Juubi No Shadow

Hello my fans, male and female welcome to my Naruto Persona series Crossover.

If you have recently read my Juubi No Familiar then you have found out that I have recently hit a writer's block so I am making this to give me some Ideas but until then I will be writing.

Chapter 1: The Finish & The New Beginning

"Arg! Where am I? What happened …..oh it's the velvet room? Then where is he…."

"Welcome to the Velvet room" naruto rubbed his eyes to get a better picture of the surrounding area. Sitting in front of him was a small elf like midget that he easy remembered from past meeting. He had a large head, two big bulging eyes that had two long devil eyebrows, a long nose and a wide grin spread across his face in a twisted smirk. He was bald at the top and shaggy hair at the base of the neck. (1) This man was Igor.

Sitting next to the small man was a beautiful woman that he knew well also from the past. This woman had a slim waist and large breasts and wearing a purple suit. She had long wavy blonde her with, her heart shaped face held two beautiful gold eyes and lips with red lip stick on with a button nose. (2) Her name was Margaret.

"Welcome to the velvet room Mr Uzumaki it has been some time has it not" the small elf men said as he intertwined his fingers together and his smirk grow in size.

Naruto looked away from the women and looked towards the old men with a curious gaze.

"Why am I here" naruto said as he stared down at the man only for him only for him to continue to smirk like nothing was happening.

"Well Mr Uzumaki how about you take a minuets to think back" Margaret said as with a smile, trying think back to what had happened in the past when suddenly he grabbed his head in pain as memories flooded his mind.


Naruto was currently on knee panting heavily as he was forced to dodge a fire ball form the opponent in front of him.

"I can't keep this up" naruto huffed as he looked around to see that Mitsuru, Aigis and Minato were all on the ground barley awake, his resolve lowered but shook his head.

"No! I can't give up, I have to win for everyone"

He started to form a plan in his mind, each second making the plan made his heart hurt from realization.

He turned to look at his teammates, no family, with teary eyes before whispering a quick and quiet "thank you"

He turned to the Nyx to show apair of blood red blazing Enteral Mangekyo Sharingan eyes.

He put his hands in a ram seal, with a shout of "Kai" his body exploded into a purple aura. His body shifted, reforming while growing long fur, spouting ten long black tails, his cloths ripped while his armour stayed in place as he grow into a werewolf. (21 form my Juubi No familiar on profile)

He rushed at the mother shadow and growled as he grabbed its wings and twisted his body smashing it onto its back leaving a LARGE creator in its wake form the amount of force.

Letting go and jumped back to gain some distance between the two, finding it enough space Naruto leaped 10 feet into the air, and with all his strength he slammed his claws into its stomach, making sure she was down and out for good.

Jumping back up to about 25 feet, he started to gather large amounts of his power for the next move. Nodding to himself, Naruto jumped to about 50 feet before he dived down at high speed while forming hand signs until he reached to about 5 feet.

Suddenly his body started to change back into a more human form and with a shout of "self-Scarface" he slammed his hands down on the mighty beast, the echoing of the slam was heard by everyone, looked up they saw a strange scene.

They saw white writing appear (seals) on the beast, then the seals started to spread across the beast making the SEED'S group look on in confusion, a large door appeared behind Naruto and slowly opened to showing a large space of never ending black that started to suck them in the two inside.

Naruto huffed as exhaustion over took his body and slowly turned to his loved ones from SEED and waved, even know he was far away the "SEED" group could see him waving as if he was saying good bye.

Suddenly Naruto's waving came completely clear and the thought hit them like a ton of bricks.

He was saying goodbye.

Even if people said that Aigis was a robot she wouldn't denied that, but if someone were to say she didn't have a heart she would deny that with all her might so when she saw the person who helped her through life and showed her many things disappear, hot liquid started to leak out of her robotic eyes.

Naruto was just about to disappear into the darkness when minako appeared by his side and pushed him away from the door, but she pushed Naruto he slipped and fell into the darkness of the seal.

Aigis saw her partner/friend slowly disappear in the never ending portal that formed from the door.

"no-no-no-no-no-No-NO- NOOOOOOO" Aigis screamed as she saw naruto fade into the darkness, she reached out to try and grab him but to her dismay, her vision started to blur from system overload before she collapsed form exchange while tears continued to leaked down her face.

(End flashback)

Naruto's long blonde hair covered his eyes as he looked up at Igor with a frowned "how did you get me here" he said emotionless, the only emotion was shown in his eyes and that was hide behind his glasses.

"When you use that technique that your eyes presences, you pass out and so here you are" Margaret said in her usual tone as she looked on at him.

I wonder how they will feel when they find out that I'm still alive and kicking, Aigis, misturu and minako will probably try to kill me, after I save her that is….

He was broken off his line of thinking by an eerie laugh from Igor.

"Then why am I doing here, I no longer have a contract and I don't even believe in your stupid Destiny, I make my own" Naruto said smugly as he shifted his glasses on her face.

"Ah... But Destiny has decreed that you will once again enter the contract, and will partake another Journey in finding the truth. And I will be here, guiding and assisting you once again, Uzumaki-kun….." Margaret explained as she held her book in her hand and her casual look.

Igor sneered with an laughter as he looked on at Naruto with a smile " Soon you will have a new a contract … and a new journey shall begin" he said, his dark chuckled was the only thing that could be heard as the velvet room faded.

(A year later) (6th episode on persona 4 Anime)

(May 16th)

"Ding dong ding Dong, Attention passengers, we are now arriving at the Yasoinaba Station. Please take all your belonging as you exit the station safely. Thank you." was the thing sound that Naruto woke up to as the train slowed down and the doors slowly slid open allowing him to walk out.

Naruto walked to an open empty car park with a smile as he looking around to make sure no one was in sight he sigh in happiness and laid down a scroll the size of a suit case on the ground. He placed a small amount of charka and in a puff of smoke stood a dark blur Honda motorcycle (Honda Interceptor VFR800FI) with a and helmet that was black with red strips placing on the left handle with a suit and the seat, Naruto pulled the motorcycle suit for the set and slipped it over his cloths.

With the suit and helmet fully on, Naruto pulled up the storage lid on the bike to find a touch screen (DROID RAZR its 2011 in the fanfic), picking it up he clicked the on button at the top of the phone.

While waiting for the phone to turn on, he pulled out his bike keys form the suits pocket and plugged them in and turned the keys to the right starting the engine, he looked at the time on his phone to see 12.30. He sigh again and placed his phone back in his side pocket and jumped on the back of his bike and turned the handle making the engine start letting him drove down the road with high speeds.

As he continued on his way down the road at 45 mile per hour when suddenly a person walked down in the middle of the road "Shit" Naruto hit the brakes making the bike drift out of control, Naruto looked at the person he was trying not to hit.

The first one person was about 5'4, short blue hair and light white skin, he/she (naruto couldn't tell) was wearing a blue hat with a blue over coat with a white undershirt and blue checker pants with green strips.

The second person was male, was about 6 foot, short messy blonde hair, body build of a fighter, a scare on the left side of his face. He was wearing a black t-shirt with a white skull in the centre, and grey high school blazer with matching grey pants.

Naruto's bike slid on its side as he tried to call out for them to move out the way, hearing this, the smaller person turned around to see him sliding at their direction at high speed and looked shocked and stepped back.

Cursing know that they wouldn't be able move in time, he pumped charka into his legs and kicked down resulting in him spinning into a 8 foot air stop/jump.

This was the scene that Yu and his friends ran out the store and saw with wide eyes. Yukiko screamed as she saw him crash and roll on the ground stopping in the centre of the road.

Naruto tried to stand but fell straight back to the ground in a heavy heap, moaning Naruto slowly turned his body to see some people he didn't know rushing over to him.

Naruto grabbed his cracked visor and with a tugged upward pulling his head out of the helmet show his long blonde hair was covered with blood and his face that had some blood on it as well, he opened his eyes in pain to see two people in front of him.

The first person was the tall blond who stood over him the person kneeling next to him was the small blue haired girl or boy. Kanji looked down at Naruto face and could see Naruto's pain, he went to pick Naruto up put Naruto's left arm but was stopped when Naoto leaned down next to Naruto and grabbed his arm before slugging it over her shoulder.

Naruto grunted as he turned to stand finding it easy as his body started to heal itself in a fast pace, Naruto turned Naoto with a week smiled "Thanks for the help. Names naruto nice to meet you" Naoto and Kanji nearly face palmed as they heard how care free the man in front of them was being, surely he would be nearly knocked out with the amount of flips and heavy crash.

"Naoto, Naoto Shirogane. It's a pressure Naruto-san" Naoto said as she helped Naruto feet and over to his bike.

"My name is Kanji by the way. Now mind telling me what the HELL what just happened" the tail man said as he watched naruto pick up his bike while Naoto supported him as much as she could.

Naruto ignored the tall blonde while he open up his storage compartment on with a grunt and grabbed two red biker helmets, he pasted one to a shell shocked Naoto.

"wait! You can't be serious about this" Naruto just nodded and sat down on the bike and tapped the back of the bike "I gonna need a tour, mind helping"

Naoto looked at naruto sceptically, she shrugged and sat down on the bike, her legs dangled form the height, slowly wrapped her arms around his stomach with a small blush.

Naruto turned to kanji with an open visor letting him see his crystal blue eyes and wine red hair he had a small smile on his face and waved with a glove covered hand.

Naruto grabbed the top of the visor and lowered it hiding his face behind the thick black visor, he turned back around and started to drive off "hold on tight" was the only warning Naoto as the bike shoot off in a burst of speed.

As they continued to speed down the road naruto looked at different locations in mild curiosity and happiness, he soon came to a stop when they arrived at a local gas station.

Naruto slipped off the bike and walked to the back, grabbing the gas pump he slipped his credit card in the cash slot for quick use.

Naruto turned to see that Naoto who was stretching her legs, smiling naruto walked up to the female /male (he doesn't know yet) and extended his arm for a handshake.

"Sorry about early, I was just getting excited and didn't really ask much" Naruto started as he looked at the person in front still trying to figure out his gender.

"It's okay, it was my fault you crashed plus you said that you needed a guide and it was my way of repaying you " Naoto waved her hands, dismissing his apologue as she turned to him with her tilted blue hat.

Naruto looked at Naoto with suspicion and leaned forward to get a closer look at her/his face, eyes widened as he got a closer look "minako" naruto thought to himself as he continued to stare at naoto with sadness as a through about his past partners .

"Can I ask you something" naruto started with a small smile, trying to hide his pain behind his classes form the memories of his old friends that thought he was died.

Naoto looked at naruto with confusion when he saw pain flash trough his eyes before the sun shined onto his classes hiding his eyes and his pain.

"Yes, but nothing to personal" Naoto looked at Naruto with a sweet smile as she moved around him to sat on the bike.

Before Naoto could blink naruto was in her face with her hands in his making a little blush appear on her cheeks.

"Are you female or male" Naruto asked in with a complete serious tone as his grip was tight around her hands.

Naoto was court of by this, she had been asked before but not in such a way. Her blush grew in colour and her heart started to beat faster, shaking her head Naoto quickly slipped her hands away from him.

"I'm a boy" she lied through her teeth as looked at naruto's face as a mixture of sadness and depression.

Naruto shoulders slummed as rain cloud appeared over his head, he feel to his hands and knees.

Naoto placed a hand on Naruto's shoulder, hearing him whisper about something made Naoto lean closer to listen.

Naruto looked at the floor in depression "I'm attracted to a boy there's no way….. first he looks like Minako-chan (female minato from persona 3), he's prettier than most chicks I know" he whispered to himself.

"it's like another haku, but haku turned out to be female soooo mabby " he thought before he shook his head in dismay.

"I-I-I will not turn gay" naruto whispered to himself not knowing that a now blushing Naoto, had heard everything.

Naruto picked himself up with some help from Naoto before he cleared his throat while he brushed himself off with a small blush of embarrassment.

"Sorry about that I was just having a moment" he chuckled lightly while rubbing the back of his neck.

Naoto concealed her blush with a wave of her hand

"It's fine let's just get this trip of with?" naruto nodded with a smile taking off his glasses and putting his helmet on.

Naoto followed suit with a smile and a small blush as she wrapped her arms around his muscly stomach feeling the eight pack though his skin tight biker suit.

The engine soon roared with power down the road, as they road naoto would tell Naruto to stop at some of the major places like; The School, Police station, Junes, markets and their final stop the apartments.

"Thank you naoto today was fun I hope we can do it again" naruto smiled as he placed the helmet naoto was wearing in the storage compartment and turned to naoto and brag out his phone.

"Here let me give you my number"

Naoto smiled as he look at naruto and pulled out her phone and synced their phones "I look forward it" she said as she re-put her phone into her pocket.

Naruto clicked his fingers as he remembered something "I'll be at the school trip so I'll see you there K" Naruto winked before speeding off before naoto could object.

Naruto arrived at his new home and smiled, It was 3 story house with a large garage with lot of cars and motorcycle and a garage.

The first floor was a living room, kitchen, dining room and a shoe room.

The second floor was a 4 bedrooms, each having a on swept and a wardrobe full of cloths both female and male.

His final floor had large TV's, painting room, storage room, games room and a large room full of stuff to do with shadows and weaponry.

Naruto parked his motorbike next to a red Ferrari turning off the engine naruto got off and walked towards the elevator, hitting the second the only dial and waited.

The elevator door stopped with a "ding" and slid open to show 4 doors cemetery to each other. Naruto walked to the closets one and opened it to reveal a large room with dark blue wallpaper, a queen sized bed with orange covers and red pillows.

Sitting in front of the bed was a 32 LED flat screen TV sitting on top of a black marble table that had an alarm clock, a pair of glass, a remote for the TV and a pair of glasses.

Sitting straight to the stands left was a large wooden wardrobe that had 3 Chester doors that sat below it. Naruto opened the doors to show about 50 sets of different coloured cloths and shoes.

Naruto sighed as he opened the bottom draws to find in the first sat a load of neatly folded boxers and socks in different colours. Naruto shook his head and closed the first draw and open the second to find lots of heavy looking bags and tents.

Naruto shook his head once more before opening up the bottom draw to find a leaver. Naruto pulled the lever while applying charka until there was a click and the wardrobe's draw closed before it turned around to show a shelf's with long lines of persona and shadow based equipment; guns, glasses, persona cards everything you name it, it was there.

Naruto took off the glasses from his nose and folded them and placed them in a stand with glasses on and sighed before placing his hand on the wardrobe at corner of the room and placed charka on a seal on the door before it span around into the room.

Naruto walked left into the bedroom to see a human sized mirror with a golden coloured frame. He looked at his reflection to see that the blood from earlier had dried out in his hair making it look rusty red at the top.

With a bored sigh Naruto looked across the room to see a single brown door and walked over to it with in slow pace, opening the door he saw a large on sweet bathroom inside was a bath, shower, sink with a mirror, a wooden rack that held towels boxers, and cleaning equipment, toilet and finally wooden flooring with a mat.

Naruto walked over to the shower and turned the hot water on before stripping as the steam rose into the air covering everything from view.

(After Shower)

Naruto walked out of the bathroom with only a towel wrapped around his waist, humming a small tone to himself Naruto walked over to the tv before grabbing the alarm clock and typing in 12am before moving to his queen sized bed. He dropped to the bed with thud letting his tired body rest and heal itself.

(12 am)

The sound of an alarm woke Naruto from his slumber he body twisted as he arm snatched a kunai from under his pillow and throw the projectile with deadly accuracy that he obtained from years of training straight at the alarm clock hitting it dead on.

Slowly Naruto got up and stretched his fully healed muscles with a sigh as they cracked into place, satisfied Naruto got dressed at an supreme pace before putting his shadow detector glasses on and walked in front of the tv.

As Naruto fazed into his TV with sigh as he materialized on the other side where he started to fall, calming himself Naruto started to add wind charka though out his body.

His body suddenly stopped in mid-flight making wind pressure smash into his stomach knocking the air out of lungs.

After getting oxygen back into his lungs Naruto started feel the auras around him feeling the different types of shadows, as he continued to scan he came across 4 persona uses and a weird type of mix of persona and shadow.

Near the persona was a shadow and based on the yellow and black aura he guessed it was a fighting/lightning type, with that information Naruto took off in that direction in high speed forming a plan as he went.

Naruto sweet dropped as he arrived at his location and watch as the seen played out, In front of Naruto was Kanji shadow wearing only a towel and acting in a very VERY Homosexual way.

Naruto slowly slide a fox mask onto his face and placed a genjutsu to change his hair colour to black (Menma from Naruto movie) before he lowered himself behind the persona group.

"You should not be in this world" Naruto said in a demonic enhanced tone making the group jump and spin around in shock.

Yosuke stepped forwards and ready his persona just in case of a fight.

"who are you" the teen demanded, why Naruto smiled behind his mask not that the group could tell.

"I am the embodiment of power! The strongest of the strong! The sexiest of man! The great JUUBI" Naruto puffed his chest out in pride as he feet touched the ground, black flames dance on the floor as he stepped before the group.

The group sweet dropped as they saw Naruto entrance. "errrr… okay then! We should be off" chie said as her and the group turned from the all-powerful demon and walk away.

"Wait" the group turned to the demon with raised eyebrows "I can help you… with the shadow I mean" the demon convinced the group who looked sceptically at him before they all nodded.

"Okay then… nice to meet you! My name is Menma" Naruto said without hesitation as he bowed.

"My names Yu, that is Chie, Yosuke, Yukiko and that is Teddie" Yu pointed to each person who greeted in their own way.

With all the greeting were over and done with the group moved to where the shadow had disappeared off to only to come across the real Kanji holding down his shadow self in an awkward way.

"well this is awkward" Naruto said out loadgetting a nod from the group.

Kanji turned around to the group surprised

"What are you guys doing here"

The group stared blankly at the blonde all have similar thoughts "well we came to save you" Yosuke said in a hollow voice making the kanji scowl.


The shadow saw that his other self was distracted so he shoved him off and jumped to his feet.

"I won't let you interfere" The gay shadow said before flexing his muscles, as he flexed some hot sticky liquid leaked out of the water tubs and towards the group.

"What the heck is this! Is this supposed to slow us down" Chie shouted before rushing forwards onto the liquid only to slip on it and fall forwards.

Yukiko saw this and reached out to grab her only to slip on the spot and fall with Chie, they tried to stand only too slip around the floor getting the slipper substance all over them.

A glint sparkled out of the males eyes, Yosuke turned to Yu with a perverted grin that reminded Naruto of Jariya. "Narukami you wouldn't happen to have a camera would you?"

Yu turned and looked to a pouch on his slid and search only to look down in sadness "No" he said in an equally sad tone making Yosuke sigh in disappointment.

"Don't worry I've got way covered"

Yosuke, Yu and Chie turned to the side to see Naruto recoding the girls, his face was blank but a large perverted glint in his eyes.

Chie blushed in embarrassment as she continued to slip on her hands and knees

"Hey do you think this is funn-yyyyyyy" Chie shouted as she fell face first onto the floor making the liquid splash all over the group making Teddie, Yu and Yosuke slip forwards.

Naruto closed his video recorder with a sigh before he turned to see that kanji's shadows had transformed into one of the gayest shadow forms one he's seen.

With a sigh Naruto started to channel wind charka through the floor, the liquid soon dried allowing everyone to stand up and summon their persona.

Naruto watched from the sky's as the group tried to defeat the enemy but fail as the two giant over whelmed the group.

As the fight continued the main shadow started to shot lightning at kanji but Yu made his persona cover them resulting in Yu being electrocuted, Yu feel to his knees and dropped what looked like a doll making Naruto raise an eyebrow.

Naruto saw Yu drop to the floor before whispering something to Kanji.

Power suddenly exploded from Yu when suddenly formed an 8 head snake, the snake shot forwards and gripped the two lower shadows before freezing the lightning shadow in a block of ice.

As this was happening kanji had stood up slowly before rushing forwards, Naruto sighed in boredom before pulling out a small device that had multiply buttons on. Clicking the top one Naruto body slowly started to disappear into small practicals were it re-formed inside his bedroom.

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