Epilogue: In The End


Pools of emerald glanced up when Levi stepped into their bedroom. His inky hair was mussed up and his cheeks were red from the bite of cold in the air. "Shit, it's fucking cold out," Levi grumbled as he shrugged off the jacket he wore into the station that day. The short man shook the wrinkles out a bit before he draped it on a hanger. His quirks about cleanliness amused Eren – and they drove him crazy when it came time for Levi's weekly cleaning day, also known as hell incarnate.

"What did you expect?" Eren said with a cheeky grin, "It is the middle of winter. I mean, every weather station you looked at this morning said it was going to snow!"

"I wore two jackets on top of that," Levi growled as he loosened his deep, blue tie to hang over a door handle. Levi unbuttoned the cuffs on his shirt and stretched his arms up above his head. In that moment, Eren deeply despised the fact that Levi's shirt was still tucked in, or buttoned for that matter.

Eren set his book aside and swiftly sat up. "Come here and I'll warm you up." His voice dropped into low, seductive tones causing Levi to glance up at him, face unreadable.

The raven-haired man stood still for a moment before he stalked around the bed to stop just in front of Eren. With gentle hands, he pushed Eren down into the mattress. Sheets rustled slightly as Levi brushed his knee along Eren's side and leaned in close. He opened his mouth to say something, but he didn't get the chance to. Eren's hands twisted, one into silky black locks and the other into Levi's shirt, wrinkles be damned, as he pulled Levi down into a rough, passionate kiss that was dripping with need and want.

Eren swiped his tongue along Levi's bottom lip, smirking when Levi's lips parted instantly to let him in. His mouth was hot with the faint taste of mint lingering on his tongue. Eren was so engrossed with exploring every corner of Levi's mouth that a surprised gasped escaped him when cold fingers slipped under his shirt and gently ran along his abdomen. He hummed and shivered as the fingers worked their way higher, teasingly slow and too damn light. "Jesus, Levi," he hissed against the shorter man's mouth, "Do you not believe in gloves?"

Levi's mouth slipped away from Eren's only to graze his tongue along his jaw. "… Nope," he murmured breathily. "They're not as good as you."

A quiet laugh escape Eren as he gripped Levi's shoulder. With a smooth, practiced motion, he flipped Levi over onto his back, so he could loom over the shorter man. His pale skin was flushed and his silver eyes dark. Eren licked his lips and leaned down to latch them onto Levi's neck. His teeth dug into the delicate, porcelain flesh, careful not to break skin, but hard enough to deeply bruise.

Slim fingers tangled into his hair and tugged gently; silently showing his pleasure. Eren swiped his tongue across the patch of newly marked, tender skin before moving further down. Levi shifted a bit, pulling his neck back to give Eren better access to the pale column of his neck. As he attacked Levi's throat one hand wandered farther down. His fingers dragged down Levi's chest, along his sides and across his waist to caress the bulge of his budding erection. Levi's breath hitched as he tugged on Eren's hair again.

The chestnut-haired man only hummed and teasingly dragged a nail across the rigid form beneath the cloth. Levi's hips jerked up into Eren's hand as a low moan left his swollen lips. A smirk flashed onto Eren's face at the sound of pleasure from his stoic boyfriend and he quickly left Levi's neck. With a deft hand and skilled teeth, he started to pop button after button on Levi's shirt. As the first one came undone, he slowly unbuttoned Levi's slacks. The second button popped open and he dragged the zipper down, slow enough that Levi hissed in frustration and tugged on his hair again. "Dammit Eren, stop being a tease!"

Eren grinned up at Levi and undid another button. His fingers ran along Levi's boxers, applying a little more pressure as they went. "Damn," Levi grunted out. He raised his hips again, straining for more friction that Eren once again denied him. Another button came undone. Eren ran his hand down along Levi's length once more, earning a shudder that ran throughout the smaller man's frame and whimpers that easily reached Eren's ears, which only served to make him harder.

After a moment of struggling, he managed to pull away another button. His hand stilled on Levi's cock and he started to palm him as he pulled the rest of the buttons away. A muffled grunt escaped Levi and he gripped the sheets with the hand not in Eren's hair. Eren leaned low over Levi's chest and kissed along the base of his throat.

His lips skimmed across every scar, every mark from another time that dotted the pale expanse of Levi's chest. When he reached the last scar, he stroked Levi through his boxers, torturously slow. Levi hissed and arched up against Eren's hand, desperate for more friction. Eren dragged his tongue along Levi's chest and ran it along Levi's nipple. Another strained grunt reached his ears as Levi twitched beneath him. Emerald eyes slid up while Eren continued to stroke Levi's cock at a teasing pace.

The raven-haired man's features were scrunched up and his eyes were glazed over with lust. One of his hands, covered by his thin, white shirtsleeve, was in his mouth, preventing sounds from clearly escaping. Eren paused in his ministrations and placed his other hand on Levi's arm. Dark gray eyes slowly focused on the source of his lust, hazy and soft. "You never learn," Eren chided gently, amusement coloring his tone.

"'Course not," Levi muttered around his sleeve. Eren held Levi's eyes, darkened with pleasure, as he gently bit down on Levi's nipple. At the same time, he ran his thumb along the head of Levi's cock through the fabric of his boxers, already damp with precum. Levi twitched beneath him and clawed at the sheets, barely able to muffle the soft sounds he was holding back.

Emerald orbs remained locked on dark gray as he sucked, tugged, and bit at the hard little bud of sensitive flesh. Levi twitched and shivered with every move that Eren made while little noises escaped him; bringing a triumphant grin to Eren's face. After a moment, Eren sat up so that he was straddling Levi's hips. His hands settled on Levi's stomach, just above the waistline of his slacks.

The dark-haired man stared up at him, face flushed, eyes half lidded and slightly unfocused. Eren drank in the sight, hungry to examine the pale body beneath him. He rocked against Levi's waist, forcing their painfully hard erections to grind together. The movement sent jolts of pleasure racing up Eren's spine and he couldn't help rising up a little.

With deft fingers, he gripped Levi's slacks and boxers and tugged them down with one smooth motion. They ended up somewhere on the floor to be discovered later. "Finally," Levi murmured as he clutched Eren's sweatpants and loosened the drawstring. Eren tugged his shirt over his head and let it fall. His sweatpants joined it moments after.

When Levi reached for the waistband of his boxers, Eren drew away and leaned over to the bedside stand to find the lubricant in the first drawer. He dropped it by Levi's head, brought his fingers to Levi's mouth wear the raven-haired man took them in without hesitation. His tongue wove around each of Eren's three fingers, coating the tan, slightly salty digits thickly in saliva. The seductive manner in which Levi's tongue slid against his fingers, wrapping them in warmth and causing memories of tight heat to flash in his mind's eye, nearly caused Eren to come then and there. Levi's eyes burned bright like molten silver, never leaving Eren's as he worshiped each appendage with his sweet, hot muscle.

When Eren couldn't wait any longer, he pulled his hand away and brought thoroughly coated fingers down to Levi's entrance, feeling the extra saliva pool in his palm. He pressed his lips to Levi's shoulder as he slid his first finger in. "So tight…" he murmured into the pale skin. A shaky breath greeted his ears while a leg wrapped around his waist. Eren craved a form of contact for himself, but he ignored it and focused solely on Levi. "We should change more often," Eren purred.

He slid his finger in and out slowly, a pace Levi didn't like. He ground his lower half against Eren's palm, taking Eren in deeper. The chestnut-haired man added a second finger and curled them, raking Levi's insides. Tremors ran up and down Levi's body as the smaller man let out a wanton moan. Eren leaned over Levi to press his lips to the smooth, pale collarbone that glistened with a thin coating of sweat. He bit down as his curled fingers stroked along Levi's prostate, coaxing wanton moans and delicious whimpers out of the normally stoic male. H

arsh pants of his own escaped past his parted lips and he left Levi's collarbone alone, so he could push Levi's arm aside and attack his mouth greedily. Fire burned in the pit of his stomach, aching to be released. His boxers were too tight and his body too hot. It made him impatient. Eren added a third finger and smirked when Levi squirmed eagerly against his palm.

Fingers threaded through his hair, tugging on the damp locks. Another hand came up to claw at his back. Dull nails scraped against tanned flesh from his shoulder to the top of his boxers. The fingers left heated trails that tingled in their wake as they continued to roam. "Hurry," Levi hissed against his lips. Hazy emerald eyes met stormy orbs, darkened with desire.

Eren spread his fingers out and dragged them against Levi's walls once more before they left his heat. He sat up and Levi hastily tugged his boxers down. They hit the floor with a soft whisper in a doubtlessly messy heap. Eren didn't care and he assumed Levi didn't either when the smaller man tugged him back down for a heavy kiss. A tongue invaded his mouth and roamed along his teeth, into the corners, and against his own. Eren pressed their bodies close and ground himself against Levi.

Their cocks rubbed along each other and the sweet friction tore a soft, breathless moan past dark lips. Gentle teeth caught Eren's lip and worried it for a moment before palms settled on his chest to push him up. "Impatient much," Eren murmured with a wink as he plucked the lube from the bed and popped the cap. In response, pale fingers ghosted over his aching cock. They circled around the base and traced their way up his length until Levi dragged his thumb along the slit on the head.

"Sh-shit, Levi." Levi's hand slipped back down to rub around the base. He traced the vein back up to the head of Eren's cock, around which his fingers closed. Eren swallowed a gasp as waves of pleasure and anticipation rolled up his spine. He tried to spread some of the lube on his fingers, but more ended up on Levi's stomach.

Levi stole the bottle from his hands and let his sleeve fall back so he could drizzle some of the clear substance onto his fingers. His hand, slick and firm, enveloped Eren's cock again. Eren shivered at the contact and grabbed Levi's hips. Delicate touches, constant squeezes, and slow pulls drove Eren crazy. Levi dragged his hand down Eren's shaft one final time before letting go.

The chestnut-haired man slid back a little and nudged Levi's leg to the side. Eren pressed the head of his cock against Levi's entrance and slowly pushed in passed the ring of protective muscle. Inch by inch, the delicious, silky heat of Levi's inner walls enveloped Eren until his stomach was pressed against the back of Levi's leg. The feeling threatened to drive Eren insane from how good it was.

Eren leaned over Levi to kiss his neck and the faint scent of oranges mixed with sweat went straight to his head. Levi's panted breath stirred the dangling chestnut strands and urged Eren on. One of his hands tightened on Levi's hip while the other drifted up and caught Levi's hand to lock their fingers together. Eren rolled his hips and gave a shallow thrust.

Levi tightened his grip on Eren's fingers. "So slow…" he murmured into Eren's hair, his voice low and smooth. Another thrust, deeper than the last, brought a low moan to Levi's mouth. Eren sucked in Levi's intoxicating scent as he thrust in again, his pace a little quicker. Levi's back arched up off of the mattress. Fingers clawed along Eren's back and a sultry moan escaped Levi's throat. "F-faster, Eren." His voice was a soft cry full of unrestrained ecstasy.

Eren bit Levi's neck as he plunged back into the smaller man. Desperate, eager cries rang clear in his ears. The hand on his back raked fiery trails down his spine. His pace quickened as Eren lost himself to Levi. Pleasure ran rampant through his body. Levi tightened around Eren as his grip on Eren's hand became bruising. The smaller man's body shook as he came, Eren's name falling off his kiss-swollen lips as hot liquid painted their abdomens. Eren continued to shallowly thrust into Levi and roll his hips as the smaller male rode out his orgasm.

Whines and whimpers caressed his ears as the sensitive being below him was continually filled. The tanned man's movements became slightly erratic as the tight coil of pleasurable heat became unbearably intense and he filled Levi with his own thick seed, his lover's name gracing his lips in his moment of blinding ecstasy.

Spent, he slipped out and buried his face into the pale flesh of Levi's neck. He could feel Levi's heart thrum against his chest. For several minutes, all they did was lie there and regain their breath. Eventually, Levi's fingers twitched and started to trace patterns against Eren's back. Already tired and blissfully content, Eren let his emerald eyes slip shut. After a moment though, Levi prodded him. "Eren. Get up. We have to shower."

"Let's not," Eren murmured into Levi's ear. The drying sweat and cum might have felt a little gross, but he didn't want to move.

"Yes. Shower. Now."

Eren groaned and raised his head. Levi stared up at him, gray eyes soft. Eren shot him a lopsided grin and pecked his lips. "Fine, fine, I'll get up, but only because I love you."

Silver eyes held his for a long time, warm and steady. "I love you too, you idiot." Eren grinned as he tugged Levi up to his feet. Nothing would ever be able to change their love, so he would continue to be blissfully happy no matter the turmoil and insanity that they dealt with.


The end. The end. Oh gods I'm already crying. So much has happened in this crazy-as-fuck story like holy shit. I'm so glad I wrote this because I feel like I've grown as a writer from beginning to end, although I still have a long way to go. Cal, I couldn't have pulled this off without you, so a massive thanks to you for all the help you've been, both for writing and for helping me through a bunch of shit. You made this and my life a hell of a lot better, so thank you so damn much. Words can't even cover it and they never will, so I'll just say thanks a million for now.
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