Helena was in a state of shock. For the first time in her life someone wanted to commit themselves to her and it wasn't something she knew how to handle. She began to smile, unsure of how this would all turn out seeing as Leon was always a ladies man in everyone's eyes.

"I…well…" She began, her words failing her.

"If you need time I understand."

"No it's not that. I'd love to move in with you but don't you think that maybe we need someplace…bigger?"

He regarded her words for a moment and then cocked his head to the side. "What do you mean?"

She ran a thumb over the back of his hand. "I mean we both have small places, and if we're going to actually do this I think it would be a smart investment to find some place new. That way we can start entirely fresh."

"Okay…" he nodded. "So does that mean yes?"

"It means that I'll help you look for a new apartment, or house, or whatever appeals to both of us and if we can agree on a choice then of course I'd move in with you."

He smiled and it was ridiculously boyish for a man like Leon.

Later that evening, they settled in at Helena's apartment, popped some comedy they had rented into the DVD player, and fell onto the couch. Near the end of the movie, Leon's phone rang, shaking him from near sleep.

"What's up Hunnigan?" He answered, Helena questioning the call with one look.

"Leon, are you with Harper?"

"Yeah, why?"

"You both need to get here, now. Something big is going on near Moscow and the two of you are needed for it. Briefing is in thirty minutes."

"What's going on?" Helena asked as Leon disconnected from the call.

"Duty calls. Looks like we aren't getting a nice night in after all."

They drove in silence to D.S.O. headquarters, neither questioning their summons as they knew there was no point to second guess Hunnigan's requests. Once in the parking garage, both pulled overnight bags from the trunk as well as gear. Tactical vests, flash lights and multiple magazines of ammunition along with their weapons took up a bulk of the space. Helena kept her signature Hydra locked up inside the building.

"Alright, fill us in." Leon said coolly as they took seats in the conference room. Hunnigan had set up a short presentation and had a clicker in her hands as she strolled casually to the front of the room. Business as usual.

"Five miles of Moscow outside around twenty-two hundred hours an outbreak occurred in which more than half the population was turned into 'flesh eating monsters' as the local authorities described it. Nearly an hour later a large B.O.W. was spotted close to city limits, as well as multiple infected finding their way into the city." She was switching picture to picture as the spoke, showing Routers photos of the sighting before stopping on a grid-like map of the city. "This situation needs to be detained as soon as possible, before it becomes international news, and not in the way we want it covered up. The B.S.A.A. will be assisting with Chris Redfield as lead on their part, I know the two have of you have worked with him, more or less, before."

"When's the flight?" Helena asked, trying to stiffen a yawn.

"One hour. You will be meeting Chris and his team at the airstrip and will depart as a team." She slid an envelope toward Leon. "Inside is the itinerary as well as maps and grids for your use accordingly. You two know what to do, and good luck."

Hunnigan offered them a smile before leaving the room.

"Well, I need coffee. I'll grab you some then we can go." Helena said, standing.

At the airstrip, they parked one of the agencies black SUV's in a small hanger as their plane was being prepped. Fifteen minutes later their gear was loaded, Chris introduced his team to the two of them, and the small jet was taxied onto the runway.

"Good to see you Leon, Helena." Chris said, casually seated across from them. "It's nice to see the two of you again."

"Likewise, and under much better circumstances." Leon said, "It's nice to be on the same team."

Chris smiled, "Yes, yes it is. I hear the two of you are a thing now, congratulations."

Helena blushed and Leon shook his head. "Claire, I assume?"

"Oh yeah, girl loves to gossip. She misses you and really wants to meet Helena. Told me she'll be home next month for a couple weeks and wants to meet up with us all."

"It's good she's fighting the good fight. Someone's got to stick it to those pharmaceutical companies, well, the ones that cause this kind of shit."

Chris nodded, Helena remained silent as she was unsure who they were even talking about.

"Claire is Chris' sister. We met during the Raccoon City outbreak and have remained good friends since." Leon said, answering the unspoken question. "We correspond at least once a month."

"She sounds like a hell of a friend to keep in touch with you, Mr. Kennedy." Helena said, immediately blushing as she realized she was flirting, and in front of Chris nonetheless.

Leon laughed, "Yes, you're right as always Ms. Harper."

"You really like her, don't you Kennedy." Chris stated hours later as Leon stared out the window and Helena had long ago fallen asleep beside him.

"Yeah, I do."

"What ever happened to Ada? I thought you always had a thing for her?"

"I did. But you can only chase a dream for so long. After Tall Oaks and China, I realized that there might be someone better for me, someone who wouldn't always be running." He muttered, looking down at Helena's sleeping form.

"You came to your senses? I can't believe that." Chris said, shaking his head.

"Yeah, I did. Not long after we returned to the states we went out for coffee. She confessed she had a thing for me, and that saving her life might have had something to do with it but in any case she wanted to get it off her chest. I told her just about the same and we agreed to try it out. I asked her to move in with me last night."

Chris' jaw dropped slightly, quickly he regained his composure. "Really? And…"

"And she said we'd have to house hunt first. Women, right?"

Not long later, the plane began its decent, aiming for a small airstrip set up not far from Moscow by a B.S.A.A. unit stationed within the area. Leon lightly shook Helena.

"Hey, you've got to see this." He said, gesturing with his head toward the city.

"My God…" Helena said, immediately becoming more alert.

The city was nearly on fire, and the undead were filling the streets.