Sooooo this takes place on the plane right after the 20th episode of TDWT, Chinese Fake-Out. I tried to make it as consistent as I could up to this point, but that's actually the farthest episode I've watched of season 3, so if anything is inconsistent with the next episode then oh well, it's my story lol. And this IS my first fanfic in almost 5 years so please excuse the crappiness and feel free to review :) Rated T for some situations with Cody And Sierra coming soon...

Heather watched in disgust as another rat scurried across the floor. "Ugh. Dirty, disgusting, ECONOMY LOSER class…"

The three of them, Alejandro, Duncan, and Heather, sat on the hard wooden bench in the musty economy section of the plane, with Alejandro sitting between the other two. All were equally annoyed that Sierra had not only won the last challenge, but was now enjoying first class while they sat there, bored, but with tension straining between the three. The fact that they all still felt sick from the disgusting and slightly racist "Chinese meals" didn't help much. Heather had been fuming and complaining for the past hour, Duncan with his hands behind his head trying to rest and ignore her, and Alejandro mediating the occasional banter between the two. All three were also in it to win at this point- and plotting.

"Don't worry, sweetie," Duncan began , eliciting a glare from Heather. "Far as I'm concerned , you're out next."

More mildewy-smelling water spilled from the ceiling, stinking up the area even worse.

"Ew! I see some of us are more accustomed to these conditions than others, but I, for one, have class. I'm out." She knew she was supposed to flirt with him to make Alejandro jealous, but that was insanely disgusting, as well as difficult since he openly rejected her advances. Hadn't he flirted with her back in season1, even before Courtney and Gwen? Whatever. She wasn't in the mood to deal with that delinquent , cheating scum.

Before she could stand, Alejandro pointed out, "I don't know, Heather. If you're planning on sneaking into first class,I just hope you have some knowledge of what you're walking in to…"

"But CODY! It's our honeymoon! Get OVER HERE AND LET ME LOVE YOU!" Sierra's muffled cries could be heard through the thin infrastructure, as well as Cody's following cries for help, and then something that sounded like crashing and glass breaking.

Heather had to struggle to keep from gagging. "Sick. No , but anywhere has to be better than here. I've stayed in here far too many times for someone of my skill level, and I swear, it gets worse and worse every time!"

"Look, it's cute how you want her to stay here , man, but I say let her go. And as soon as possible- before she comes back and beats you later on in the game. You'll regret not voting with me soon. Just sayin'," Duncan said.

Before Alejandro could respond with some smart remark, two interns came through the door Heather was about to leave through.

"Didn't you guys get thrown out by Chris a while ago?" Heather asked nervously. Had Chris sent them over here to keep her here ? Was that lowlife Chris seriously watching the cameras live action all the time?

The one in the red shirt muttered something about legal obligations and indentured servitude while the blonde in the light blue shirt read off an index card, "Heather?"

"Um, What?"

"Chris wants you to come with us." He said flatly.

"Where?! Why?!"

Duncan rolled his eyes and began to carve the letter D into the wood with his pocketknife, "Nooo. Please, spare her," he said sarcastically. Alejandro glanced over worriedly. It wasn't often that a single contestant was singled out and taken away, and though he wouldn't admit it, he did wonder what was going on.

"No, you know what? Fine. I was trying to get out of here anyway. Take me away!" And with that , she threw her arms up and followed the two interns back through the door…Through the cafeteria… Where were they taking her? She looked back and shared a half-second long mutual gaze with Alejandro before the door slammed. She shuddered. It was times like these that she actually wished for a friend…Or better, for some idiot to be at her beck and call and accompany her on things like this. It was too bad that everyone knew of her ways and avoided her now- she'd never get back that surprise advantage from season 1. Even though that freak show Sierra was new, she just happened to know everything about Total Drama, probably more than she herself did, and she was ON the show! That knowledge could be useful, however,if she could get her to spill… But right now, she needed Cody on her side, and at least she was getting somewhere with that. Yeah, she said she'd help vote off Sierra, but after that he'd have to help HER vote off Duncan. That loser didn't even suffer through half the episodes! What right did he have to win?! AND he already won last season! No,no,no- Duncan was OUT as soon as possible.

When Heather finally finished her internal rant, she looked up and realized that she, the 2 interns, and Chris in a bathrobe and shower cap were standing by the entrance to the cargo hold.

She didn't even try to hold back and burst out laughing. "Hahahaha! Nice bathrobe and pink facial mask, Christina!" The interns tried failingly to hold back laughter.

"YOU!" Chris got up in her face and pointed a finger at her accusingly. "This is my fifth imported microdermabrasial exfoliating cleansing dead sea salt mask treatment of the night! Do you know WHY?"

"Because you're a closeted homosexual who gets off on supposedly looking good on TV and injuring us because no one loved you as a child?"

"Oh, that is it! That is IT!" Chris raged.

Heather started to wonder if mayyyyyybe she should've just kissed up instead… Chris didn't usually scare her, but she needed to WIN this competition, and Chris WAS the host. He could throw her out if she pushed it too far, like Ezekiel , even without getting technically voted off. But it was like flirting with Duncan- repulsive.

And what exactly had she done this bad? It had to be personal; Chris didn't care if she messed with the other contestants, in fact, he liked what that did for the ratings. But when you messed with him…

"Earlier today?" Chris broke her train of thought. "When you came in last in the Chinese buffet contest…?"

Heather just rolled her eyes, not wanting to potentially get eliminated. But he wouldn't do that without all the cameras rolling, right? By the cargo hold? No way would he miss out on full footage of her getting thrown out! With that in mind she gained some courage.

"Ugh! I didn't walk all the way over here to see you in a facial mask. I-"

Then , Heather realized why the interns were still there, as each intern grabbed one of her arms when they saw her about to leave. Typical, of course Chris wouldn't do the dirty work.

"What gives?!"

"YOU HAVE DEFACED MY… FACE! You don't remember? After you lost back in China, you puked all those disgusting foods directly ON MY FACE! ON it! Donkey meat, worms, and your stomach acid, all combined and sinking into the pores of my beautiful , beautiful face…" He began to rub his face and start hyperventilating.

Heather looked truly dumbfounded. "Woooooow. After all you've done to us? That was nothing! And I'm about to do it again if you seriously have a panic attack over your face!"

"You threw up on. My. Face. Whether on purpose or not, that is a major offense! I held back at the time. Family show, you know? Cursing you out would have just been edited out anyway, especially on Cartoon Network. But now-" he smiled as much as was possible with the thick facial mask beginning to harden- "Heh. Do you remember something else that I told you guys, back in the beginning of the season?"

Heather instantly recognized the evil smirk on his face- the one he made whenever someone was about to get hurt. She gulped …She didn't like how she was all alone here and how it wasn't likely that anyone was looking for her. For once, she didn't say anything, only glaring rather intensely at Chris.

"You know, when I was giving the tour of the plane. How I didn't need to show you the cargo hold or galley cuz later I'd 'accidentally lock you in them.' Well, I think now is a great time for us to try that! Fun, right! Heh heh…"

She could've tried to fight back or scream in defense, but instead she found herself saying, "Lock? But it didn't…"

"Oh," Chris laughed, "I see you've been here before. With Alejandro, eh? Just what do you guys sneak in there to do? Ha ha… It does lock, though, and remember that there are cameras in there! Throw 'er in, interns!"

The interns then let go of her arms , opened the door and pushed Heather down the stairs to the dark, cold cargo hold.

"Aghghghg! UGH! I should get Courtney to help me SUE YOU! You can't do this to me!" she yelled as she dashed back up the stairs.

"MY show! Heh heh. I'll let you out when I think you've learned your lesson about respecting your host. Be happy you're not eliminated!" He yelled down, slamming the door right before Heather got to it.

"SCREW YOU!" Heather screeched through the heavy door as she yanked up and down on the locked knob.

"And I doubt Courtney would help you!" Chris yelled back teasingly. "Is there anyone on this show who can stand you?! Okay, interns, go warm up the hot tub…" And with that he walked away, leaving Heather locked in the cargo hold.

Heather kicked the door hopelessly. There was one person…maybe. If not, well, there wasn't much she could do. She sat down on a step, looking down at the maze of boxes…

A shadowy figure with a beanie then seemed to pop up from one of the boxes, only to quickly jolt back down.

"Wha- What the hell!? What- Who else is down here? Hello?!" her voice echoed into the large storage room.

In response, the figure growled.

"Wonderful." Heather groaned as she held her knees to her body. "When I get out of here, I swear… that socially deprived sadistic nobody is going DOWN!" She punched the door again. "But someone will come get me, right?"