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Part 1

I love October. Cooler temperatures, football, and the smell of apples and pumpkin spice everywhere you go make the fall season my favorite. It also signals the beginning of the holiday season, which is, by far, the busiest time of year for me.

It's also the most fun.

My sister, Alice, and I took over our parents' business a year ago and, after making a few changes here and there, the bakery has become even more successful than it was before.

Yeah, that's right. I co-own and work in a bakery. 'Cullen's Confections', to be exact. My friends like to give me shit for smelling like sugar all the time but I don't care because, since I started working in the store, my weekends are never lonely. They have no idea how sensual baked goods are and I'm not about to let them in on my secret.

You'd be amazed at the pussy that gets thrown my way now. Women love their sweets but they love a man who can bake those sweets even more. Not that I'm a man-whore, mind you. I don't fool around with the moms who come in to order birthday cakes for their kids or anything, and I damn well don't tap the granny asses who like my handmade cinnamon rolls with their coffee every morning.

But the hot, young sorority girls buying cake pops for their new pledges? Yes.

Sexy career women who treat themselves to a stress-reducing salted-caramel brownie at the end of the day? Yes, yes.

Flexible yoga instructors sucking the cream out of our famous eclairs on their diet 'cheat' day? Yes, yes, fuck, yes.

As I stroll through the front door of the store, I smile as the aroma of cinnamon and sugar waft over me. A change in the season means a change in flavors and I look forward to more customers checking out what we'll be offering for the next couple of months.

Summer is our slowest time of year. Most people try to stay away from baked goods when their attire is mostly made up of swimwear but we still stay busy with birthday parties. Once the pink lemonade cookies are gone and the apple cider muffins are on display, things start perking up quite nicely. There are more clothes being worn but that just adds to the mystery I love so much.

While bikinis and tank tops are fun and easy, I prefer unwrapping a woman, like the gift she is. Soft and curvy under her sweater and leggings and wearing pretty, lacy things normally hidden by cashmere is my absolute favorite. The more layers a woman has on, the more time I can take teasing her, slowing building the passion within her so that she practically comes just from my tongue flicking her nipple for the first time. I've also been known to use scarves in interesting ways but that's a story for another day. Right now, I have to get the store set up for tonight.

A few months ago, Alice and I started what we call our "Shake and Bake Night" and it's been a huge success. Every Saturday night we hold a baking class in the back of the store, which isn't unusual for a bakery to do. What sets our class apart from others, though, is that we offer beer and wine with our lessons and play club music the entire time. Throw in a couple of disco balls and you got yourself a party!

I wave hello to Bree, one of our part-time employees, and the few customers milling about the front counter as I make my way to the back. Kitchen islands big enough of groups of four are set up throughout the room and surrounded by bar stools. I see that Alice has already laid out the baking equipment and ingredients we'll be using so I start moving the beer and chilled wine from the walk-in refrigerator to the makeshift bar we have in the front corner. Being able to freely walk around and grab a drink whenever you'd like adds to the party feel but we like to keep the drinks simple. Besides, we don't want anyone getting shit-faced. I know from experience what a big no-no drunk baking is and I have the scar on my left ass-cheek to prove it.

Don't ask.

"Edward, is that you?"

I put a case of beer down before looking around the room, searching for my sister.

"Yeah, Alice. Where are you?"

"I'm behind the mirror, trying to get plug in the stereo. Help, please!"

In the front of the room, is a long table where Alice and I teach the class. It's set up just like a real work area with plenty of counterspace and a working sink. Behind the table is a framed mirror on wheels that is the same length of the table. This is used so that our 'students' can see what we're doing from all angles. It also allows the ladies to checkout my ass, apparently, but I'm not complaining.

It's behind the mirror that I find my sister reaching for an electrical outlet that her short arms will never allow her to reach. I take the plug out of her hand and quickly plug it in before helping her up.

"Why are you so hard-headed?" I ask. "You know you can't reach that plug. Why do you even try?"

"Because we have a very important group coming to our cupcake class tonight and I want everything to be perfect! You weren't here yet so, I was trying to do it myself!" Typical Type A personality, that girl. "Do you remember Rosalie Hale from high school?"

An image of tall blonde floats through my brain and I nod my head 'yes'. Rose is Alice's age, a year younger than I am, so we weren't close but I know who she is.

"Well, she's engaged to a big-shot lawyer named Emmett McCarty and she's bringing her maid of honor and bridesmaids tonight. If all goes well, we could be hired for the wedding reception!"

"That'd be cool" is my response but, apparently, it's not good enough.

"Ugh, Edward! Baking the groom's cake and wedding cake for the Hale/McCarty wedding would be huge for business! We're talking 500 guests, at least!"

"Okay, okay, Ally! I'll be on my best behavior so that you can bake for the wedding of the year," I promise her while pinching the apple of her cheek.

She repays me by flicking my ear lobe. "That means, no hitting on her wedding party!"

I clutch at my heart in mock surprise. "Now, dear sister, you know that my flirting is what keeps the ladies coming back to Shake and Bake. The lessons are just the . . . icing on the cake."

"Yeah, well, I better not ever hear of you using my icing on any of your conquests, " she yells over her shoulder while walking to the front of the store.

Hmmm . . . I can't believe I've never thought of using icing before . . .

I put my perverted thoughts aside and finish getting the room ready.

Thirty minutes later, the room is set up perfectly and Alice is greeting our students for the evening. The drinks are served and the music, while not blaring, is certainly loud enough to get everyone in a festive mood without making it difficult to hear people talking.

I walk up to each lady and introduce myself, welcoming them to Shake and Bake, before grabbing a mic that fits over my ear and stops just in front of my mouth. My genius sister bought us these mics a few weeks ago and they've made these classes so much easier. Not only can we talk and bake at the same time, we can now walk around the room and interact more with our customers. I feel like a damned rock star, strutting around with this thing on.

We allow the ladies to grab more drinks before getting settled into their seats and putting their Cullen's Confections aprons on. I'm just about to start the lesson when I spy a cutie trying to sneak in.

"Come on in, honey!" I greet her. "We're just getting started so find a seat and put on an apron."

Her face is immediately covered in the most beautiful blush I've ever seen and I almost feel bad for embarrassing her. Instead, I'm intrigued and wondering just how far that blush travels. My eyes follow her as she sits right next to the future Mrs. Emmett McCarty and whispers that she's sorry she's late. Rosalie simply rolls her eyes at her friend and slides a glass of wine in her direction.

Once the woman is settled, I introduce Alice and myself again before letting my sister start the lesson. While Alice is describing the caramel apple cupcakes we'll be making, I take the opportunity to look at our latest guest a little more.

Her mahogany hair is pulled up in a ponytail and she's nervously biting her bottom lip. There's something familiar about her and I find myself slowly moving closer to her table. I can hear Alice's voice but I'm not paying any attention to what she's saying. For all I know, she could be telling them something embarrassing from my childhood but I just can't seem to give a damn.

The object of my curiosity is sitting with her forearms on the table, which pushes her tits up quite nicely. This, in turn, causes my dick to stir in my pants and, I know I need to focus on the lesson, but I'm simply finding zero fucks to give right now. I vaguely recall Alice saying something about me not flirting with any of our guests tonight but my promise to obey is thrown out the window when my vision lands on the woman's delectable ass. My fingers are twitching to grab onto it and pull her to me when I hear a throat clear.

My eyes fly up to see the mystery woman looking right at me.

Holy shit.

I'd recognize those chocolate brown eyes anywhere.

Bella fucking Swan.