Dumbledore smirked as he popped open a beer, leaned back in the La-Z-Boy recliner he'd picked up back in the sixties, and flipped to the secondary function of the foe glass that was in the livirng-room of his rented Hogsmeade cottage where he kept the belongings he didn't want the little brats at the school breaking.

Based on past patterns, Quirrel and his master were going to be making another try for the stone this evening.

As he waited for Quirrel to make his forty-third attempt at the stone, he had the mirror play back the year's best highlights. As he took a swig of his muggle beer which was from a craft brewery and several levels above that sweetened piss that passes for beer around here, he watched Severus damn near get his leg chewed off for the third time. He should probably feel sorry for the boy, especially since he was trying to thwart Tom, but...

Thanks to a certain education standard he had to maintain when it came to the professors, his hands were tied when it came to certain staff positions, especially in recent years where there were less and less Potions Masters, and close to zero who were interested in teaching the class thanks to Slughorn's maneuverings prior to his retirement. Unfortunately, when it comes to the saying "Those that can't do teach", the converse is all too often true, and Snape could do, could do very very well, which made him the only viable choice for the position since Slughorn showed absolutely no interest in returning.

Finally, Quirrel showed up and made his attempt at getting past Fluffy. The Anti-Stun collars clearly weren't malfunctioning, and he couldn't wait until Quirrel learned the functions of the protective spells and enchantments that had been placed on the spikes and the buckles of said collars. Virtually nothing short of an Avada Kedavra was going to get past those things, and based on his projections neither Quirrel nor the parasite on the back of his head had the strength to cast one.

From Quirrel's lackluster performance this evening, it looked like he would have to get Hagrid to engage his mouth before engaging his brain in order to keep the man from becoming too discouraged. A couple kegs of this wonderful beer might do quite nicely for that, seeing as Hagrid could never shut the hell up when he was drunk. Fortunately, the man was too much of a professional to drink around the students unless it was in Hogsmeade during a Hogsmeade weekend.

Bringing in Flamel's decoy stone was a brilliant idea. For one, aside from the cheap pot shot during the Quiddich game, neither Quirrel not Tom had made a move against Harry Potter who was outside the protection of his wards, nor any of the other students for that matter and, aside from a couple disturbing incidents, watching Quirrel try and fail to get the stone was quality entertainment.

As Quirrel ran around trying to evade a now armor plated three-headed dog, Dumbledore saluted the mirror with his beer before leaning back in his chair and enjoying the show.