My first ever attempt at an avengers fic. Sorry if characters seem OOC.
Obviously I don't own the Avengers or any Marvel characters.

Don't really have a plot planned out for this just an idea for an ending and the desire for some Pepper, Loki interaction. So updates may be all over the place as I'm a serial procrastinator. So hope for the best *fingers crossed* and hope you enjoy.

It was not often that Pepper Potts and Tony Stark got to spend quality time together. Between her work schedule as CEO of Stark Industries, and the avengers there was rarely room for 'them' time. So it was just her luck that when they finally had an evening to themselves, an evening involving penthouse views, rose petals, over one hundred candles, a three course meal and Dum-E as personal waiter (Perhaps not the best idea). That a certain crazed god of mischief decided to suddenly appear by Tony's personal bar, alarms blaring.

To her relief there was no epic battle like the one a year ago and Tony wasn't thrown out any windows. Naturally everyone was suspicious at the villain's willingness to comply to tony, in his armoured suit of course. Who took him down to the newly installed cell in the sub basement. Especially after his little stunt the first time the god willingly let himself be caged. It was an understatement to say the avengers were not pleased when the god of thunder arrived two and a half hours later to warn them of his brother escape.

Loki hadn't spoken a word since he arrived and was not at all pleased to see his brother. The plan was for Thor to take him straight back to Asgard unfortunately just as they were about to head down and fetch the troublesome god. The avengers where summoned for an urgent mission in Africa that would take three weeks. A mission that was in fact so important that the director had shouted "I don't care if you're wearing nothing but your piss stained jocks from last Tuesday, get your ass over here now!" Before a single word even had time to leave Tony's mouth, cutting the line instantly afterwards.

And in an attempt to cut stress they decided to leave Furry out of the loop on the whole Loki situation.

He spent the first week just sitting there on the cot, the only movement being the rise and fall of his chest as he glared into the hidden camera in the corner. How he knew it was even there, Pepper had no clue, obviously there were surveillance cameras monitoring his every move but the fact that he found its exact location instantly was more than a little unnerving.

Dum-E would bring the god food twice a day, placing it on the corner table and leave again. Returning an hour later to retrieve the plate giving a small disappointed whirring sound each time he removed the untouched meal.

After one full week of the God refusing to do anything but glare into the hidden lens. Pepper decided it was up to her to do something. Yeah Tony would no doubt go ballistic when he found out. After all he had been very adamant that she go nowhere near the god. In fact he had gone as far as to warn her not to even look at him through the video feed. As if he was some sort of twisted creature that would come crawling out of the screen like in some Asian horror movie.

But as much as she would rather have nothing to do with the imprisoned god. She wasn't about to let him starve himself to death on her watch. There was no way in hell she was going to tell Thor his brother had died when she was the only one in the tower to look after him. She didn't doubt that she would be the unfortunate soul to get stiffed with the unbearable job of informing the god. Just like she gets stuck with all the other crapy jobs Tony doesn't want to do himself. Steve would most likely volunteer to be the bearer of bad news but she just wouldn't feel right dumping it on him if she was the one at the tower with the prisoner.

And so she found herself standing in the elevator headed for the sub basement that contains the god proof cell. At least Tony had assured everyone that no-one could break out of his super containment cell not even Thor himself. Thor had been quick to take to that challenge, luckily it only took the genius billionaire half an hour to talk the blonde god out of trying to demolish his just finished cell. And yes even thought Stark tower was the size of the Empire state building if not taller and yet it apparently still required several sub levels as well.

The trickster didn't even acknowledge her presence as the elevator doors opened with a ping announcing her arrival. He just continued to glare at the exact spot he had been focusing on all week. Thought admittedly it was a lot less menacing then it had been to start with.

Okay so she was down here now what? She hadn't really planed this out before marching down here. Introductions? That's how normal people start conversation with people they don't know yet right? Surely the same rules apply even with deranged demigods who try to take over the world. 'I hope.' Pepper mentally crossed her fingers.

"Hi, I'm Virginia Potts. Thought most people call me Pepper. And you're Loki right? I mean duh of course you are, practically everyone knows who you are... aaand you obviously already knew that I know who you are... And that was really stupid... Heh." Pepper blurted.

'Oh god what was that? Could I be any more awkward. He probably thinks I'm a complete idiot. Come on Pep you run Stark industries, you can do this.'

And apparently that blabbering mess wasn't even worth the dark-haired mans time. He didn't even so much as twitch a finger.

"You haven't touched your food." She tried again. This time however she got a response.

"How very observant of you." Loki drawled. Not taking his eyes from the spot on the wall.

Pepper crossed her arms with a huff. "You haven't eaten a bite since you got here. And I'll have you know I take time out of my busy schedule to prepare those meals just for you. I even added mint to some of your evening meals."

Okay that was a lie. Most of his meals were microwave meals, but she had cooked one or two of them.

"Let me guess, that was that idiot Thor's idea." Loki replied turning his head to look at her.

"He said it was your favourite."

Loki scoffed at this. "A had a horse when I was young that favoured the smell. It had a bad leg, I added the sent to the balms and ointments I used on her. So my room smelt a bit minty that doesn't mean I love it. I can't stand the taste."

"Oh, sorry, I'll make you something else." The strawberry blonde apologised as she sent Dum-E to retrieved the plate of food on the table. As she got into the lift the god spoke again.

"I do not eat because I choose not to. Not just because it has mint."

Pepper was back a few minutes later and Dum-E whirled into the cell with a plate of last nights roast. The god glanced towards the plate but didn't make any attempt to move.

"You haven't eaten all week, you've got to be hungry." She spoke from the other side of the reinforced glass that according to Tony was a strong as diamond. She got nothing in return, not even the slightest acknowledgment that he pay her any attention. He was being stubborn and quite frankly rather childish, But she had been dealing with Tony Stark for years now, so she was used to stubborn children with over inflated egos because two-thirds of the time that's just how the genius, billionaire acted, like a child.

"Come on at least taste it." She tried.


"Just a few bites."

"I will not be ordered around by some mortal woman." Loki snapped. Turning his attention to the strawberry blonde.

Pepper sighed. "I'm not ordering you to do anything I'm asking. Please just try to eat some, surly even gods have to eat."

This just gained her an eye roll and a snide remark. "Obviously. Every living thing needs some form of sustenance to survive."

"Oh my god, really? I had no idea." Pepper over dramatised an expression of shock. Voice dripping sarcasm. Virginia Potts was most certainly not above acting like a child. She could be persuasively irritating when she wanted. At times it was the only way to get Tony to show his face at one of the more important board meetings. Though getting frustrated stalking off and ignoring his calls for the next few days often worked just as well.

And the glare was back. "Please, I don't know how long you Asgardians can go without food. But this can't be healthy."

The trickster flopped back heavy on the bed, rolling to his side and turning his back on the women to signal that the conversation was over.

"Oh very mature." Pep scoffed folding her arms over he chest. She stood there in silence for two full minutes before throwing up her arms in defeat. "Fine have it your way!" She exclaimed storming back to the elevator.

About five minutes after the strawberry blonde left The dark-haired demigod walked across the room, sitting at the corner table and cutting off a bite sized chunk of roast with his plastic utensils. Though it was in no way for the sake of that woman. Not because she had asked nicely and certainly not because she had pretended to care about his wellbeing. No, Loki chose to eat it because he was hungry. Absolutely nothing to do with Pepper's false concern.