As Humans and Digimon themselves know it, this Digital World and Human World have always existed separately.

Despite the growing existence of those who would call themselves 'Digimon Hunters , Only few have immersed themselves in this World.

There are few who truly understand its nature; as it should be.

This Digital World is a complex world, you see.

It bears many histories, and exists in other realities– Different in comparison to each other, yet all of these tell the same tale.

Do you know the story of the Legendary Heroes of the other Digital Worlds?

Perhaps... If not, this one will tell you another time in detail.

For now:

The stories of these children who have inherited courage...

These are tales of children who grow in the face of adversity –

Humans and Digimon, who adventure into the unknown.

Those who would dream of the future.

Those who conquer their frontier...

... And those who chose to fight brandishing nothing but their resolve.

These Children, crested, colorful, chosen, and courageous...

The Digital World and its troubles provided the trial to adulthood, and we Digimon honor these heroes for helping us in our time of need.

Beyond the tears, surely, their examples of bravery inspire we Digimon to move forward as they have done.

These children, are undoubtedly heroes.

However, you see... this saga, truly has yet to meet its end.

Its legacy continues by those who follow in their footsteps.

The tale you will read belongs to those who have won the Xros Wars;

Familiar with that, are you?

The story of a young child who dreamt to become a King that could protect the happiness of others.

But, it should be said, that his tale is shared by those whose hearts were united under a single flag.

That is, to simply say-

Xros Heart.

... Ah?

You know that name?

Forgive this one for having digressed.

Allow this one to turn the page, and let their story unfold anew...

A tale of one who walks the path of a true king, and those who would walk that path alongside him.