"He's so precious." Sokka spoke softly as he cradled the newborn in his arms. "What's his name?"

"Bumi." Aang sat by Katara's side, who was currently resting, worn out from being in labor.

"Did I miss it!?" Toph rushed through the door, panting wildly.

Sokka looked up at the earthbender. She still had her uniform, pieces of her hair falling from her bun. Even like this, she's still beautiful.

"Don't worry Toph. You came at the best part."

Just then the baby in Sokka's arms made a little gurgling noise. In a very uncharacteristic way, Toph let out an "Awwweee! That's so cute!" Her voice sounding more high-pitched than people were used to hearing. Both Aang and Sokka gave Toph and amused, yet confused, smirk.

"Didn't think you were the 'cutesy' type Toph." Sokka teased as Toph walked over, sitting in the chair across from Katara's bed.

"Yeah, maybe I've been spending too much time with you!" Toph teased right back. Sokka jokingly frowned, but went right back to smiling as Bumi let out an adorable yawn.

Sokka looked over at his Toph. Maybe someday this could be them; cooing over their own creation. Woah, take it easy their Sokka. But the thought of spending the rest of his life with Toph didn't sound all that crazy to him.

Only time would tell what would become of Toph and Sokka. They would have their trials and errors. They would have their peaks and low-points.

And in reality, they would always have each other.

Okay, so I realize that was really short….but I wanted to leave it somewhat open-ended. I also realize that the ending was incredibly cheesy, but I happen to like cheese and fluff and anything of that variety. Hope you enjoyed!