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Part 3

I leave the pantry and turn the music and party lights off before I start collecting the various pieces of trash at all of the work stations. There are a few beers left, so I put them and the remaining bottles of wine back in the fridge, keeping one beer out for myself.

I'm leaning against my work table, taking a pull from my beer, when I hear the bell on the front door ring. Assuming it's Alice coming back for something she's forgotten, I don't move from my spot. When I see Bella Swan walk quietly through the door and stand a few feet away from me, I still don't move because I'm too shocked to do anything. At this point, I could very well be hallucinating, which would be another great excuse for not moving, so I don't. It's not until she steps close enough to take my beer from me and finish it that I accept she's really here.

She tosses the beer bottle into the nearby trashcan before she speaks.

"I'm sorry." Her voice is soft and timid, nothing like it was earlier tonight when she was comparing cupcakes to cunnilingus.

I start to speak but she shakes her head at me. "Let me finish, please."

I motion for her to continue before crossing my arms on my chest. I know it's a defensive stance but I don't know how else to respond to her words from earlier. She needs to know that I'm not going to back down; I'm going to defend myself whether she wants to hear it or not.

"I'm so sorry I slapped you and said what I did. We haven't seen each other in years and I've never had any claim on you. I had no right to judge you or your personal life."

I feel my shoulders tense. I believe she's sincere but I can't help but wait for another verbal attack.

"I only started dating Jake because I was tired of waiting for you to ask me out. I assumed you weren't interested in me and, when you immediately started dating different girls in our class after Jake and I got together, my suspicions were proven true. Jake was a good boyfriend and you never gave me a reason to not be with him so, we stayed together until we started college.

"Once I was away at college, I never thought I'd see you again, so I put you out of my mind and focused on my studies. I dated and had boyfriends from time to time but no one made me feel like you used to. When I was transferred to Seattle a few months ago, I finally asked Rose about you. I really wished I wouldn't have asked because her stories of you banging every female in town certainly didn't make me feel better."

Fucking Rose and her big mouth. How she thinks she knows so much about me, I don't know.

"That's when I got the brilliant idea to surprise you here. To be honest, I didn't think you'd remember me."

At this, I have to speak up. "Not remember you? Are you kidding? I've worked really hard over the years to make myself not remember you and I've failed miserably."

Bella is now the one to look confused and I offer her a stool to sit on while I share my side of this pathetic story.

"I desperately wanted to ask you out, Bella. The day I finally had the nerve to do it was the day you and Jake went on your first date. Everyone knew you two were going out except for me. Not only was I heartbroken that you were with him but I was also pissed that no one, not even you, had told me about it. I felt like I was the butt of a joke so, I decided to stop moping around and start living.

"I've been living like that ever since but, the thing is, I realize now that I haven't been living at all. When I saw you tonight, I was beyond shocked. Shocked and turned on, to be exact, but I thought there was no way you'd ever want to be with me. I didn't think you'd remember me but you did. And, then, you started talking all that shit about masturbation and pussies and getting eaten out and I became a horny asshole. I'm sorry for grinding on you like that."

"I'm not." I barely hear the words but they're loud enough to start filling my cracked heart with a tiny piece of hope.

My voice is soft but steady, unlike the erratic beating of my heart, when I hold my hand out for her to take. "Come here."

She places her delicate hand in mine and allows me to gently pull her in front of me to where she's standing between my outstretched legs.

"Can we start over?" I ask.

"Start over? Like how?"

"Start over, like . . . Hey, Bella. It's great to see you. You're even more beautiful than I remember."

I don't fight the grin that spreads across my face when I see her blush return.

She squeezes my hand before responding, "Hi, Edward. I've missed you and, um, you've really filled out since high school." She giggles and I need her closer.

"Bella, I've waited a really long time for you. Can I kiss you now?"

"It's about time you asked!"

She doesn't wait for me to move closer. Instead she throws herself at me and attacks me with her mouth.

Most first kisses start out slow then gradually become faster and deeper. This first kiss, though, is the opposite. It starts out red hot and frantic, too many years of waiting making us both desperate. Eventually, though, our mouths slow down while the intensity of the kiss continues to grow. By the time we pull apart, we're both breathless and flushed and there's no way I'm ever letting her go.

I'm still nipping at her plump lips when I feel her hand slide over my shoulders and across my abs, landing at the waistband of my jeans.

"What are you doing?" I manage to mumble.

"I want you." Her voice is clear and sure, causing me to pull away so that I can see the determination in her eyes.

"Bella, you have me. No one has ever had me like you do but we don't have to rush into this. We have all the time in the world."

"Oh, no, you don't, Edward Cullen. You are not going to cockblock me again, not after you made me feel your hard dick against my stomach awhile ago. No way are you going to deny me what I've waited years for."

Well, when she puts it like that, how can I say 'no'?

Picking Bella up by her waist, I set her on top of my work table. My mouth immediately starts kissing her again while my hands slowly move up from her hips to her breasts and give them a squeeze. I can feel her hard nipples are through her layers and the anticipation of tasting them drives me crazy.

Her cardigan is the first item to go and, as much as I want to take my time with her, I just don't think my body will let me. Trailing my fingertips down her throat and across her collar bones, I whisper how beautiful she is before I begin unbuttoning her blouse. When she's only covered in satin and lace, she reaches for my apron and pulls it over my head. The feel of her fingers weaving their way through my hair as I bite down on her covered nipples makes me even more desperate for her. I quickly unhook her bra and toss it to the ground when a thought from earlier this evening gives me direction.

I take a step back only to go back in for another kiss once I notice the adorable pout on Bella's face. I pull off my shirt before reaching behind Bella and across the table, bringing a small bowl with me. Bella's eyes widen as she watches me scoop up some caramel icing on my finger and rub it on her hardened nubs.

Her giggles soon turn to moans as I practically devour her tits. My sister is a fucking genius so I make a mental note to thank her later . . . much later.

"God, Edward, I can't take much more! I need you inside of me!"

I've waited so long to hear Bella say those words but we're both just going to have to wait a bit longer. I plan on savoring every morsel of her body before it's my turn.

My eyes never leave hers as I unfasten her pants and slide them and her boots to the floor. Her body is trembling and there are goosebumps covering her skin so I wrap my arms around her, laying my head against her stomach.

"Are you okay? Are you cold?"

Her arms reach down my back and the sensation of her fingernails scratching their way back up leaves me covered with the same goosebumps.

"I'm perfect; I'm just impatient," she says before biting the shell of my ear.

"Lay down, baby. Let me take care of you."

She does as I command and, when her panties are off and Bella's spread out before me, I can't help but think of one thing: cupcakes.

She's absolutely right.

I run my thumbs over her lips, opening her up further while decorating her pussy with her own perfect icing. A deep groan rumbles in my chest when I take my first taste. Caramel has nothing on Bella Swan.

"More, Edward," she pleads. Silly girl. She'll never have to beg for me.

I blow cool air on her hot flesh just before I begin feasting on her.

"Fucking delicious," I moan in between long licks and teasing flicks of my tongue. Her thighs are trembling because she's close so I slide one finger, then another, into her pussy, loving the sound her wet sex makes. I suck her clit inside my mouth and rub my tongue underneath her nub at the same time, while increasing the speed of my fingers pumping inside her. Bella's hands grab hold of my head, not letting me move, as she loudly falls apart.

She's a screamer. Nice.

When she relaxes enough for me lift my head, I watch as her body continues to spasm, pushing my name out of her mouth in whispers.

You don't need to test me with a toothpick in my center; I'm done. Bella Swan has ruined me for all other women and I couldn't be happier.

I kiss my way up her body and declare that she is now my favorite cupcake flavor.

Bella sits up and lifts my face to hers. Her tongue takes possession of my mouth at the same time she breathes life in me. Nothing is better than kissing her.

"Edward, make love to me."

Well, there might be one thing slightly better than kissing her and I'm not going to waste any more time before finding out. I quickly strip out of my remaining clothes and scoot Bella off of the table.

"Wrap your legs around me, beautiful."

I hold her up by her ass and, when she wraps herself around me, I slowly her sink her down onto my cock. My mind and body are at war - one wanting to be gentle, while the other wants to fuck her silly. Neither of them are able to contain the intensity of the emotions flowing through me, though.

My fingers wrap around her jaw and the back of her head, pulling her mouth to me as my pelvis pushes against her clit with every thrust.

"Never, Bella. Never has it felt like this." My words are forced out through clenched teeth, trying not to lose control too soon. "Please say that you believe me."

"Fuck! Yes, I believe you!" she exclaims, her hands grasping at my body as I speed up my movements.

The room is filled with the sounds of our joined bodies and voices as we explode together. The echoes of our orgasms forever branding the walls. I'll never walk in here and not think of tonight. It's been the best night of my life, so far.

Wanting to stay inside Bella for as long as possible, I gently lay us on top of our pile of clothing, still connected, as we catch our breath. Even though we're completely spent, I don't want to stay here much longer. If she'll let me, I'll gladly take Bella home with me and keep her forever but that may be moving too fast. I've never been in this situation before - I've never wanted a girl to stay. But, then again, this is Bella. I never want her to leave.

She peppers kisses on my cheek and jaw and the feel of her breath on my skin calms me immediately.

"What's got you thinking so hard?" she asks.

I move her hair away from her face and gently kiss her lips.

"Be mine, Bella. Say you'll be my girl."

"I am your girl, Edward. My cupcake and I are all yours," she says before biting down on her bottom lip again. Bella fucking Swan will be the death of me, mark my words.

I watch in amazement as her blush travels down from her cheeks, across her chest and over her breasts, and stops just above her navel. Like an arrow, it leads my gaze to the best cupcake I've ever had, making my mouth water.

What do you know? I'm up for a second serving after all.