Ok everyone it has actually been forever since I've last done a Inuyasha fanfic! Last one sucked grrrr but I hope this one should be better…hopefully.

To Begin Again

Summary: Kagome starred down at her swollen stomach memories of the last moments she spent with him before being sent back down the well. Her friends had turned on her for Naraku somehow gaining most of the shard of the Shikon no Tama. Now here she is desperately trying to get back to him, the Western Ice Prince. Lord Sesshomaru. With one last hope she might make it, but can she reach him in time. Or die by the hands of the Hanyou and her old friends.

"Sesshomaru!" Her scream echoed throughout the forest as the silver haired full-fledged demon lord lifted her into his arms jumping her and himself out of the way of Adamant Barrage. He kept the young Miko held close to him as he landed gracefully onto the ground growling at where the attack came from. A few feet away Inuyasha stood along with Sango and Miroku all three held anger on their faces. A red ball of fear bounded out of the bushes hiding behind Sesshomaru's leg. The great lord noted that it was Shippo, Kagome's adopted son.

"What has gotten into you three? What is the meaning of this?!" Sesshormaru growled hearing the muffle sobs Kagome was trying to keep hidden by burying her face into his chest tightly gripping onto his armor.

"They believe that Kagome handed over her shards to Naraku so she could stay with you and not worry about anything. At least that's what Naraku said and they believe him all because when Kagome froze up at the insanity of his words they took her silence as shame! And not only that Inuyasha also wishes to kill her for choosing you!" Shippo hurriedly explained scurrying up Sesshomaru's leg to Kagomes stomach laying there in hopes it'd comfort her.

"Fools…the lot of them. Lets go." Sesshomaru said darkly, glaring at Inuyasha as he brought Tessaiga down the most known of his attacks racing towards the unwanted three. He ran through the trees with lightning speed and didn't slow until he knew he had lost the three ex-comrades of Kagome. For a while the traveled in silence and Shippo became worried when he noticed Kagome's eyes had gone blank.

"Sesshomaru-Sama?!" Shippo asked fear etched all through his voice. Sighing the Demon Lord finally sat Kagome on the ground propping her against a tree. Silent tears escaped her lifeless eyes as she just stared straight ahead of her. Shippo scurried off to go find wood to start a fire as the sun began to set; he could also smell Sesshomaru's other companions drawing near and decided to give the two time alone to meet up with the group. Sesshomaru reached out and cupped Kagome's cheek a bit glad to see life return to them, but it also pained him as a chocked sob escaped from her lips.

"Ses….shomaru-sa…ma…." Her voice sounded pitiful as more sobs broke free and she curled into a ball burying her face into her hands. Sesshomaru didn't know what to do and did the only thing he knew he pulled her hands away by her wrists and pinned them above her head before planting his lips upon hers. He was relieved when she slowly melted into it and he released her wrists. Kagome wrapped her arms around his neck yearning for him more. Sesshomaru slid his hands to around her waist listing her up with him as he stood then pressed her against the tree with his body pushing his clawed fingers into her hair.

"Sesshomaru…Sama." Kagome breathed out as they both parted standing there panting. Her eyes were glazed over the pleasure of his touches from his hands running down her sides flowed through her. A moan escaped her lips when Sesshomaru began trailing kisses down her neck biting softly as to not harm her. Kagomes hands trailed down his chest surprised with herself that she managed to remove Sesshomaru of his armor, even more surprised that he didn't stop her. Sesshomarus hands ran up under her school uniform lifting it off of her. Kagome shuddered from the sudden coldness that she barely noticed being lifted off the ground being forced to wrap her legs around Sesshomaru's waist.

Kagome gasped when Sesshomari bit onto her neck again one of his hands massaging her breasts. Her mind was slowly beginning not to function from the overload of pleasure she was feeling. She forced herself to focus a bit more she slid her hands through the gap of Sesshomarus shirt, she ran her hands over his bare skin to his shoulders pushing the fabric he wore over them revealing the rest of his skin. Sesshomaru had released his bite on Kagomes neck and was know tacking in her sent planting soft kisses onto the top of her head. Kagome was mesmerized tracing her fingers along his chest , leaning forward she planted a soft chaste kiss over the place where his heart was before looking up at Sesshomaru's calm face cupping his cheek with her hand leaning up to place a kiss onto his lips. She gasped when his hand ventured south his finger rubbing in between her folds through the fabric of her undergarment. She began to pant as the pleasure began building up deep inside her, she gripped tightly onto Sesshomaru's arms moans escaping her. Sesshomaru smirked beginning to rub a little faster, he loved the noises she produced when he touched her in certain ways.

"Se-Seshomaru-Sama." She begged trying to squirm with her legs but they were still wrapped around his wait immobilizing her. He only smirked using his free hand to somehow push his kimono pants down cutting off Kagomes undergarment with his claws exposing her.

"I apologize if this hurts, I will be as gentle as possible." He whispered into her ear earning a nod and planted a rough kissing upon her lips. Each of his hands grabbed under her knees pushing her legs back to spread them more giving him easier access to plunge deep into her breaking through her virgin wall. Kagome's eyes widened and she only managed to let out a painful gasp through the rough kiss Sesshomaru had her trapped in. To preoccupy her mind she slid her hands into his silver hair deepening the kiss granting him access to plunge his tongue into her mouth. Kagome focused only on kissing Sesshomaru when he began moving in and out of her. Soon the movement became less painful and pleasure ran through her. When they pulled apart the two only stared at one another each moving with the other. Sesshomaru held Kagome closer to him beginning to speed up feeling him coming to his peak, Kagome buried her face into his neck moaning out his name sending him over the edge as he finally released his seed into her digging his fangs into her neck. He wasn't surprised that Kagome had bit onto him as well. They stood like that for what seemed like forever panting , Kagome was obviously exhausted and soon Sesshomaru had them both redressed.

"Now you are forever mine Miko." He whisperered into her ear a crescent moon had now appeared on Kagome's neck where he had bit her. He had no idea what kind of mark had appeared onto his neck, but he wasn't worried about it. Kagome had managed to find an extra pair of underwear in her yellow bag and slipped them on. She smiled as arms wrapped around her waist Sesshomaru nuzzling his nose into her marked neck licking it. Shivers went through Kagomes body but she didn't mind.

"We should get back to Jaken, Rin, Shippo and Kohaku." Kagome giggled turning her head to plant a kiss on Sesshomaru's cheek.

"Of course then in the morning we should arrive to that well so you can return to your time for a bit. You still have that one shard don't you?" Sesshomaru asked lifting her into his arms again and began heading to where he smelled the others.

"I still have it, thankfully Inuyasha and the other two didn't realize I had one. I won't be staying long in my era. When I return this time it will be for good so I can stay with you" Kagome whispered shyly and when she looked up Sesshomaru's lips had descended upon hers again.

"This Sesshomaru can't wait for your return, don't keep me waiting Kagome." Sesshomaru growled playfully earning a giggle from Kagome.

"I won't be long, maybe just a few days. A week at most." Kagome explained as they reached the camp fire the two small demons giving the two looks.

"What?!" Kagome asked a blush going over her cheeks.

"What were you two doing?" Jaken asked only to get kicked into a tree by Sesshomaru who placed Kagome in his spot next to Rin.

"So does that mean Kagome is going to be a mother?" Shippo and Rin both asked, Kagome's entire face turning red as she froze in place.

"Only when she is ready. But then again it could happen when she isn't ready we will have to wait and see." Sesshomaru explained sitting behind the young miko pulling her into his lap and keeping his arms wrapped protectively around her. His warmth and steady heart beat soon put her to sleep. She didn't wake though till the next morning being carried in Sesshomaru's arms still. She smiled up at him when he had glanced down at her, but that smile soon vanished at look on his face. She instantly knew where they were when she looked around.

"Inuyasha is near by isn't he?" She asked and he only nodded setting her down but kept her close one hand placed on Bakusaiga. Kagome longed for her bow and arrows but alas they were destroyed against Inuyasha in attempt to protect herself. Shippo peaked out of her bag but soon darted down again when the image of Inuyasha appeared by the well look of hate all over his face.

"I'm shocked to see that you came here wench." Inuyasha spat his Tessaiga already wielded eyes dark with hate and held a murder intent.

"You will refrain from calling her that you pathetic half breed!" Sesshomaru spat pushing Kagome to behind him pulling Bakusaiga out and pointed it at his younger half brother.

"And what will you do about it Sesshomaru?! Do you really expect me to believe you're going to protect a pathetic wench like her?!" Inuyasha spat darkly. Kagomes hair hid the mark left by Sesshomaru.

"Then that proves you know nothing about me nor Kagome." Sesshomaru growled lowering to get ready to charge at Inuyasha if he had to. Dark clouds began to roll in and a violent wind blew around them whipping Kagomes hair about. A vicious growl left Inuyasha's throat when Kagome's mark was revealed. Inuyasha was suddenly behind her.

"MI'LADY KAGOME!" Rin and Jaken both shouted, Kagome was barely able to move out of the way in time before Inuyasha's claws could rip her to shreds. She jumped up and ran when Sesshomaru attacked his half brother. Kagome began to run towards the well knowing this was her only chance.

"HIRAIKOTSU!" She heard from afar.

"KAGOME!" Sesshomaru shouted unable to maneuver around Inuyasha to get to her, Seeing the boomerang weapon Kagome let herself drop down to the ground barely missing the attack. She instantly shot up and ran. All that ran through her mind was to not stop.

"WIND TUNNEL!" Miroku's voice rang out the pull of the wind from behind her beginning to bring her in.

"Oh no you don't! No one harms Sesshomaru-Sama's mate!" Jaken snapped jumping from the flying AhUn and used Nintojo fire shooting towards the Demon Slayer and Monk. The two backed off letting Kagome be able to reach the Bone Eaters Well. Turning back she watched as Inuyasha managed to strike Sesshomaru down hearing Rin and Jaken shout out to him as well as herself.

"Now then Kagome you will now watch as I slay your newly beloved mate." Inuyasha spat the blade to his Tessaiga turning black.

'He's going to use Meido Zangetsuha !' Shippo thought poking his head out, he saw Kagome's eyes widen fear.

"No…" She whispered out and began running back out.

"Kagome no!" Rin shouted desperately.

"Inuyasha…" Kagome shouted catching the hanyous attention to look back at her. "…OSWARI!" She screamed out, everyone froze in shock as the beads around his neck shone brightly and he was brought down to the ground. Sesshomaru was suddenly to Kagome and had her in his arms and appeared not long after by the well.

"I will come for you this Sesshomaru does promise. I'm sorry but I can't let you come back until then." Sesshomaru said sadly managing to get a hold of Kagome's shard and shove her down the well.

"SESSHOMARU!" Kagome screamed being engulfed in the blue light, tears spilled from her eyes when she found herself sitting at the bottom back in her time.

"O-Okaa-san?" Shippo asked climbing out revealing that he somehow made it through.

"Shippo?! Oh….Shippo!" Kagome cried pulling the small fox demon into her arms hugging him close to her as she cried. Shippo could only hug his adoptive mom back knowing how she was feeling the both of them were trapped in her time until who knows when.

Well there is the very lengthy prologue….yes this was only the prologue and will hopefully be the shortest of the rest of the chapters. Dunno where this is going to go or if I'm going to bring Naraku in it or not. But yea, don't hate me for Sango and Miroku going evil though they'll snap out of it….eventually.