car and opened Misaki's door for her. "After you, my lady."

Misaki rolled her eyes. "Baka Usui…"

"Walker." He corrected. "But I do prefer my first name better." He held out his arm.

"Yeah yeah." She looped her arm around his. "That just slipped out. Takumi…"

He tossed the his keys to the valet. "Well then, are you ready?"

"Let's just say I am…" She said, smoothing out her long emerald dress.