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        "It's an F dad! My grade average is an F." Goten snorted. "I've given up Dad!"

        Goku's jaw fell open, "An F?! How the hell is it an F? Goten I want you to march your little butt back home and start your homework! I don't care if you go to school today,

but you are going tomorrow with that homework done and ready to hand in!" Goku lectured.

        "No." Goten says plainly

      "No?" Goku yelled, losing his temper, which was something that hardly ever happened when Chi-Chi was alive.                         

"No? Now listen here young man, either youmarch back home or I'll..."

      "You'll what?" Challenged Goten.

      "I'll drag you into the house myself." Yelled Goku, "I can't believe you Goten! What happened to you?"

      "Nothing, I grew up and realized that you don't care!" Goten screamed, going Super Saiyan 2

      Goku grabbed Goten's arm, but Goten just pulled it out of Goku's grasp. Goku went Super Saiyan 2 as well, thinking he was still stronger than his son, not knowing about the training Goten had been doing.

"Ha," Goten laughed, "You think you're still stronger than me don't you?" Goten pushed his Ki up as high as he could, becoming a Super Saiyan 3.

"Now leave me alone!" Goten growled and took to the air.

      Goku took to the air after him, planning on punishing his son, and Goku was determined and angry. He charged at his son, and Goten realizing that his father was very angry, became scared, and pushed his Ki higher, hoping to scare Goku. When Goku kept coming after him, Goten sent a

large Kamehameha at his father, hoping that would stop Goku and by him some time. But Goku wasn't ready for it.

      The Kamehameha hit a surprised Goku full force, and knocked him out and to the ground. Goten gasped and became normal and landed beside his father. Fuck! I am in so much trouble now. Goten thought. No! I'm out of here, I am not going to get in trouble for this! This was his fault not mine, he started it, if he had just left me alone, it wouldn't have happened. It's his fault, if he cared I wouldn't have turned out the way I did! Oh Mom! I am so sorry, I failed you too. I failed Dad, Gohan, you and the whole world. I know I'll run away, become someone else. Or not. Just go Goten! Before someone finds out. Go Now! And with that, Goten took to the air and

flew off under the noon sun.

      Gohan was sitting in the Satan's living room, beside Videl, going through magazine upon magazine of wedding gowns, trying to find one that Videl would like.

      "How about this one Videl?" Gohan asked.

      Videl shook her head, "Too lacy."

      Just then Gosin started to cry. Gohan walked over to him and picked him up, "Awww, what's wrong cutie? You hungry?" Gohan walked over to the diaper bag and pulled out a bottle of milk. Turning towards Videl, "Guess it's feeding time." Gohan smiled apologetically.

      "That's okay, here I'll help." Videl went into the kitchen to warm the milk, while Gohan bounced Gosin on his lap.

      "Hush, shhhh," Gohan said soothingly.

      "Here ya go Gohan." Videl said handing the bottle of milk to Gohan.

Gohan looked up and saw in Videl's face that she really wanted to feed the baby.

      "Do you want to feed him?" Gohan asked slyly.

      "Oh could I? Please."

      Gohan nodded and handed Gosin and the bottle to Videl, who sat on the couch, contently feeding the baby.

      "Gohan?" Videl asked.

      "Hmmmm" Gohan replied, he was back to looking at the magazine.

      "Do you think we'll ever have kids?"

        "Well I hope so, with out them I know you would be miserable."

        Videl just smiled and went back to the baby.

        Suddenly Gohan got the strangest feeling, at first he ignored it, but the feeling got stronger and stronger. That's when he realized it was to Ki's fighting. Then he realized who's it was, his Fathers and brothers.

        Suddenly his brothers went very strong and he Dad's became quite weak. Gohan stood up quickly, the magazine dropped to the floor, what is that idiot of a brother doing now? Gohan thought.

        "Gohan? What's wrong?" Videl asked worryingly.

        "Something's wrong at home, my dumbass brothers doing something stupid again." Gohan replied.

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