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The group had been traveling for a few days when they finally reached a large gate made of iron and stone. Kagome and Shippo both nearly fell off of AhUn trying to lean back to stare all the way up at the top. Kohaku just stood there in shock at the massive looking gate.

"What the hell do you have to keep such a large gate?! The underlord himself?!" Kohaku asked with wide eyes.

"This is my fathers palace that I inherited, yes it is large so try not to get lost. Everyone knows who you are and to not harm you. So don't be afraid." Sesshomaru explained as the gate opened and they walked through a large palace coming into view. Kagomes mouth dropped open at the site and just rapidly blinked her eyes.

"Oh my its large." She said as they came closer the palace was easily as large as one of the tallest building in Tokyo, Japan. 'I wander if the building that stands there belongs to any descendants of Sesshomaru." Kagome thought to herself but shook the thought from her mind. Inside Kagome followed suit with Rin and slid off AhUn and caught up to her soon to be husband. Everywhere their were demon maids and butlers greeting them all most of them were giving her odd looks. She could swear she heard whispering coming from them.

'That's right I'm human and everyone believes that Sesshomaru hates humans. What am I doing here then, I'm only going to cause trouble!' Kagome thought her feet coming to a stop taking a step back, in an instant Sesshomaru was by her side his arm wrapped around her waist his other hand grabbing one of hers.

"Don't be afraid, ignore them. They will soon learn their place and who you are to me." He said resting his cheek on her forehead releasing her hand to place his hand onto her stomach, many gasps from the maids and butlers were heard when realization hit them.

"You are my mate and soon to be wife and I will not allow anyone to treat you horribly or make you feel uncomfortable." Sesshomaru said before leading her forward keeping her next to him. Kagome tightly held onto his hand as they finaly made it to a large foyer after the long entry way hallway. Kagome stared in awe at how beautiful everything looked with jade, emerald and many other beautiful stones covered the walls and floors. Sesshomaru chuckled letting Kagome admire everything. Rin also was with her since everytime he came or gone she was asleep with them only stopping by for an hour and then going off again.

"Sesshomaru-Sama how come I have never seen such place?!" Rin said in amazement, soon a maid took Rin, Kohaku and Shippo off to show them to their rooms. Kagome watched and gave Shippo a thumbs up when he looked back to her. Sesshomaru walked up to behind her wrapping his arms around her nipping lightly at her neck followed by soft kisses. Kagome panted lightly her head moving slightly to give him more access. Sesshomaru kissed up her neck slowly turning her in his arms until his mouth found hers holding her close as he kissed her deeply. It took him every bit of his control to not take her right there, but he knew he could harm the child and possibly her as well. Kagomes hands gripped tightly onto his shirt eyes hazed over once he pulled away.

"Its good to have you back Kagome. Now lets show you to our room." Sesshomaru smirked lifting Kagome into his arms again and was gone in a flash entering a room that took her breath away. Kagome stared at the massive room made of bamboo wood with a matching bamboo wood bed. The colors or light browns and reds made it comforting as she walked over and placed her hand on top of the silky covers and ran her hand along them.

"Its beautiful Sesshomaru." She said turning to him, walking over Sesshomaru raised his hand and pushed back some of Kagomes hair to behind her ears.

"Not as beautiful as you Kagome." Sesshomaru said softly the two of them just starring at one another again. They had never realized just how much it would hurt them being away from the other for even just five months.

"Sesshomaru, you do want this child right?" She asked asking the question that haunted her mind since she had first realized she was pregnant. Lifting Kagome to sit on the bed a sigh leaving his lips, he placed both of his hands onto her stomach a small smile gracing his lips.

"You, this child, Rin, Shippo, Kohaku and even Jaken are my most precious people and I don't ever want to loose any of you. For the first time in my life I have been scared because of how I almost lost you to not just you returning to your time thanks to me, but to Inuyasha as well. My threat still stands I will kill Inuyasha for his betrayal against you." Sesshomaru said laying his head onto Kagomes stomach earing a blush from her, she sat there though when the happiness left his eyes and had gone completely serious. Sighing Kagome brushed her fingers through his hair watching him become relaxed. The two of them spent hours just sitting there in each other's company.

"Sesshomaru, can we go for a walk outside?" Kagome asked biting her lip and looked to the side, she had no clue why she was being nervous, but here she was disturbing him when he was relaxed.

"Of course my love." He chuckled helping her stand and led her to the window where he lifted her into his arms and jumped from the balcony towards the ground. Kagome took that moment to finally take in everything around her, the area the gate surrounded looked as if it could go one for forever.

"Sesshomaru-Sama! Kagome-San!" Rin cheered running over from where she was playing with Shippo and Kohaku.

"Hello Rin are you having fun?" Kagome asked after Sesshomaru set her down onto her feet.

"Yea! The three of us are building a snowman, come help us!" Rin said excitedly grabbing Kagomes hand and began dragging her to where they had started building. Sesshomaru stood there with his arms crossed smiling Jaken soon joining his side.

"Sesshomaru-Sama, I've been thinking. Shouldn't Kagome not be moving this much. Yes a normal Inu pregnancy lasts 6months, but Kagome is a human. Shouldn't we be expecting an early birth?" Jaken asked looking up to his master who closed his eyes and sighed.

"Normally yes, but Kagome is stubborn and free spirited and I couldn't trap her in any way. I've got her where I can keep a close eye on her, if anything happens I won't be far to where I won't be able to reach her." Sesshomaru explained watching as the three gave up on the snowman and started a snowball fight girls against boys.

"What about her becoming demon? You've got that figured out to?" Jaken asked once more.

"Yes, I plan to mix my blood with hers during the child birth. It won't turn her completely demon but she will be immortal like me. Yes she will have some demonic side effects, but otherwise she will still be almost completely human." Sesshomaru smirked watching Rin tackle Kohaku into a large pile of snow. Kagome and Shippo began running over towards the two.

"I see, you are wise as ever Sesshomaru-Sama." Jaken said freezing up at the same time Sesshomaru went rigid, the smell of blood suddenly filled the air. Kagome's blood. The moment Kagome and Shippo reached the wrestling kids, Kagome stiffened feeling something warm and sticky run down her legs and a sharp pain running through her stomach.

"Okaa-San?" Shippo asked looking up to Kagome who was breathing heavily her arms wrapped around her stomach.

"The…..baby….something is wrong." She managed out suddenly swept off her feet.

"Kohaku, Rin, Shippo go with Jaken and get the house medic we have very little time!" Sesshomaru barked out and was soon jumped into the air towards the balcony of his and Kagomes room. The three hurriedly followed after Jaken as the entire palace filled with Kagomes painful scream.

"Jaken-San is Kagome-San going to be alright?!" Rin tears threatening to spill from her eyes.

"Sesshomaru has Tenseiga, if anything happens he will be able to save both Kagome and the baby." Jaken explained as they ran into a large room filled with medical supplies.

"Mitsuki! Sesshomaru needs your assistance Kagome-San has fallen in a painful labor." Jaken hurriedly said and the demon woman was suddenly out of the room and running down the hallway. The four could only stand there listening to the screams praying to Kami that everything would turn out alright. Kagome was in a lot of pain, that much she could tell.

"Kagome, I need you to focus." Sesshomaru snapped holding onto Kagomes hand reassuringly and cupping her cheek with the other hand.

"Move out of the way!" Mitsuki screamed from down the hallway and into the room. Neither her nor Sesshomaru exchanged any words. Pulling the bottom half of Kagomes clothes off Mitsuki began her quick examination.

"Yep it is definitely time this baby is coming whether we like it or not. Kagome this is going to be very painful for you, I don't have a clue what you've been doing but you have stressed out your entire body! Now push woman!" Mitsuki barked orders, it took everything Sesshomaru had not to kill the woman who was about to bring his child into the world.

"Don't….get snippy! Not my….fault….Inuyasha is an asshat!" Kagome panted heavily but managed to make it sound just as snippy as Mitsuki's reply.

"Okay then, now push damn it!" Mitsuki yelled.

"I AM!" Kagome yelled screaming out even more. Jaken, Kohaku, Rin and Shippo all stood outside the door listening to the screams and the curses both women were throwing back and forth at one another. Jaken and Kohaku were left in sweat drop while Rin and Shippo looked completely terrified. Four hours had passed when suddenly the screams stopped and a loud crying was heard. Mitsuki ran out so she could get the baby cleaned up barking at the four to come with her. Sesshomaru did end up having to use Tenseiga on Kagome from the amount of blood she had lost. Her life had been slipping during the entire birthing process. He never waited for her to wake up, he slit both his palm and Kagomes before taking hold of her hand lying next to her. Kagome breathed heavily and slowly she began to change, a small purple crescent moon appeared upon her forehead. Sesshomaru's eyes widen when Kagome's eyes open to reveal they have become the same golden color as his.

"Sesshomaru?" She asks sitting up, sitting up with her pulling her into his arms feeling the wound on his hand heal. Kagome repeatedly blinks starring into her hand as she felt an odd sensation. She watched as her hand instantly healed and her face paled. Sesshomaru counted down in his head knowing she was going to freak out.

"Sesshomaru?" She asked, more over squeaked just starring at her hand.

"Yes?" He answered fighting the urge to laugh. He had only seen this done a few times in his life and everytime it somehow made him laugh at the humans reaction.

"Why in the first place was my hand cut?" She asked after Sesshomaru released the hug on her.

"So I could mix your blood with mine and mine with yours." He explained stoically.

"Okay, why did my hand suddenly heal?" She then asked holding her hand up to his face, Sesshomaru let out a chuckle.

"Because mixing my blood with yours makes you immortal now with some side effects. Until I can perfect the other thing I have found this is the best I can do with turning you into a demon." Sesshomaru explained as Mitsuki re-entered the room carrying a bundle.

"I hope you're ready Sesshomaru and Kagome, but meet your son." Mitsuki said handing the bundle to Kagome who's face changed completely to happiness now.

"Hello there my little Kaiyo." Kagome smiled, the baby boy also had a blue crescent moon upon his forehead with one magenta stripe on each of his cheeks. Two dog ears also were upon his head, his hair color silver with black streaks through it.

"He's looks so much like you." Kagome smiled up at Sesshomaru curling into him. Sesshomaru smiled gently rubbing the knuckles of his fingers against his sons cheek. Mitsuki ushered the others out of the room the two new parents just enjoying the little bundle in their arms. Kagome rocked Kaiyo humming a song as she herself fell asleep in Sesshomaru's arms her world becoming perfectly complete. But in the depths of her mind she could feel something bad was going to happen. She could feel that her world was about to shatter completely.

~Six months later~

Kagome was traveling with Rin on AhUn towards Kaede's village making cooing faces at Kaiyo who was just refusing to smile, though every so often the corners of his lips would quirk. His faces would always make Kagome laugh and smile happily. Rin had been silent the entire time they had been traveling flying high in the air in the clouds. She didn't want either of them to get into trouble leaving the palace again without permission. Kagome insisted though, she wanted Kaede to meet her son regardless if Inuyasha and them were there or not.

"Kagome, Sesshomaru-Sama is going to be angry!" Rin said holding onto the reigns for AhUn.

"I know and he will get over it! I'm tired of being cooped up in that place. I miss Kaede-San." Kagome explained as they were drawing closer to the village. She could see the Bone Eaters well come into view. The feeling in the pit of her stomach grew.

"ADAMANT BARRAGE!" Inuyasha yelled forcing Kagome to jump from AhUn landing easily on the ground. Rin screamed for Kagome to hold on she was going to go get Sesshomaru, who actually wasn't too far away. He was journeying to Kaede's village to smack some sense into Inuyasha and Kagome had a plan to go see Kaede and get back to the palace unscathed. But, alas that was not going to happen.

"I see Sesshomaru partly changed you. You still smell human but you don't react like one. And what do I see here, your son has finally been born?" Inuyasha spoke in sarcasm resting the dull side of Tessaiga onto his shoulders. Kagomes anger was rising, but she had to stay in check her emotions tended to slip control and when that happened something went boom.

"Inuyasha this has to stop! Our fighting is unnecessary!" Kagome pleaded keeping Kaiyo held close to her.

"Is it now young miko?" A dark voice said behind her. Kagome froze and was barely able to jump out of the way of Naraku's attack.

"Inuyasha….What have you done?!" Kagome screamed at the hanyou she was standing right by the bone eaters well.

"He hasn't done anything, he simply doesn't realize what he's completely doing. Too bad you've only been here with your love and mate for only a mere six months. Kagome my dear that's about to end. I will make sure you will never be able to pass back through even with your tears and emotions. You will be forever without Sesshomaru to raise that forsaken child alone!" Naraku hissed suddenly in front of Kagome who kept a wailing Kaiyo close to her chest.

"KAGOME!" Sesshomaru shouted trying to reach his mate and son in time but his world slowed as he watched Kagome get shoved into the well. Her scream echoed into his ears as the blue light appeared and soon she was gone again and so was the well once Naraku finished his chanting.

"YOU BASTARD!" Sesshomaru roared charging towards the man Bakusaiga wielded. As Inuyasha finally came to his senses he watched as Naraku unleashed his Miasma and vanished before Sesshomaru could finish him off.

"KAGOME!" Sesshomaru yelled bringing his fists down to collide with the Earth. Inuyasha watched in confusion no memory of the past 11months.

"Sesshomaru….I….I'm sorry." Was all he could mutter out.

"I've lost her again, and now I've lost my son!" Sesshomaru hissed repeatedly punching the ground. RIn soon landed with AhUn already crying her fears coming true.

"Then survive for 500 years. Survive and find Kagome and your son. If you wish to kill me you can from what I can tell, I am the cause for all this." Inuyasha said walking to beside Sesshomaru.

"I will not kill you, for you and your comrades minds were being controlled by Naraku. You will help me get back to her Inuyasha!" Sesshomaru hissed standing to his feet and walked back over to Rin picking the girl up into his arms and soon vanished.

Kagome woke up on the ground to the well shrine lying there where a well should be. Tears fell from her eyes and sobs tore through her throat. She was back in her time this time stuck forever without her mate. Kaiyo laid in her arms also wailing, everything around her was shattering.

"Kagome?!" Her mother Emiko shouted running down the steps with her Kagome's grandfather in tow. Picking up Kaiyo and handing him to her father Emiko helped Kagome to her feet and out of the shrine into the house where she sat her daughter on the couch. Emiko finally notice Kagome's new appearance and only slightly smile.

"We will figure this out, I don't know how. But, we will Kagome. You just have to stay strong." Emiko said listening to her father and Sota cooing at Kaiyo who had gone very quiet. Kagome eventually stopped crying and looked back to watch her grandfather and Sota interact with her son.

"You're right, I just hope we figure this out soon." Kagome said a small sad smile gracing her lips as she stood walking over to the three hugging her grandfather.

"I'm ready for you to train me in priestess hood please." She said and so it was decided Kagome would become the next high priestess of the Higurashi Shrine.

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