Avery has been secretly smoking for a while now nobody knows not even stan and he knows everything about her Avery is stressed about a lot of things she broke up with her boyfriend Dustin and she thinks she might be bi cause she has been having feelings for nicki her friend and her neighbor and her brother has a crush on her too avery doesn't like to talk to her mom about things smoking is the only thing that gets her through its 7:00AM and Avery is getting ready for school she puts her books art stuff and her cigarettes in her bag Avery mrs Jennings yelled Avery jumped and stuffed the cigarettes in the back pac hi mom whats up Avery asked why are you acting weird mrs Jennings asked im not Avery said well come down and eat breakfast mrs Jennings said as she closed the door Avery sighed in relief of her mom not seeing her cigarettes down stairs as mrs Jennings was getting breakfast ready someone knocked on the door as mrs Jennings got to the door it was nicki oh nicki hi Avery and Tyler are getting ready for school um forgive me for asking but shouldn't you be doing the same yeah but my family and i are going on vacation to see my relatives