Warning: Drunken foolery

Poison & Wine

Loki gritted his teeth from where he stood, standing with Nick and a few other mortal men who were talking about the mortal sports that were on earlier in the day. He tried hard to not clench his jaw annoyed, watching Alex and Joe across the room, dancing with each other. He tried to breathe in and out evenly as he took a sip out of his can of soda. He soon felt a hand on his shoulder, forcing him to look over at Nick who had his brow furrowed concerned, "Hey, bud, you okay?"

Loki nodded it off but his thoughts strayed on the yellow-haired urchin with his hands on Alex's hips currently, "I'm fine."

"Well, have you seen the game between St. John's and Syracuse in the NCAA?" This man, Harry, asked him. Loki tried not to blink confused at the name, NCAA, and Syracuse, and St. John's. Harry shook his head, "Shit was crazy, man. March Madness is gonna be killer."

Loki admitted with a slight shrug of his shoulders, "I… I don't really watch that. I am not exactly a fan."

"Oh…" Liam started with a slight nod of his head. "Basketball can be boring as shit, man. Do you like football?" Loki stared at him, confused by the name 'football' as well, before Liam quickly changed what he was going to say, "Or… uh… not soccer, not England football, I mean—."

"Just… just shut up, shut up." Nick said, shaking his head at him. "He's dating Alex, I really don't think he's interested in that."

"No, no I am not," Loki said, glancing over at Nick. "I never have been."

"Yeah… uh, can you give me and Leon a moment, guys?" Nick asked them suddenly with a slight smirk on his face. When Loki looked over at it, he realized how tight his smirk was, which was quite the difference from before. He would not lie, he actually did like this mortal. But the look he had in his eyes was strange. The other guys' narrowed their eyes at him confused before nodding their heads, almost in unison, and walking off. Loki pursed his lips, looking to him curiously. "I want to just have a talk with you."

He nodded his head slowly to him, not quite understanding. Briefly, his mind was taken away from thinking about Alex and Joe. "All right…"

"Uh… I don't really know if I should bring it up to you since it was between Alex and me." He started to Loki. Loki's mouth parted at this as his jaw slacked. "You guys… seem fine now, but a few days ago she came to me and… uh… she was not very happy like she is now." Loki almost did not know what to really say to him… mainly because he did not know what exactly Alexandra told him. He did not know that she had come over here in the past few days, she hadn't left the house since… that night unless it was to work. "Dude… I… I just don't know how to tell you this, but I feel like I have to because… she's like a sister to me. I didn't know her for long but she's still like a sister to me and I don't want to see her get hurt."

Loki blinked puzzled before stating, "I don't really plan on hurting her."

"Yeah… well… she came here and basically told me that it was rocky between you two and that she was scared. Uh, look, I don't want to get in your business, your fights are between you two and I don't really need to hear the details of it, but you must understand my concern for her." Nick finally told him with a firm tone in his voice. However, Loki still did not understand where he was going with this—somewhat. He wondered now if this talk with Nick was what led to Alex almost leaving days ago. He nodded to Nick reluctantly, who bobbed his head back to him. "Good… I mean, she's like a sister to me and I don't want to hear that she's getting hurt because she rushed into something too fast with someone else."


"No, don't give me that bullshit story again you gave Joe and Quinn before." Nick said to him with a shake of his head. "Yes, it was very cute, and it probably happened, but it still sounds to me that you started out as a rebound for her." Loki, for a moment, stared at him in disbelief. This was not the same Nick that he had talked with for some time. Before Loki could even say anything to him, Nick said, "I know I shouldn't have mentioned that here. It's a party… for her and we should be having fun, but it would come up sooner or later and I don't think I could keep quiet about it any longer."

Nick clapped him on the shoulder, keeping his hand there for a moment. Loki then stated, "You care a lot for her." He nodded his head to him. "Not many actually do."

He nodded his head, agreeing. "Do you care for her?" The question was sudden, so sudden that Loki did not have an answer prepared for him right away. He stared at him for a moment. One should not really ask that question to someone else when that someone else was supposedly 'together' with that person… mortal or not. Then Loki took a deep breath, looking over at Alex again, who had a drink in her hand as she stood with Joe, completely ignoring his presence across the room. He felt his face twist at this as he pursed his lips, trying to keep his composure.

Loki looked back at him with a slight frown on his face. He did not know if what he admitted was the truth, but it came out of his mouth without a pause after looking at her for a moment. "Very much."

"I can tell. You sometimes look at her how I look at Quinn." Loki's brow furrowed at this as his head turned away. Nick shrugged his shoulders before stating to him, "Just… just don't hurt her."

"I won't." Loki told him with a fake smile. Then with that, Loki was left alone. His eyes went to Alex again for a moment, seeing her grin. She actually looked… happy. He was not sure if it was the alcohol in her, or if she was genuinely so. After the talk with Nick, Loki roamed around around the apartment, lingering around the snack table and trying each individual one before someone would actually go and speak with him. He was levelheaded, unlike most of the mortals he shared his current space with, so when one did approach him, he tried to ignore the fact that they were stumbling or slurring their words.

Loki was once dragged to dance with this one woman, but he declined once she looked as though she was about to show him what she ate earlier. His eyes often went on Alex, he only checked in on her a few times, then after the three times… she found excuses to stay away from him. Joe… was her company, and Loki, being the one who wanted Alexandra to make her last moments, decided to stay away. Although, the more he did, and the more he watched her, the more he was ready to take her home.

It was too much. Loki found himself back in Nick's company eventually. Her friend… what's-her-face was nowhere to be seen. He was growing impatient. They did this birthday tradition, that he thought was positively dull… singing, and Alex eagerly blew out all of her candles. She shouted something that Loki did not pay any mind to, and then completely disregarded etiquette while Joe cheered her on. Not that Alex had any etiquette to begin with.

Still, what's-her-face—Quinn, that's right, Quinn, was not seen. Nick did not know where she was, but he did not seem worried (where could she have gone when they were just in the apartment?) about her. However, once he saw Alex slam the piece of cake in her face, Nick immediately went over to Loki as he was pushing a piece of cake in his mouth, it was fluffy and red, and really good. "I think it's time to bring her home."

Loki slid the edge of his fork across his icing before bringing his attention to Nick. "I agree." With that, Loki licked the edge of his fork. It tasted… like a sweet, creamy… cheese. "But do you think she will actually go willingly?"

"Not at all." Nick admitted to him, but then added, "But I think you should take her home."

"I will t—." Alex bumping into his plate, pushing it slightly to the side, immediately cut off Loki. Loki handed his plate over to Nick quickly, who took it out of his hands, as he caught Alex by her arms. She stumbled slightly into him. "Alex," he started to her. He watched her pick up her head, having it sway slightly before giving him a toothy grin. Loki smiled back uneasily at her as he tried to straighten her. "I think it's time to go home."

"Wha'?" Alex's face fell at this. "But I'm jus' having fu—."

"Yes, yes, I know." Loki quickly stated to her, looking her directly in the eyes, "But we have to go now. So why don't you say goodbye to your friend, and give me the car keys, so we can go?"

Alex looked at him confused for a moment, glancing down at his hands before her jaw slacking to the side. "I don' want you to drive."

"You're not driving." Loki told her.

"You can't drive. You don' know how." She retorted to him, slurring her words. Loki swallowed thickly at this, trying not to show his exasperation in front of Nick. "'Sides, Joe has my keys." Loki narrowed his eyes at her in disbelief, not hiding how… puzzled he was by that. Why would that man have her car keys? He would understand if it was Nick… or Quinn… but him? "An' I don't want to go home with a grouchy man."

Loki tried not to grimace at the smell of her breath before stating, "You are going home with the grouchy man and I am going to get your keys from the drunken man."

"He won't give the keys."

Nick stepped in. "Why wouldn't he? He's not taking you home."


"She doesn't like me driving her car." Loki said quickly, cutting her off once he heard his name begin to come out of her mouth. He glanced over at Nick who looked on, seemingly puzzled by this. "She's… very possessive over it."

"Yeah… yeah…" Nick said slowly before placing his hand on her shoulder, squeezing it. Alex's eyebrows perked up as she looked Nick in his eyes, smirking at him. "Look, Joe's staying here tonight, tomorrow, first thing, I'll have him drive the car back to your apartment and I'll call you two a cab. How's that?"

"We're not too far away, we'll walk." Loki said before Alex could actually answer. This was the original plan, but Loki did not know too well what a cab actually was. He would assume though that that would require money as everything else in this realm did, and he did not have any way to acquire it at the moment. "Maybe some fresh air will ease her head."

Loki straightened himself as he watched Alex now, clenching his jaw. "I don't know, man." Nick started to him. However, Loki didn't turn his head to pay mind to him. "It's pretty late."

"We'll be fine. I'll take her around to say goodbye and then we'll go home."

Alex tried to protest this, "But I don't—."

"It's not your decision." Loki stated to her, his voice sounding firm as his hands dropped from her arms. He crossed his arms over his chest. Alex stared at him, almost incredulously, before having her lips pouted. For some reason, Loki felt that what he just said needed to be clarified. "We are leaving." Alex blinked several times at him, her upper lip curling before glancing over to Nick who gave her a slight smile. She nodded her head stiffly before going ahead to say goodbye, swaying slightly as she walked. Loki watched her for a moment, licking his lips before turning toward Nick. "Her apartment is only a—."

"I know, but I don't think she's going—."

"She will." Loki had cut him off before holding out his hand towards him. "It was great to meet you." Nick was reluctant in taking his hand, but once he did he nodded his head at him. "Hopefully… we will see each other soon." Loki nearly felt uncomfortable saying that, really because he would never see this man ever again.

Nick only bobbed his head curtly to him. "Take care of her and be careful."

"I 'member," Alex started, leaning on Loki's side as he searched for his key. Alex went on as if she didn't notice, her eyes looking the door up and down, and she brought her finger up, pointing at it, "when I moved in 'ere, do ya?"

"I didn't know you then." Loki said to her, pushing his key in the lock.

"Ah…" was all she said as Loki turned the doorknob for them to go in. Once he pushed the door open, Alex immediately left his side to go into the room, tripping over her heels and immediately gripping the edge of the door to keep herself up awkwardly. Loki parted his mouth before shifting his jaw, walking inside, without giving her a slight glance her way. "When I moved in 'ere, it was dark like this. An' there was no furn'ture. I bought that stuff, did you know I bought that shit?"

"That is generally what you do." Loki said to her slowly, seeing Alex slowly close the door. His eyes went to her feet that were slowly crossing over themselves. The door didn't exactly shut quietly. She slammed it shut just by the force of her hands before she swayed over to the side. Loki turned his head away from her with his jaw clenching. The lights flickered on as Loki went to the island in the middle of the kitchen.

Alex puckered her mouth, walking slowly in her apartment before deciding to go into the kitchen. Loki barely paid mind to her. "I need'ta do somethin'."

"I think that means you need to go to sleep." Loki told her, giving her a sideways glance as she held herself up by the fridge, holding the handle with dear life. Loki furrowed his brow at her as Alex stumbled over to the side as she pulled it open. "For the love of Nine, Alex, what are you doing?" Loki asked her, seeing her look blankly in the refrigerator as if she was searching for something. But, instead, she closed the fridge, ignoring his question, as she went into the freezer, pulling out a carton of ice. Loki looked up at the ceiling exasperated as she brought that to the island in front of him. Alex walked to a cabinet, pulling out two glasses for, he assumed, her and himself, and then brought them next to the ice.

He closed his eyes, praying that there was a different purpose other than the one that he first thought. But when he opened his eyes, he saw a big bottle of what he read to be Grey Goose. Loki sighed deeply before stating to her firmly, "No, you do not need to drink any more."

"Oh, c'mon," she whined to him, pouring the vodka for him and her in the glasses. "Jus' a bit… you didn't even drink anything there!"

"Nor would I like to drink h—."

"Shhhh," Alex started hushing him and stopped him from talking by putting her finger on top his lips sloppily. "Babe, just live."

"Pardon?" Loki said against her finger, shaking her head.

"Live, you act like you have a stick up your ass." Loki was for a moment speechless as Alex pushed the glass of vodka toward him. "We don't need this." She muttered to herself, putting the carton of ice back in the freezer. She then held up her glass before him with a small smile. Loki could see that her eyes were not completely there. Maybe the walk to her place did help her slightly and not drinking for a while did as well, though it was clear to him that she was still inhibited. "Let's… let's have our last moments together." She said to him after a moment, her head swaying side-to-side as she was glancing down into her own glass.

Loki did not pick up his glass as he narrowed his eyes at her, "What is that to mean?"

Alex didn't answer him at first putting her glass down for a moment as she went to Loki's hand, squeezing it gently before bringing it to the glass. Loki looked down at her forcing his hand to wrap around the glass of vodka. She pressed her hand against his, making sure that it was securely there. Her eyes connected with his, almost giving him an emotionless stare as she went to grab her own glass. "It means, what you think it means." Then she decided to move his glass toward hers with a grin, clinking them together. "Now, cheers… to… I don't know."

Loki felt like he was supposed to drink, so he took a sip of what she gave him, although it made his throat burn just from the slight sip. It was quite strong. She drank some of hers with little effort, although, he watched her shake her head to him. "It has a bit of a zing!" She said to him with a small grin, but no matter the size of it, Loki managed to see all of her teeth and her tongue peaking out between them. "Loki, babe…" she started to him, moving her glass toward him. "I actually was not as drunk as you might've thought at the party."

"Oh, really?" Loki asked her in disbelief. "I actually doubt that."

"I've only had that scotch you gave me, and the wine. I'm just a bit tipsy." Her head tilted to the side at 'tipsy' as her voice swooped down to a lower volume. "We should play a drinkin' game."

"I do not want to."

"C'mon," she released a long, not-human whine as her head dramatically fell forward. "Don't be such a party pooper! It's not like I'm not home. We'd be fine."

"I would be fine, but you are not fine at all."

"It's the least you could do for me."

Loki tried to be firm, "The answer is no."

"I…" she trailed off, for a moment looking confused and as if she almost had forgotten what she was going to say. "I am fine, fine 'nough."

"You are fine ''nough'?" Loki asked her, puzzled. He was not sure of what she meant.


"I cannot even understand you correctly, I think that means that you are not fi—."

"Loki," Alex said loudly, tilting her head toward him but soon closing her eyes, as if she needed the patience to actually go on with him. She smiled slightly though, just for a moment. Loki clenched his jaw tightly, looking away from her. His grip on his glass got tighter though. "I want my last moments with ya." She said again to him. There that was again. He didn't know what she meant. She brought her hand to touch his, her fingers interlacing with his. Loki looked into her glassy eyes. He could see the alcohol in her eyes, no matter what she would say to him to make him think otherwise. "Please."

"I don't really know what that means," Loki said to her again, his brow being furrowed concerned.

"Give me something to 'member you by, my liege." She said that with a smirk on her face growing toward him. Loki stared at her for a moment with a frown slowly coming onto his face. Her hand turned his over slowly before she rubbed her palm over his. She did not look away from him. After this night, he knew what was going to happen between them. He knew that this was going to be the last night before everything truly changed. They would be preparing to leave. They would be going to New Jersey and then wherever else. She wanted to remember him though. This could have been some drunken thought, but Loki could not deny her.

He took a deep breath before picking his glass up finally. Alex smiled at him as she watched him down the entirety of his glass, not even forgetting the final drop of vodka. Her jaw dropped for a moment as Loki swallowed it, bringing his glass down loudly on the island. A slow grin came onto his face as soft chuckles escaped. She did not expect him to actually do that. "Now," he started to her, pouring more into his glass, up to the very brim. "Tell me of this game that you will most likely lose."

She told him with her eyes twinkling, "I never lose."

He laughed with his hand close to his mouth, looking at the piece of paper he taped to Alex's forehead. He could faintly feel his own, but he tried to ignore it as it tried to flap forward. He leaned back in the couch, puckering his lips for a moment and glancing down at Alex's cheeks that were flaming red. His eyes went up to see if he could look up to see what was scrolled on top of his own, but he couldn't see it. Squinting his eyes, he drawled out, "Am I a… a… boy?"

"Sometimes," Alex answered him, licking her bottom lip as she crossed her legs lazily. She tried so hard to not grin at Loki's weird expression on his face. On his forehead, his own name was scrolled.

"Sometimes… how's that plosible?" He slurred out. "Am I a mor—?"

"No!" She shouted at him, clearly annoyed because this was the second time he did this. She leaned forward and weakly went to slap his knee. "My—," she belched, interrupting her sentence, to which Loki shouted with glee. "Alex held her finger up, giggling in a high-pitched tone. "My turn, you."

"Cheater," Loki said to her, "You didn't give me a straight answer!"

"That was a straight answer. You can't tell the differ'nce."

"Well, I don't think it was. So, I deserve anotha."

"Nope," Alex said, shaking her head no. "Now… is I human?"

Loki moaned, glancing up at what was written on top of her head—her name. Yes, she was most definitely human. He reached out for his glass of wine that they had switched to upon her insistence before telling her, "I'd like to think so."

"Yes sir, or no sir!"

"You aren't a sir though."

"Whatever… but okey doke… human…" she repeated slowly to get what she had already.

Loki then went, continuing to sip at his wine, "Am I mortal?"

"Mmmmm," Alex hummed, her eyebrows perking up as she tried to think. Loki narrowed his eyes at her confused. "Uhhhh…"

"There shouldn't be an uhhhhhh." Loki said to her, not sure to be amused or worried. No, why would he be worried?

"Yah, but… I don't know, boo."

"What d'you mean?"

"Uhh, I'm gonna go for… no." Alex finally said to him.

"Hmmmm," Loki said to her with his finger at his mouth. Alex smirked at him, sheepishly shrugging her shoulders. Loki's tongue glazed over his front teeth before gesturing over to the seat next to him, patting it down. "You're too far."

"I likes it over here." Alex said to him, swiveling her head in a strange motion that looked like a disoriented circle. Her teeth were revealed while she laughed an infectious laugh. Loki licked both of his lips before he allowed his eyes to take her in, looking her up and down to see her curves that were shown with the dress she wore. "Now…" he brought his eyes back to hers, "am I… pretty?"

"Pretty…" Loki said to her slowly, narrowing his eyes at her.

"Purdy, yes." Loki felt her hand go on top of his knee, smoothing it up his thigh, giving it a slight squeeze. Her grin grew wider as Loki moved his leg back and forth, leaning further back in the couch. Her tongue was flicking the back of her teeth. He tilted his head at her, his eyebrow rising up suggestively. However, she did not move from where she was. "Am I purdy?"

Loki sighed deeply before bringing his hand down to cover hers, guiding it up further so that her fingers were brushing against his crotch. She might have figured hers out already. He leaned in toward her, "I don't think you like it there."

"I do not. But I don't trust ya. You'll take a' vantage of little ol' me." With that, her hand disappeared. Loki mumbled something along the lines of 'minx' but kept his smirk on his face as Alex propped her feet on top of his lap. Loki's hands went over her pantyhose-covered feet, before going to the straps of her heels. His fingers fumbled over the buckle before actually slipping them off for her. "Answer. You aren't answerin'."

He gazed at her for a moment, "Be'ond words"

At this, she had a smile with her face softening significantly. Loki dropped her heels to the ground as she held her hand to her mouth. "I know who I am." She practically sang to him.

"And whom might that be?"

"Mortal you." She answered him with a grin. Loki's eyebrows perked up at this, letting a few laughs pass from his mouth before glancing away from him. Alex raised her brow as Loki's hand covered one of her feet, his thumb brushing against the middle of her foot. She squealed, almost taking it away from him. But Loki only tilted his head at her, pulling her foot to him so she wouldn't get away from him.

"You're ticklish 'ere, too?" Loki asked her, amused. She shook her head no quickly. Loki mocked what she did, shaking his head as he puckered his lips. "You're wrong."

"Wha'? Why?" Alex asked him with her face falling, surprised. "You're a… a… that should be right!"

"I'm a… a…?"

"I can't think of the word!" Alex cried out, covering her face with her hands as she patted the top of her forehead in thought. The light smacks did little to help her.

"Might I help?" Loki asked her, chuckling. Though she shook her head no, Loki went on to say, "Beautiful?"



"Definitively not." Loki sniggered as he tried to pull her more on top of him. She didn't move away from him.

Loki offered her, "Magisterial?"

"I don't…" she trailed off, holding her hand up before admitting to him firmly, "don't even know what that word means."

Loki gave her a cheeky grin before starting to her, "It means… I'm radiant and powerful."

"I 'member my word now."


"Vain." Alex finally said to him. Loki pulled an insulted expression in a mocking way, pulling her more toward him. She said clearly this time, "You are a vain man."

Loki immediately disagreed with her, taking her foot and dragging her to where he was. She cried out, holding the pillows of where she was, but it was an awful attempt. "Take it back." Loki said to her. Alex shook her head to him defiantly before Loki tightened his jaw. However, there was no intimidating or threatening look marking his eyes. "Don't make me do it. Take it back."

She shook her head no at him again, "Ne'er."

"You ask for it then." Loki said to her before fully dragging her toward him, her hands slipping from her pillows before she was brought on top of his lap. However, Loki did not do what he first planned to do. Alex straddled him almost immediately, her knees on either side of him as her hands fell on top of the collar of his shirt. Loki had one hand on hip, the other balancing the wine glass before bringing it in between them. Alex brought her hands to cup around the brim, looking into his eyes. "I'm beginnin' to think you're taking advantage of me." He told her in a whisper as his glass was being tilted toward her mouth. Loki watched as she drank the rest of his wine. "I'm going to need more of that now."

"Mr. Grouchy now can't live without his wine." Alex said to him, giggling into the glass as Loki had let go of it so she would hold it herself. She was no longer pressed against him as she moved away from him, swaying slightly. She then moved to put the glass on the coffee table, although it almost looked like she was going to drop it. When she turned to face him, Loki had his hand on her cheek, moving his hand back to push her curly hair for the night away. "I can never take a' vantage of you."

"Hmm," Loki hummed, before feeling her lips brush against his. Loki wanted her, he wanted her badly since the beginning of the night. He could have her now. "And yet I can wit' you."

She stared at him for a moment, an almost sad look came over her face. Then, he watched her shake her head at him. "No," she corrected him, "that isn't true."

Loki's face fell at this as Alex moved her head back to look at him. He didn't know what to say at first. It could have been because his head wasn't right at that moment, so he settled for just gazing at her than having actual words to really say. "I'll go get that wine—."

"Did you mean what you said before?" Loki asked her suddenly, cutting her off. Alex stared at him confused before he went on, "At your party, you said… no regrets. Did you mean that?"

Alex bit her bottom lip before she shifted herself, going to lie down on the couch. Loki moved in the space that they had before taking her by the hip. His nose brushed against her cheek as he lay down next to her. Alex breathed in deeply, "Yes. I meant it."

"Why?" He asked her curiously.

"I don't know." Alex said to him, sounding confused. "You didn't want me to mean—?"

He shook his head immediately. "I'm curious."

Alex had a goofy smile on her face as she said to him, "Hi Curious, I'm Alexandra." Loki furrowed his brow at her as she was snickering to herself—as if her joke was actually funny. "I'm tired, though." She admitted to him, bringing a hand to his cheek. Loki's eyes went to her mouth as his hand went onto her thigh, going under the bottom of her dress.

Loki did admit to her though as his fingers found her panty hose lining. "As am I."

"Do you want to know a secret?" Alex said to him, her smile growing as Loki moved her closer to him, her mouth was soon less than an inch away from his. He felt her breath brush against him, causing him to close his eyes. It was surprising how he was not doing anything with her. Loki was tempted to not give her the chance to go on, to get rid of those absurd tights, claim her mouth as his, squeeze her, touch her, and feel her tremble and cry out underneath him. Loki nodded against her, but instead of letting her talk Loki's mouth went to her neck, kissing it softly before his tongue lapped against it. She giggled against him, feeling his fingers go under where her tights started and feeling him suck on the skin lightly. Loki pulled down her tights, his hand grazing against her bare ass as he moved to take them off.

She bent her legs for him to make it easier, and once they were off, he balled them up and threw them aside. His mouth inched up her neck, sucking on her neck further. Alex's hands fell onto his shirt before she started to unbutton his shirt. His mouth made it to hers and as he pressed his lips against hers, she murmured to him, "D'you still want to hear my secret?" Loki could taste off what she drank on her tongue as he touched it. His hand was moving up her thigh to grab her ass underneath the dress. He nodded his head against her.

His other hand slipped underneath her dress as well, cradling her back as he poised her up. She didn't say anything though, wrapping her arms around him instead and playing with his tongue. Her breath was being taken away from her. However, she somehow managed to part from him for the briefest moments, her head falling against she felt his mouth on her jawline, kissing her there tenderly. The corner of her mouth twitched up as her eyes fells shut. She started to whisper though against him, "I… I am…" her sentence fell short, making Loki look up at her confused. He leaned back, looking her over to see Alex's face fall. His head fell forward as Alex's eyes spaced out on him.

"Alexandra…" Loki said to her slowly, making her look back at him. Her eyes became glassier in the matter of a few seconds.

He looked her up and down before she held her finger up towards the ceiling. Loki blinked several times before Alex managed to slip out of his hold, and then he watched her head lurch forward. Her hand flew to her mouth as she ran to the washroom in the apartment, nearly tripping over the coffee table on the way. He watched her grip at the ledge of the doorframe before stumbling into the room. He heard something hurl out of her mouth from where he sat followed by his name being yelled over to him, sounding rather groggy.

"Comin'!" Loki called back to her, holding up his hand as he pushed himself off the couch. His eyebrows perked up, suddenly seeing the room actually spinning. Who… who was spinning this room? He blinked several times, puzzled before going to where she thought she went. There was a slight gurgling sound coming from the washroom, but the doorways to the bedroom and the washroom were merging together in his eyes.

"'Elp!" she said to him.

"Help, help is on the way!"

Loki stumbled into the room, flicking the light on. However, he did not see her. Loki looked around the room to see that she was not in this room, but he saw the bed and the dressers. It took him a moment to realize that she was in the other room. He heard coughs coming from the washroom before he whirled around, his footing almost betraying him when he stumbled to the side. He chuckled lightly, shaking his head before telling her, "Help is not on the way of the right!"

"'air!" She shouted to him.

Loki asked her, barely making it to the doorframe before swaying over to it, "You can't breathe?"

"No," she coughed. He did not know what was really going on. "My hair!"

"You don't need to do your hair, it s'fine." Loki slurred, but as he brought himself up. He heard his name again but Loki actually staggered backward, using the doorknob to stand. He held his hand up before mumbling to himself, "I'm…" he yawned loudly, and his hand was brought up to his eye to rub it. "I'm tired." Loki went back towards the bed. He ignored her calls as he stopped at her usual side of the bed and feeling gravity take its toll on him. He fell onto the bed, having the brief moment of hitting Alex's pillow before his eyes closed.

Drunk Loki was really fun to write, I must say. Inspiration for that one game they played from Sherlock Series 3! And also from T Hiddy, himself, I helped myself to his Marvel word association game video. So I hope I did drunk Loki justice lol. Thank you all for reading, and the amazing support from last chapter, honestly you guys are too kind and thank you for your condolences, they mean a lot.

Since I'm focusing more on my original story that I want to publish, I don't know when the next update will be, but this month I'm going to try and still write/update this story before July where all my time and energy will be put into that story. (right now I'm planning and doing research for it before Camp NaNo)

Hope you enjoyed the chapter and see you next time!