Xander looked at the suit in awe. It was for lack of a better word, perfect. Enhanced strength, and cloaking technology. Big samurai sword and an arm cannon. And most important of all in the real word, complete body and mask after Buffy castrated him today. Xander quickly grabbed the costume and paid for it not realizing the danger it had. Or how much it would change... everything.

Willow looked around as a ghost seeing the horrors of Halloween unfold. She ran up and saw a ninja. The exoskeleton is a blue representation of a male muscular appearance with red shoulder pads, gauntlets, elbows, knees, and ankles with a white head. It also had a red light in the central portion of the facemask. "Please tell me you're not actually Gray Fox."

"Sorry to disappoint… Willow Rosenberg" Fox answered taken back looking at the other person. What the hell?

Willow nodded. "You know me?"

"Number 3 on the most wanted list. You should watch your hacking." Fox informed her lying through his teeth.

"I'll keep that in mind." Willow said in shock.

Gray Fox is looking at Willow. Most people love Buffy the Vampire Slayer, he hates the fucking show because Dr. Clark watched it while experimenting on him. Damn movie buff, but maybe after he breaks Janus' statue his memories will do whoever this poor bastard is some good. "Alright let's go save Xander, Buffy, and Cordelia."

Willow nodded and calmly walked with him wondering just how a fictional character in Metal Gear Solid knows so much about their lives. "Yeah, about Xander"

Xander looked down at the broken statue and at Buffy Cordelia and Willow. He doesn't know why but it feels like there's something he should tell Angel but it's slipped his mind since the vampire isn't here. Oh well probably wasn't important anyway. He has six years of bad things to focus on undoing screw angel for now it couldn't have been that important anyway.

Two Years Later

Xander stood in a hotel parking lot in his usual long duster since katanas are hard to hide. What the hell is he doing in a hotel in Ohio unless that stupid demon took him into an... oh crap! He's in another world damn that demon, please don't be the Wishverse. Xander walked up to the rooms and sees nothing that will be a dead give away. He sees one room that catches his interest seeing a cross nailed to the door. Xander smiled and took tools from his pocket and easily picked the lock letting him in.

Xander hears a noise from the bedroom and goes to investigate it. He hears the noise coming from the bed and lifts it up revealing a familiar friend naked spooning a pillow. Xander quickly covers the girl Buffy is going to kill him if she ever finds out about this. "So that's what she looks like naked."

Xander felt a nudge on the back of his head and Frank Jaeger aka Gray Fox knows the cold steel of a gun when he feels it. He also looks into the reflection and sees... himself?

"You're good." This world's Xander replied holding an M4 carbine rifle to his doppelganger's head.

The Halloween Xander looked at him he must have been teleported to him. "You're incredible. So you want to take this outside, no need to wake the girl."

The two Xander's exited the hotel room leaving the girl to sleep. Once outside the hotel room Halloween Xander acted fast and grabbed the Carbine and quickly sucker punched his double however the other Xander let go of the gun before he could flip him over with it and raised a handgun that was likely a glock with a supressor and a knife at him.

"Don't do that again." This world's Xander warned.

The other Xander smiled and reached into his duster pulling out a steel edged katana.

This world's Xander fired three rounds only for the Halloween Xander to deflect each bullet into the motel wall.

The Halloween Xander kicked the gun out of his double's hand and swung his sword only for this world's Xander to dodge the attack and elbow his wrist and force his doppelganger to drop his sword.

Each Xander quickly took out a knife and stared at each other for a moment as an unspoken agreement was made as each Xander dropped his knife and took a familiar fight stance.

Halloween Xander threw a punch only for the other Xander to catch his arm and slam him to the floor causing Halloween Xander to quickly pull himself back up. This world's Xander tried to kick him in the ribs only for the Halloween Xander to dodge it by stepping aside and slam him to the floor. This world's Xander quickly picked himself up and avoided another fist with one of his own hearing the knuckles collide. As both tried a round house only to kick their legs from having the same idea. The two battled for another five minutes landing some blows on each other but mostly matching punches, kicks, elbows completely blocking their attacks and ensuring mutually assured destruction. For the finale the two matched headbutts as they each fell to the floor.

Halloween Xander sat on the floor catching his breath. No weapons no bullets no ability to move yet so the two just decided to share life stories it's pretty similar except for a couple big things like girlfriends. "So, how long until you realized I was Gray Fox for Halloween? When we used CQC?"

"Probably the same time you realized I was Solid Snake that Halloween." The other Xander answered.

"I figured it out later then that." Fox Xander confessed. "I thought you were Big Boss for Halloween until you started kicking high."

Snake Xander chuckled collecting himself nearby as he got up feeling movement in his limbs again. "Yeah, well you're lucky there wasn't a minefield nearby. So what are you doing here anyway?"

Fox Xander got to his feet. "A demon brought me here if I can find it and I can kill it I can go home."

Snake Xander pointed down a couple blocks seeing a demon stalking a girl. "Is that it?"

Fox Xander nodded looking at the yellow lizard skinned demon. This whole time he's been right here. Well at least he can kill the Acathla want to be and break it's magic. It tried to force Buffy from her world but he took the bullet and tackled him through the portal. "Yeah, that's him." Even if killing it doesn't break the magic, Snake Xander's witches should be able to send him home.

Snake Xander got to his feet and collected his guns and knife as Fox Xander collected his sword and knife.

Snake Xander collected himself and saw the demon calmly walk away now that both Xanders are good to go. "So, you know who I'm dating how about you?"

Fox Xander looked at him before responding. "Buffy, we started dating after Angel left."

Snake Xander looked at him confused. He told Angel something important as soon as the spell ended... according to Angel anyway, he can't remember it. "You killed him?"

"No, I just told him about the escape clause of his curse and then he was on his way to protect Buffy."

Snake Xander looked at him for a moment and realized how they probably got together. "Fox was so tortured and brooding Buffy probably couldn't help herself. So let's go kill this thing."

Fox Xander smacked his double aside the head for that comment. "Yeah well we're happy. It was nice to meet you, other me."

"Likewise" Snake Xander replied as the two did a handshake that Solid Snake and Gray Fox created that was passed down to Otacon as their hands moved in all directions ending with a handshake as a sign of respect for each other and the men they went as for Halloween. "Now let's go kill this thing."

The twin Xanders went in pursuit of the demon to get Fox Xander home. The demon started fleeing the Xanders but with Fox in the shadows and Snake on the ground it never stood a chance.

Author Notes

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This wasn't my best.

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