Long Live the King

Our father doesn't love us.  Never has never will.  It's a truth we've come to except.  Probably because we've had to live with it all our lives.  You may not believe me when I say this, but it's something you can get used to, and we have.

But maybe we should start at the beginning.  You see, our father is a megalomaniac.  He's wanted to take over the world since before we were even born.  He's always had these delusions of grandeur, but who are we to kill a man's dreams?  Besides, he is our father.

But, I digress.  You see, when our father was in his early thirties he finally decided that he needed an heir to carry on both his name and his dream.  He seduced a woman into believing he loved her.  But our father has never loved anyone, except himself and that dream of his.  Maybe if he'd had a son he would have loved him.  That's what he was hoping for, a male heir.  What he got, when our mother gave birth wasn't a son.  And if isn't bad enough to get a daughter, our mother gave birth to twins.  So instead of having a son, our father has not one, but two daughters.

We're lucky he didn't kill us.  Knowing our father, it's a miracle that we're still alive.  He even let my mother live so that she could raise us.  We were trained in as many fighting styles as possible.  Our father can't have weak offspring.  And our minds were trained to the max.  There isn't anything that we don't know.  We were trained in all kinds of sciences, we know just about every language there is to know, we can hack a computer faster than you can say "world domination."

But, it will never be good enough.  No matter what we do, he will never give us any encouragement of any kind.  Okay, every once in a while just to keep us going.  But both my sister and I know that he doesn't mean it.

Of course we didn't even meet him until we had become of legal age.  Then, he did kill our mother and took us to use as tools in his plan to rule the world.  He's had many of those.  Plenty of them have almost worked.


You see if it weren't for the Quest Team maybe my father would be ruler of the world.  But those Quests get in the way every time.  I don't see how, maybe it's the fact that they're a close-knit family and use teamwork.  So do we, but the Quests have been doing it for a lot longer.  They've had more experience.  And they have something we don't.  Love.

But we're damn good actors.  Our father knows that we can't let the Quests see that we aren't the loving family we pretend to be.  If they knew they'd be able to defeat us in a heart beat.  "Divide and Conquer" could even be their motto.

Who knows?  Maybe someday the Quests will win the ultimate battle and my father will die.  And my sister and I will finally be free.  Then again maybe it will be the other way around and my father will live out his dream.  If that happens who knows what will happen to my sister and me.  He could end up killing us because our usefulness has expired.  Or we could live on to become the heirs to his throne.

Until that day comes, either of them, we'll just be stuck doing our father's dirty work.  Long live the king.

The End