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Heather landed on the metal floor with a painful thump and heard the door slam and lock in front of her as she faced the ceiling, lying down.

"Ouuuuuuuuuch…" Heather had landed rather forcefully on her butt after being thrown out by Sierra .

Talk shit, get hit, I guess. That's what I get for being nice and trying to work things out between those two! Both obsessed with someone and it's not each other, what a sad ,pathetic love story.

Heather slowly heaved herself up and groaned, her back and butt stinging painfully. Almost as pathetic as being thrown away like some useless garbage, ditched, then thrown away again. When I'm mean, everyone hates me. I'm nice, well then, I must be faking it. Apparently everything I do is wrong, because I'm Heather. I can't wait to get my money and leave these assholes.

Heather walked back to economy class and opened the door. Duncan was lying down asleep on the bench, and Alejandro was mysteriously absent. Yeah, he BETTER run! Heather plopped down across from Duncan and laid down on her side, fuming silently. How dare he! Save her only to ditch her, get her hopes up only to ruin them. Like she was as gullible as Courtney or Bridgette or Leshawna, the same as all of them. It almost surprised her that Alejandro, who'd gotten so many people out by knowing their weaknesses, would seriously assume that she wasn't any smarter than the rest of the girls. Shouldn't he know her better than that…? Shouldn't he have tried?

"WAKEY WAKEY, final five !"

Heather slowly opened her eyes to see sunlight coming in through the plane windows and Chris in the middle of the room yelling far louder than he needed to.

With her back still aching just as bad as last night, she only looked around without bothering to lift her head. There was Duncan, rubbing his eyes, and then glaring intensely at Chris. No Alejandro…? Heather sat up to see Alejandro sitting a good inch from her head, so close she almost bumped her head on his arm when she sat up.

"Buenos días, mi-"

"Say amor, and I will maim you," Heather pointed at him threateningly.

Alejandro smiled smugly and finished, "-Chica?"

Heather growled at him, but then looked worriedly at Chris. Chris looked at her, then Duncan, then winked at her. "I like it. Love triangles make for killer ratings! Any response, Duncan?"

Duncan looked confusedly at Chris. "Say huh?"

"Keep it up," Chris smirked, "And then meet in the dining room in 10 for breakfast, and I'll announce the next challenge" he said and then left.

"The hell was that all about?" Heather mumbled. Chris not only didn't mention her being out, but winked at her and Duncan…? Weirdo.

Alejandro yawned, then got up , "It seems like you'll be okay… for today," and offered Heather his hand.

Heather smiled and took it, got up…and pulled her leg back, and kicked Alejandro in the crotch as hard as she could.

"AUGH! Coño- …" "Ah ha ha! Right in the cojones, eh, Alejandro ?" Duncan laughed.

"Who the hell do you think I am, Alejandro?! I'm Heather, and NO ONE treats Heather like crap and gets away with it!"

Alejandro hunched over in pain and Duncan laughed hysterically at the scene, saying, "Wow Heather, I knew you were a bitch, but is that how you're gonna thank the guy? He was practically begging me to pick the lock to get you out!"

"Yeah, I'm sure. Did you also know that when Chris heard us, he took off? Just another one of his schemes, that's all it ever was. "

"Chris didn't seem like he really cared," Duncan pointed out.

Alejandro glared at Duncan and took Heather's hand again. "I think we should discuss this, Heather…" He looked again at Duncan, "alone."

"Fine," Heather agreed, if only so she could berate him some more, and get away from Duncan watching them . "And I wouldn't be laughing so hard over there Duncan, your ex has kicked you in the balls so many times, it'd be a miracle if you could still have kids," and with that she left with Alejandro into the cafeteria.

"So what's your bullshit excuse? Trust me, I want to hear all about it," Heather angrily questioned Alejandro.

"What's the worse that could have happened? Chris never would have let such a fine player just leave the show." Alejandro moved his hands around her bare waist.

Maybe wearing this crop top wasn't the best idea…?Like it's my fault Chris makes us wear the same thing every day.

"Just…Stop doing that while I'm talking to you!" Heather grabbed his hands and pushed them away. "What, are you trying to seduce me into saying it's ok?"

"I was..."

Heather dug her nails into his hands,

"At first."

Heather let go of him and put her hands on her hips. "What do you mean?"

"At first you were just like everyone else, but I found your resistance rather … enticing."

Heather scrunched up her face in disgust.

"See, like that right there! But I think you grew to like me too," he said and gently put his arms around her waist again, and this time she let him.

"So why would you leave me then?"

"Believe me Heather, I was helping you the whole time. Like Duncan said I even got him to pick the lock, though begging is not exactly the right word. And…I also told Chris you were hooking up with Duncan."

"You said what?!" Heather laughed. "As IF!"

"So he'd let you stay! I know your flirting with him was in no way real…right?"

"Hm, I dunno…But since it seems to really bother you I should keep on just for the hell of it," she smirked.

Alejandro smiled and leaned closer to her, "And I know that you of all people could've dealt with it, or got away from that pole, or resisted. Because you're different. You and I are the only worthy opponents in this game anyway. "

"Got that right, " she sighed and rested her head against his chest. Alejandro ran his hand through her hair, both annoying and comforting Heather. She wasn't sure if what he was saying was really true, or why Chris was letting her off the hook, or why she was letting Alejandro touch her. But she knew she was his equal match , different from the rest. And that would give her the strength to keep pushing on and not give up- especially not now.

"Sooooo- we're fine?" Alejandro asked.

"I guess we're fine for now," she looked up at him and smiled in a rare moment of warmth, but continued, "but I hope you know that if we get to the final two together-"

"You mean when? You're the only person that'll last that long besides me."

"When we get to the final two together, I will not hesitate to whoop your ass! I've been on this game way too long to not get anything out of it. Plus I just wanna whoop your ass."

"Same…That's my Heather."

Heather, with her arms around Alejandro's neck, leaned her head closer and closer to his until she heard clapping in the room and they pushed each other away.

"A-dorable!" Chris clapped, "Now how do you feel about that Duncan?"

Heather looked around the room to see Duncan shrugging and picking up a breakfast tray, Sierra and Cody staring, Chef rolling his eyes, and Chris looking at them both eagerly.

"What, when did you guys…?!"

"Around when Alejandro was talking about how special you are, ha-OUCH!"

Sierra smiled as the tray she threw whapped Chris in the head. "Heehee! Alejandro and Heather are like the perfect couple, just like me and Cody-kins! Let them have their quality time!"

Heather and Alejandro glanced at each other awkwardly.

"Oh, we will," Heather said, "in the last episode, once,"

" I win the million," they said together. And with that in mind, Heather grabbed her breakfast satisfied, and brainstormed on how to make just that happen.