Heisenberg's funeral came and went without much fanfare. The only family members to attend were Skyler and Holly. The rest of the congregation puzzled together with national and state media. Media trying to conjure up one last sensational Heisenberg story for ratings before the media blitz finally sputtered out.

In the back of the room lurked a familiar face. Disguised to the crowd and holding the hand of a young Latino boy.

Skyler had recognized Jesse but looked the other way and did not make contact. Jesse had worried about attending the funeral and attracting attention; especially after having kidnapped Brock.

Jesse had to say good-bye. The last time the pair had met Walt was bleeding out at the Nazi death camp as Jesse sped away from the chaos. With all that had happened over the past two years such a sendoff did not seem appropriate. This was the one time when Mr. White wouldn't be able to hurt him. Walter was stuffed into a run of the mill casket. A casket reserved for wards of the state and not might drug-lord kingpins.

Jesse shuffled up to the casket. The rest of those attending the service had begun to shuffle out. The casket was open. Reality smacked Jesse right in the face. "There lays the menacing figure which took 30 lives and negatively impacted countless more" Jesse thought to himself. "Not so scary anymore". It felt like the cold grey corpse of Walter White was smiling up at Jesse.

Thoughts spiraled out of control as Jesse attempted to compose his farewell speech to Mr. White. Brock jostled from side to side as much as any anxious young boy would in an uncomfortable situation. Brock didn't realize it at the time but the man lying in the casket was responsible for his mother's death. Someday Jesse would explain the entire situation to Brock, but that day was not anytime soon. Right now Brock would just focus on growing up.

The words were tinged with calamity and chastity. Mr. White could never be forgiven for Jane but was the whole situation entirely his fault? Jesse introduced him to the life. Jesse had plenty of regrets. Its true Walt was a megalomaniac but there was also a compassionate side of Mr. White. A side that loved Jesse like a father; more so than his own father. A side that loved and attempted to support his family by any means necessary. Such sentiment should still be respected.

Jesse knew the heat would be fast approaching and that he couldn't stay concealed much longer. Jesse reached into his pocket and clasped onto one of his AA sobriety chips. He flicked it into the casket.

"Goodbye, bitch."

Jesse and Brock walked out of the church. Ready to avoid the past and ready to start a new life. Jesse's first task: To cook a batch… A batch of cookies for Brock.

The end.