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chapter 4

The sound of alarms going off made Naruto jolt up in shock, his eyes diluted by the sudden change of brightness. Looking around, the teen quickly tired to locate the source of sound until his eyes locked onto his phone.

A sigh left Naruto's mouth as he picked up his phone and quickly checked to time, which happened to be 12pm exactly, before answering the phone call he was receiving. "Hello." The teen's voice was cranky as he slowly started to wake.

"Dude turn on the TV!" A voice shouted down the phone making Naruto groan before he grabbed the remote on his sideboard and clicked the on switch. Suddenly a screen full of static appeared on, but the picture was clear.

Rise Kujikawa was standing in a swimming suit, a revealing one at that, while posing for the camera. Naruto's eyes widened ever so slightly as the camera panned to the figure's face, revealing that it was indeed Rise, just a bigger breasted version of her.

The blond quickly placed the phone back to his ear as the T.V. Channel shut off. "Well, looks like your prediction was right, Yosuke. We should meet tomorrow to discuss what action to take on this matter, but until then, get off the phone and let me get some sleep." Before the brown haired teen could reply, Naruto shut off his phone, effectively stopping the teen from arguing on the matter.

With that matter dealt with, the blond closed his eyes and drifted back to his dream filled night.

(Next day at Junes.)

Sitting around a single table was all members of the Midnight Channel task solvers; Yukiko, Yosuke, Kanji, Yu, and Chie. Naruto was also there but he wasn't part of the group, he just wanted to help. "So, about the Midnight Channel last night... That had to be Rise Kujikawa." Yosuke started as he looked at the group. "It even showed her face this time."

Yukiko frowned slightly as she waved her hand slightly. "so now we know one more thing. The ones that the culprit's targeting are..." She trailed off, indicating for someone else to finished.

"Females from Inaba." Yu suddenly said only to sweet drop when Yosuke face palmed.

Yosuke sighed in annoyance as he tried to ignore the dump answer. "But we already ruled that out because of Kanji! All the targets are people who've been on TV." A collection of nods was shown as the group agreed with Yosuke's analogy. "As for Rise, I took a peel this morning, and she was still at the shop. So I'm guessing that "TV show" thing doesn't appear on the Midnight Channel until after the person enters the TV."

Naruto hummed in thought as he listened to the groups rant on the situations, he already knew most of this, but it was nice to know that some people managed to figure it out by their own.

Yukiko nodded in agreement as she turned to Yosuke. "Teddie said before that it might be the victim's own creation upon entering that world. I didn't understand at all at first, but now I feel it may be true. The one that appears on TV is your other self... Maybe the victim's true feelings are shown unconsciously."

Naruto looked slightly surprised at the girl's analogy on the shadow self, he had never really thought about it that way before.

"But... We see them on the Midnight Channel before they disappear." Chie started, getting the attention of the group. "You know, when it's still really fuzzy and you can't tell who it is. How do you explain that part?"

Yosuke's eyes narrowed slightly as he nodded in agreement to the brunette. "yeah... It always happens before the person disappears, like an advance notice..."

"Or like a ransom note. But who are they announcing it to? And for what?" Chie nodded back as she brought her theory out to the playing field, while asking a question at the same time.

Yosuke shrugged his shoulders in confusion. "I dunno, ask the killer. There's a bunch of stuff I still don't understand."

The group stayed silent for a while as they tried to think about the subject. "Is it possible that we see those images for the same reason?" Yukiko suddenly asked as she tapped her chin with her finger.

Chie, being as confused as ever, simply raised an eyebrow. "Huh? What do you mean?" She asked her fellow friend.

"If the midnight Channel shows the victim's true feelings... maybe it does the same for the culprit." The fire user elaborated to the group. "Maybe what we're seeing is the culprit's intentions."

Yosuke seeing the knowledge in the statement nodded slowly. "well, it's a possibility... The killer can throw people into the TV, after all, which means they must have the same power that we do."

"So.. when the killer thinks, "I'm gonna attack someone now," that's what we see on TV?" Chie asked in a surprised tone.

Yukiko looked to the side in discomfort. "I don't know about that..." Yosuke only shrugged his shoulders in confusion.

Naruto seeing that the conversation was getting nowhere. "Even if that was to be true, we have no evidence as to who the person is. The best option right now is to bring in all the facts and analyse them." he said while leaning slightly forwards. "So from what we gathered, the culprit is attacking anyone that is becoming big in Inuba media, once he has his target, he then throws the captive into a Tv." The blond finished up as he leaned back into his usual sitting position.

The teens around the table nodded as they came to the same conclusion, frowns of worry masking their faces. "So, what now? We can't just go in head first." Yosuke said in annoyance,

"And that's why we are having this meeting." Yu piped in, getting a nod from Naruto, as he narrowed his eyes in thought. "The most we can do is try to predict who is next and stop the killer from getting close." The white haired teen continued, getting a round of nods.

"So what now then, we can't just go up to Rise and demand that she trust us, she would freak out." Kanji suddenly remarked, making Yosuke turn to him with a smirk, creeping the tall blonde out.

"Ah but we don't need to, we already have someone that Rise trusts." Yosuke said as he motioned towards Naruto. "Tall and blonde over there knows Rise on a personal level, and she trust him to boot."

Naruto hummed in thought, rubbing his chin slightly. "That depends, I can't always be there, next to her, I have school and work ethics to finish." The blonde countered, glaring down at the table. "We need a plan to look after her."

The group nodded in agreement when they listened to the older blonde. "I agree, that sounds good." Chie remarked after she finished her drink. "Tsk, all this planning is making me hungry, anyone want some food?" The tomboy remarked, getting a nod from Naruto and Yu.

"Chicken Ramen." The two said in sync making the rest of the group sweatdrop.

"Ah, another lover of Ramen, I see." Naruto said with a smirk as he handed Chie the money for both his and Yu's food. "Is there anything else that I need to know about you?" The blonde asked Yu with a smirk, getting a raised eyebrow from the white haired teen.

"I don't think so." Yu remarked with his emotionless tone. "Well maybe the fact that I enjoy cooking and looking at vehicles."

A bright smirk made its way to Naruto's face when he heard the words vehicle leave the white haired teen's mouth. "Well, you remember that car I took you a ride in?"

"What, the Chevy Camaro ZL1?" The white haired teen asked with a smirk. "That car was nice, expensive though."

Naruto eyes glinted slightly as he held up a pair of car keys. "That right, but that's not my favourite." With a click, a car drove itself into another parking space, one that was close enough for the teens to see. "That is my beauty. McLaren P1 GTR, a lovely car if I do say so myself."

"Is that even road legal?" Yosuke shouted in surprise when he saw the car, one that was worth over 500 million yen. "I mean, how could you even afford that.

"I have a rich family." Naruto stated with a smirk as he glanced to the side, his car brought back some nice memories of his family. "Any who, I'm sure you guys want a ride right?" Naruto remarked as he giggled his keys.

"We're back!" Chie called as she walked towards the table, a tray in hand stoked with food. "Hey, what's with the stupid looks." She remarked as she placed the trays down on the table.

"Yosuke is freaking out because Naruto has an expensive car." Kanji said with a plain look on his face, pointing at the red car at the side.

Chie, frowning in confusion, looked to the side, only for her eyes to widen in shock. "That's a McLaren!" The brown haired teen shouted, her eyes gaining a sparklez as she turned towards Naruto. "Please, please, please take me for a ride!"

Naruto only smirked in return.