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Never would I have thought I would end up back in Forks, especially with the intention to stay more than a summer. It wasn't that I had anything against staying with my father, what with us being more alike than most father daughter relationships, but I knew it would feel like I was a stranger who was staying in his home.

Ever since I was younger and my mother made the decision to take me away from Charlie I had developed some sort of resentment towards him, causing my visits to lessen as time went on. It wasn't until I was older and more aware of the situation that I regretted my past actions of avoiding him.

I wasn't stupid; I knew some part of me would always hold some sort of resentment towards him for letting Renee take me so easily. The fact he hadn't even fought for me only made the situation worse in my opinion. Renee didn't have a clue on how to raise a child so young and on her own, and while I loved her my childhood wasn't the best by far.

By the age of fourteen I was able to cook, clean as well as pay the bills meaning a normal upbringing for myself hadn't been possible. I didn't hate her for it; she was my mother after all, but it had forced me to grow up quicker than other children my age. The fact it made me more mature than most didn't exactly work in my favour when it came to me making friends either, or attempting to I should say.

The final straw, however, hadn't been how unable Renee had been to raise me, but when she got involved with a new man it was clear that I was visibly holding her back. Phil was nice, in the lower end of the baseball league, but he had never done nor said anything to offend me. I knew they wanted their space though, leaving me to make the decision to stay with my father for a while.

Over the past few years of my teenage life I admit I had missed him, even if my memories were blurry and unclear.

The plane ride from Phoenix to the Seattle airport was hell to say the least. Not only was I placed in an aisle seat meaning I got shoved every single time a flight attendant walked past, or another passenger needed to use the toilet, but I was next to a mother who couldn't for the life of her stop her baby from crying.

It was easy to tell that she was getting uncomfortable with the glares the other passengers sent her way, the poor woman looking to be on the verge of tears and it was clear the child in her arms couldn't settle down due to the slight amount of turbulence on the plane.

"I am so sorry" she pleaded as she rocked her baby back and forward in her arms, my brows pulling together into a frown. I doubted the action was helping calming her child down. I was correct, its cries only increasing in both pitch and volume.

I winced.

It wasn't long until a flight attendant walked towards our row of seats, a frustrated look on her heavily make-up caked face making me have to fight back a cringe.

Shouldn't a policy prevent them from looking so…cheap?

"Could you please at least try and control your child, there are other passengers on this plane and we have had several complaints?"

"Again, I am so sorry" the panicked woman pleaded, close to tears. I felt sorry for her; I knew how uncomfortable it felt when you were centre of attention.

Snorting the flight attendant shook her head in annoyance before heading back up to the front of the plane, leaving the female passenger next to me even more alarmed. I was surprised when she turned in my direction though, her hands trembling at the fact she was on the receiving end of so many sour looks.

"I'm so sorry" she repeated for the third time. "But I can't get him to stop crying and I don't know why. I hope I'm not ruining your flight, if I could I would get him to be quiet" she whimpered.

It was then I finally took in her age, the fact she was younger than most mums surprisingly me somewhat. Then again Renee had gotten pregnant with me at a young age, a factor I knew she resented me for even if she would never admit it to my face. She wasn't that cruel, but it didn't mean I felt any better about the obvious factor in our relationship. It made it hard to bond.

"It's fine" I forced a smile, just wanting her to stop crying. I couldn't handle people crying about me, it made me more than a little uncomfortable.

"I just don't know how to stop him, he's normally such a good baby" she whimpered, her light blonde hair brushing down her flushed cheeks as she leaned down to try and plead with her youngster to stop crying.

To say it wasn't working would have been an understatement.

Taking a deep breathe, I couldn't believe I was going to offer my help. "Do you want me to have a go; I've been told I'm good with children?" I offered, seeing surprise flash over her features before the next thing I knew I was having to hurriedly move my arms to accept her child.

"Are you sure?" she asked, even though I already had her baby in my arms.

"It's fine" I sighed, looking down at the adorable child as he was wrapped up in a couple of blankets. "How old is he?" I asked curiously, pulling off one of the blankets when I took note of the flushed skin of the squirming baby. I had to admit, he looked adorable.

"He's three months" she smiled. "I'm Annie by the way" she introduced herself, holding out her hand for me to shake which I did so with a more relaxed smile this time.

"Isabella, but I prefer Bella. So what's this cheeky chaps name then?" I giggled, tugging on my hand playfully when one of his small hands gripped my finger in a tight grip. I took note of the relieved expressions of the other passengers when the loud cries turned into light gurgles, but other than that I ignored what they thought.

"His name's Jack, but how, how-" Annie stuttered out. "How did you stop him from crying?"

"I think he was just over heated" I told her, trying to pull my finger away but he held on tight.

"Thank you so much" she rushed out, turning in her seat so she could face me. "So, I hope I'm not being rude by asking you this, but what's your reason for heading to Seattle?" she questioned. "I'm moving to live with my husband; he had to leave us for work but got settled so asked us to come join him."

"You don't mind?" I couldn't help but ask.

I watched as she shook her head with a bright smile. "No, I didn't like my home town much anyway, too busy. We got married young and he got the opportunity to earn more money if he moved to a different location. It was meant to only be for three months but he found a house. I've seen pictures, it's gorgeous and I can't wait" she gushed happily.

"So uprooting everything so quickly doesn't bother you?" I asked before wincing when I heard how bad I sounded just then. "I mean, well I'm doing the same since I'm moving to leave with my dad" I added to soften the blow encase she took offence.

She seemed to think about it for a few moments before shrugging. "I love him enough to give it a shot, I figure if I don't like it I can simply move back and he would come with me. He's already told me he would be willing to do so."

Nodding at her explanation I couldn't help but think about the fact that really I didn't have that choice. Whether Renee would admit it or not I knew when I told her I would go stay with Charlie to give her some space she was both relieved and happy, I didn't want to take that away from her.

The sad thing was, she didn't even seem sad to see me leave.

I chatted with Annie for the rest of the long flight, hearing about how she met her husband and the fact her parents had never approved of neither him nor the relationship they had. I felt sorry for her when I heard that she had to choose between the love of her life and her family, but five minutes in I knew she didn't have a single regret. It was sweet.

"If you ever want to meet up, have some girl time then call me" Annie offered when I gave her back her happily cooing son, watching as her face lit up as she rocked him in her arms before she handed me her number.

"If you're ever in Forks we can get together" I found myself agreeing as we exchanged numbers, watching as she waved before running into the arms of what I guessed to be her husband as we got off the plane.

Sighing I looked around for Charlie, the busy airport buzzing with noise and attention. It didn't help the fact I didn't enjoy crowded places, having slight phobia of closed off spaces but not enough to send me into a panic. I just didn't like it.

I just about to think I had the wrong day to visit when I caught sight of Charlie holding up a sign which read 'Bella' in a scrawled script on the plain white card. I thought it was slightly clique, only having seen it done in movies, but it served its purpose as I grabbed my suitcase and carryon before nervously approaching him.

"Hey dad" I smiled softly, watching as his eyes seemed to light up making me feel guilty for not visiting him sooner. I was kind of sad that it took me feeling like a third wheel with Renee and Phil to visit him.

"Bella," he grinned before taking me into his arms when I moved to stand in front of him. I sighed into his hold, letting go of my bags before hesitantly returning the hug as I laid my head on his chest. God, I had missed him.

"I missed you dad" I mumbled, hearing his breathing falter slightly before his grip on me tightened.

"I missed you too Bells, how have you been?" he asked as he pulled away, his hands remaining on my forearms as he continued to take me in. I squirmed under the attention but didn't move away, I could see how much this visit meant to him and I didn't want to ruin it.

Shrugging, I decided honestly was the best policy. "I've been better, but I think Forks will be good for me" I confessed, smiling slightly when I saw how much my comment seemed to mean to him.

"I think that too Bells, I think you staying with me will be good for the both of us."

Nodding in shy agreement I watched as Charlie grabbed my larger suitcase but left me to carry my own carryon which I was happy with. I knew I was stubbornly independent when it came to doing things for myself, but I could tell the simple gesture of him helping me made him feel useful and I was not about to take that away from him.

Moving through the busy airport I couldn't help but scowl slightly when I saw the police cruiser parked outside, my gaze flickering to Charlie who shrugged apologetically.

"I just came off duty" he shrugged as a way of explanation. It explained the uniform.

Instead of arguing over the pointless issue I silently helped Charlie put my bags in the trunk before slipping into the passenger side. There was no way in hell I was sitting in the back. So far I had managed to get through my seventeen years without sitting in the back of a police cruiser; that was something I had no plans on changing any time soon if I could help it.

To say it was a tense ride would have been an understatement, and it wasn't until we were quarter of an hour into the journey that Charlie finally seemed to gather up his nerves and try nervously to start the conversation between us.

"So," he started as he made a right turn. "How's Renee doing?"

"She's the same as usual, Phil seems to keep her more grounded though which is a good thing in my books" I told him matter-of-factly.

Hearing him hum in agreement it didn't take a genius to work out that he felt the same way. Renee had always been a bit ditzy, I had always thought Charlie had managed to keep her under control just enough to let her live her life and the fact she left him when she did I believed she made a mistake. Charlie was a good man, I knew that and I thought my mother leaving him behind was something she would have come to regret. She seemed happy with Phil though.

"And you've met this Phil?" he questioned, sparing me a glance before turning his attention back to the road.

I shrugged. "A few times, mum wanted to tour with him since his careers just getting off, I would have gotten in the way."

Charlie frowned. "Did she tell you that? That you would get in the way if you didn't visit?"

I couldn't help but glance at him in the corner of my eye, taking in the anger which seemed to be present on his face. I shrugged. "Not to my face but I don't mind, I missed you" I admitted, watching as his face seemed to relax before he smiled slightly in my direction.

"It's good to hear that Bells," he smiled. "And I wanted to tell you, you're welcome to stay as long as you want to" he confessed.

I didn't reply but gave him a smile, reaching over to pat him on the hand before I turned my attention towards the window. I already knew that Forks was going to be completely different to Phoenix, and I wasn't simply talking about the weather. The few friends I had back home were sad to see me go, but I was never one to be in the popular crowd. I hadn't minded, still didn't since I was more of a bookworm. I didn't really enjoy loud music or partying and the quiet atmosphere suited me just fine.

The journey didn't seem to take as long now the silence wasn't as uncomfortable, the radio softly placing some old tune I didn't recognise but I didn't bother to ask Charlie if I could change it.

Pulling into the drive memories of my childhood flashed through the surface of my mind, the two story house coming into view causing me to sit up straight in my seat. I couldn't remember how long it had been exactly since I had been here, but my regret only seemed to grow that I hadn't visited him more often.

"Bring back any memories?" I heard Charlie ask as he pulled the cruiser to a stop before shutting off the engine.

"Kind of" I shrugged, getting out before following him to the trunk where my belongings were. I didn't have a lot, but I travelled light.

"I know living with me may seem like a lot to take in but if you need anything Bells please let me know" he pleaded, his soft tone taking me aback slightly but I nodded.

"I'll try and remember that."

Heading into the house I followed Charlie as he made a move to ascend the stairs and show me to my room, my eyes flickering around my surroundings as I felt it all coming back to me. I remembered climbing these stairs as a child, how I struggled to get to the top without tripping over. The time I broke my arm when I tripped at the top and fell, how Charlie came running to find me in tears and rushed me to the hospital with the sirens blaring.

I grinned at the memory.

"What are you grinning about?" I heard Charlie ask causing me to shrug as he opened the door to my room.

"Reminiscing" I mumbled before taking a look in what was to be my new room.

"I know it isn't a lot but I wasn't sure what you liked, I hoped purple's alright. Sue said most girls like purple" he rambled nervously, his hand running through his hair as I made my way over to sit on the edge of the bed.

"It's fine" I reassured him, watching as he placed my suitcase near the edge of the door before shifting nervously on his feet. It was kind of scary how alike we were.

"Well, I'll leave you to settle in. I don't know what you want to do for dinner; you can cook or order out…"

"I'll cook" I told him, already having a feeling that he didn't eat very healthily. Him offering me take-out only confirmed my thoughts.

"Well, if you want. I need to get back to work for a few more hours, but call the station if you need anything" he told me, watching as I nodded before he made a move to head downstairs.

Hearing the front door shut before the sound of his cruiser on the stones hit my hearing I made my way over to my suitcases before moving it to sit on my bed. I knew it wouldn't take me long to unpack, what with not having many items, but I didn't let it bother me. It was a good thing, right?

Shrugging it off I started to unpack my belongings, the dresser just big enough to nicely hold my things while the ancient computer in the corner made me snigger. Renee had gotten me a laptop for my birthday one year to make up for forgetting it until I reminded her, she felt guilty enough to go a little more overboard than she usually would.

Knowing it would go unused I walked over to unplug it, moving it to the very corner of the desk before setting a few new books on the now clear space. I made a mental note to get myself a bookcase.

It only took me a half hour to get settled before I made my way into the kitchen, licking my dry lips as I took in what I had to work with before I made my way over to the fridge. The fact it was filled with microwave meals caused me to frown, making me make a mental goal to get Charlie to eat healthier.

He was a cop after all; this type of diet couldn't be good for him.

With that firmly implanted in my mind I grabbed a plate of fresh fish I found before deciding to poach it. I guessed he had caught it himself, remembering that at the time I first phoned him to ask if I could stay with him for a while that he was fishing with Billy.

I had just finished dicing the vegetables when I heard Charlie return, the tyres of the cruiser rolling over the stones and the flash of headlights clueing me in on his arrival.

"You didn't have to cook, Bells" was the first thing out of his mouth when he came in.

I shrugged. "I don't mind, I like cooking" I admitted while I watched him take off his jacket, badge and gun. "I used the fish, is that alright?"

"Sure" he shrugged. "You don't have to ask Bells, plus I caught it with Billy a few days ago so it's probably best you found a use for it."

Not having anything else to say I turned back to preparing the vegetables, it being another twenty minutes before we both sat down to eat.

"This is really good, Bells" he moaned causing me to blush.

"It's only fish" I tried to down play it, never have been comfortable when it came to compliments.

"Still, it's good" he spoke effectively ending the conversation.

After finishing I grabbed the plates to wash them only to pause momentarily when I heard the phone go off, the shrill ringing tone making me cringe but I didn't make a move to answer it.

"Hello?" I heard Charlie's gruff tone answer. "Yea, I got her from the airport a few hours ago" he sighed. "Uh huh…yep…ok I'll see you tomorrow. Bye Billy."

"Everything alright?" I asked as I cleaned up.

He nodded. "Billy's coming around tomorrow, he's bringing his son, you remember Jacob right?" he asked causing to me frown confused. Jacob?

I shook my head slowly, not remembering any Jacob. "No. Sorry."

"You sure?" he frowned causing me to shrug. "I guess seeing him might jog your memory" he mumbled to himself before patting his slightly bulging belly with a grin. "You're a good cook Bells, feel free to make me that anytime" he grinned causing me to laugh lightly.

"I don't mind, is there a shop around here though your fridge is empty?" I asked hopefully.

"I'm sure Jacob won't mind showing you around tomorrow, he used to follow you around a lot as a kid" he confessed with a slight blush.

"I'm sorry, but I don't remember him. I remember Billy though."

"I'm sure Billy will be pleased to hear that, he always used to enjoy your visits" he grinned, only making me feel a flash of guilt which clearly showed on my face by how he suddenly seemed to sober up. "I didn't mean-"he trailed off.

"It's fine, I regret not visiting you more often and if I could go back in time I would have made more of an effort" I admitted sheepishly, jumping slightly when I felt him wrap his arms around my in a tight but awkward hug before he made his way into the living room.

"You tell me if you need anything Bella, I mean it. I want you to be happy here, this is now your home as well" he shouted over his shoulder, clearly making me want to feel as at home as possible.

Shaking my head I finished clearing up before making my way upstairs, treating myself to a quick shower before slipping under the sheets of my bed. Strangely I couldn't help but try and remember who Charlie was on about, not being able to recall any Jacob from my childhood. The name was familiar I would admit, but putting a face to the name was a different story all together.

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