Obligatory scenes set after Nelaya. A series of mini epilogue snippets and side stories and pretty much random scenes I wrote when taking breaks from writing Nelaya. There are ten chapters to this and I will post a chapter daily. T-rated until further notice. Let me know which ones are your favorites :)

The Morning After

Summary: Spock feels insecure after their first night together. Jim flips out.

Spock was prone to acting strangely at times.

All Jim could think at the time was, Not again. He remembered all too well what had happened the last time he'd caught Spock being moody. Granted, they were together now because of it, but that didn't mean he'd enjoyed it. In fact, it had been downright awful most of the time.

He noticed it while taking a shower, which he'd had Scotty modify as soon as he realized there was no water option. Jim preferred hot water over sonics any day after strenuous...activities. It relaxed his muscles and beat away bone-deep soreness and, to be honest, it was so much sexier. He was standing there, eyes closed, jets pelting his body from every direction and running down his legs, when he heard Spock enter.

He opened his eyes immediately, squinting through the clouds of steam at the figure standing in the doorway. "Miss me already?" he asked cheerfully, pressing his hands up against the glass walls and wiping away the condensation that had gathered there.

Spock stepped forward into view, his expression unreadable. He had pulled on his boxer briefs and nothing else, and the sight was almost enough to get Jim ready for a second shower. He cleared his throat self-consciously and grinned . "Or have you come to join me?"

Needless to say, he was surprised when Spock seemingly ignored his invitation, and rested his forehead against the glass with a thunk instead, eyes closed.

Concerned, Jim shut off the water and opened the door, reaching out and grasping Spock's arm. "Hey. What's wrong?"

Spock's eyes opened, and he looked at Jim. He reached out slowly with his other hand, placing his palm just below Jim's shoulder and dragging it slowly, too slowly, across his bare chest. Jim shivered at the touch, his breath hitching as Spock's trailing fingertips grazed across a nipple. He pulled on Spock's arm, angling for a kiss...and Spock stepped away.

Jim blinked, confused. Spock was looking away, his eyes fixed determinedly on the tiles by his feet. This situation was unfortunately familiar.

Jim snapped. He was having no more of this shit. Not this early. And definitely not after what he'd gone through just to wake up in the morning next to Spock. Hell, he'd practically died again! So no, not today, Mr. Spock.

He hauled on Spock's arm hard, startling the Vulcan enough for him to stumble towards Jim. Jim was turning already, hand coming up to grasp Spock's other wrist and slamming him against the wet shower wall. The glass made a squeaky complaint, but-thank God-didn't break.

Jim glared at Spock, holding his arms in place against the wall. "What," he enunciated clearly, "The hell. Spock. Look at me."

Spock dragged his eyes to Jim's face, and the emotion Jim saw there made him want to cry. Spock was scared. "Jim," he whispered, and his lower lip trembled.

"Damn it," Jim growled. He leaned forward and kissed Spock hard, scraping his teeth along Spock's tongue and swirling his own roughly around Spock's mouth. Tasting him. Marking him. "Tell me," he murmured, when he finally pulled back for air.

Spock, his breathing slightly more erratic than before, reached up tentatively and grasped the sides of Jim's face with both hands. When did he...? "Are you..."

"Am I what?" Jim turned his face to one side, nuzzling into Spock's palm. He felt his morning stubble scrape across the sensitive skin in the inside of Spock's wrist and felt a stab of satisfaction when he heard a hiccup of air.

"Are you certain that this is what you want?" Spock said it quickly, like ripping off a bandage, visibly cringing before the words even registered in Jim's mind.

Jim choked on indignation. He spluttered incoherently for a few seconds, glaring at Spock in utter disbelief. "What?" he demanded, as soon as he had his wind back. "Are you serio-Is this-God, Spock!"

Spock kept looking at him, his eyes still holding a trace of anxiety. He really was worried, Jim saw with an internal groan. Worried that Jim was going to change his mind.

Jim sighed. There was no way to say what he needed to without sounding like a total sap, but, damn, Spock could be such a total idiot when it came to stuff like this. They both were, really, he realized ruefully. "Listen, Spock," he said fiercely, determined to get the last word in this. "You're it for me. D'you get that? You're mine until I die."

He paused to let that sink in a little, then raged on, "You're a sociopathic, irrationally logical, noble pain in the ass, but you're mine now and I'm yours. That means you don't get to say stupid stuff like this anymore. Seriously, did you think I'd let you d-do...me," he spluttered a bit at that, feeling a hot flush coloring the back of his neck, but soldiered on doggedly, "do me like you did last night if I wasn't completely damn sure I wanted you? And hell, those pasty healers said as much themselves, didn't they? I love you. I...I need you, Spock, and I'll say it a billion times if I have to. I'll say it for the rest of my life, if that's what it takes."

Spock was staring at him, looking,...awestruck. Probably at how stupid Jim sounded. He really was no good at this. "Jim-"

"So I am sure, you idiot. How do you think this makes me feel, anyway, you doubting me like this? You're an ass." Jim pressed his face into Spock's shoulder, hoping to hide how red he was turning. "Damn it," he muttered, mortified.

Spock's hands slid up and down his damp back soothingly, wiping away the cooling droplets. Jim found himself getting hard, and it only added to his embarrassment. "I apologize," Spock murmured into Jim's ear, pulling him even closer. "I was inconsiderate."

Jim snorted. "Damn right you were." He kissed Spock's shoulder tentatively. "Can I kiss you now?"

A flush of pale green swept up Spock's neck, there and gone so quickly that Jim wasn't sure if he had imagined it. "If you would like," he said indifferently, but his hands tightened decisively on Jim's waist.

Jim pretended to consider it, then grinned wickedly. "Are you sure?"

Exasperation flared in those dark brown eyes. "Captain."

"I don't know, this could go all sorts of bad. We might even be late, Commander. What kind of example will that set for the crew?"

"Jim," Spock growled.

"Hmm?" Jim rocked forward innocently, grinding against Spock's thigh.

"Kiss me."

"Yes, sir," Jim breathed, and leaned in.

Spock met him halfway...or tried. Jim deliberately twisted away at the last moment, pecking the corner of Spock's lips before pulling away teasingly and hopping out of the shower.

Spock was now taking deep, calming breaths. "Captain, return at once," he said, a hint of the commanding officer creeping into his tone.

"That's kind of a turn-on," Jim realized with delight, scooping up a towel and shimmying it around his body in a quick drying motion. The action drew Spock's attention to his hips, and he took another deep breath. "Seriously, though, we'll be late," he added regretfully. "Normally, I wouldn't give a shit, but I don't think the crew's quite ready for..." he gestured vaguely at Spock, "...for us yet."

Spock exhaled through his nose and gingerly climbed out of the shower. "You are infuriating," he told Jim, coming around to help Jim dry his hair.

"Mmm. Yeah, I tend to be." Jim allowed himself to lean back against Spock's chest for a moment. "Are you sure? About this?" he asked suddenly, serious now. "Because, I mean-"

He felt Spock kiss the top of his head, the movement so affectionate and human that Jim was caught completely off guard. "I am yours," Spock said. "And you are mine. Believe that, if nothing else."

On second thought, it wouldn't do to get to the bridge too early. Might be strange. Suspicious, even.

Jim spun and wrapped his arms around Spock's waist, mouth quirking in a crooked smile. "Good," Jim said. "Because I'm afraid you're stuck with me for good."

The kiss was even better than he had dared to hope.