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Chapter Twenty-Seven


He was quiet.

I didn't like it.

I hadn't exactly known what to expect when I came out with a stuttered admission that I not only wanted to see him naked, but see him play with himself as well.

And now…now I was kind of regretting it.

While the whole seeing him naked fantasy I thought wasn't that big of a deal, especially considering he was inhumanly beautiful after all, but I knew it was what I pushed for that had caused him to stiffen ever so slightly. I could tell he didn't want me to see the slight stiffening of his form, but it was impossible to hide when I was straddling him and watching him with such intent.

It made me feel insecure about my admission.

Maybe I shouldn't have said anything.

My stomach muscles clenched uncomfortable as I fought the urge to crawl off his lap and bury my head in shame; I felt like such an idiot.

It seemed that Edward quickly caught onto my sudden change of attitude, his dark eyes widening slightly causing me to gasp at the sight of his usual amber eyes being so dark and glossy.

Fuck…he liked it I realised.

As if a switch had suddenly be turned on I felt my lips curve into a smile as I relaxed slightly now that I knew he wasn't running away from me in disgust of my behaviour. I knew he was old-fashioned, so it had been the main worry on my mind when I told him of my intentions.

But to know that he liked it…that he wasn't repulsed, but instead turned on…


I felt so good!

And now I wanted to make himself feel good.

I felt myself grin at the idea.

Remaining silent I frowned in confusion as I was suddenly plopped off his lap. I closed my eyes at the sudden sensation of being moved at impossible speed before being perched on the edge of a bed. I opened my eyes to see him backing away from me, a smirk curving at the side of his lips.

Was he about to….

Oh please god let him be about to strip for me!

I figured the only reason I didn't blush at my own thoughts was because of the fact Edward's fingers were already slowly unbuttoning his shirt while I watched entranced. Licking my lips I resisted the urge to spread my legs in a shamelessly slutty move, but it seemed almost instinctual.

I hoped as fuck that it wasn't like in the wild, the woman baring herself to her mate as a way to tempt them, giving them the ok to penetration.

Wincing at my term of phrase I made a mental note to ask Alice about it. It would be embarrassing, but I knew she would give me open and honest answers. Not to mention I bet she would love the girl talk. I may not be a fan of 'dress up Bella' but I did love spending time with her.

She was everything you needed and wanted in a best friend.

But enough of that, I had a hot naked Edward to look forward to!

He had my full attention as he slowly allowed his shirt to slip down his arms and onto the floor, revealing all that deliciously pale skin to my eyes.

"Jesus…" I breathed quietly as I drank in the sight of him.

His lips quirked, clearly having heard me perfectly. I couldn't bring myself to care, I wanted him to know that I found him desirable, and I figured I must stink of arousal as I felt my panties grow slick with my arousal.

Still, I couldn't bring myself to be embarrassed at my reaction, even if I was so glad that we had the house to ourselves since Carlisle had taken Esme out for the night.

It was when he started to kick of his shoes and socks that I found my eyes trailing down my body as my legs trembled as I tried to keep them closed. Why I seemed so unable to not have them pressed together I didn't know.

"It is your instincts, Love" Edward spoke huskily as if he had read my thoughts. "We are animals at heart. As my female mate your instincts are urging you to display yourself so that I can mount you."

My eyes widened and my thighs grew sticky as I practically came at his words. Fuck, the way he said mount….

"And when I do mount you, my Love" he licked his lips as he stared at me through pitch black eyes. "You are going to love every, single, second, of it!"

I didn't doubt him in the slightest.

Not a single word came from my mouth as I drooled over him slowly moving to unbuckle his belt, removing it from his jeans before dropping it on the floor.

My mouth watered as I eyed his dark happy trail with a lustful gaze. I definitely wanted to see more, so much more in fact.

"I never had such lustful thoughts until I met you, Bella" he admitted as he played with the button on his jeans.

I reluctantly drew my eyes up to lock onto his black ones. "Huh?" was all I could manage to get out.

His lips formed into a lustful smirk. He was so fucking gorgeous it almost hurt to look at him.

"There have been so many times I have wanted to take myself in my hand, imagining it was yours, before cuming with your name on my lips."


"But I knew if I did I wouldn't be able to stop. Every time I saw you I would think about your lips around my cock or you taking me in your hand…It only made me want you more."

I felt myself throb, not knowing whether I was in heaven on hell.

I cleared my throat. "Take 'em off."

His eyes widened briefly at my demand but I dropped my gaze almost immediately, more focused on his groin then his eyes. I could see him tenting his jeans, his obviously swollen length pressing firmly against the inside of his jeans.

I wanted it.

While I literally had no experience in anything to do with either sex or something so little as touching another or myself, I couldn't bring myself to either care or regret my decision not to. I liked the fact Edward would be the only one to touch me, to see me so vulnerable and bare.

And I couldn't deny the fact that I was more than a little pleased that he hadn't been with another female as well.

We would be each other's first and last.

"So demanding," Edward teased as he popped the button on his jeans before pulling the zipper down slowly, his hand covering the package I couldn't wait to be revealed to me.

Never had I so much as seen a boys penis unless you count the internet where they seemed to come up every time a pop-up appears, asking whether you wanted to hook up with someone at random. The thought a lone of doing something so intimate with a strange made me feel physically sick.

Edward, however, was very far from being a stranger to me.

I hadn't realised I was panting until I paid attention to my own breathing only to find it coming out in light but quick puffs of air. Edward also had noticed, his lips still quirked in tat adorably sexy crooked grin of his.

He was so fucking sexy.

"Show me," I whimpered softly, thighs trembling.

Watching him swallow before once again dropping my gaze I audible moaned as he removed his hand only to pull down his jeans, revealing to me that he was going commando as his thick and erect cock sprung free and slapped lightly against his stomach as it stood proudly from its nest of dark copper curls.

I almost forgot to breath.

The first thing I took in was the size of it. It was big, very big, and I briefly wondered how the hell it was going to fit into me.


Edward's muttered curse make me shiver. I knew the only time Edward spoke like that it was when he was too turned on to control his language, and the fact me watching him as he stood in front of me naked after finally stripping off his jeans…well, it only seemed to turn me on that much more.

I was such a slut.

Maybe my mother was right in that aspect, but I found it hard to care as my thighs continued to tremble as I took in the deliciously swollen erection in front of me. If I was a slut then I was only Edward's slut.

I could live with that.

Edward's erection I knew went well beyond that of an average man. I may not have seen any real life penis's in my life, but I had surfed the internet and unfortunately were subjected to Laurens and Jessica's thoughts and experience on the matter.

I couldn't exactly tell how long he was, but I knew he was also thick as my eyes trailed over the swollen mushroomed head. It was almost purple in colour and I knew it had to be a sign that he was aroused to an almost uncomfortable level.

I licked my lips.

Edward groaned. "You look so hot like that, Bella" he grunted.

I bit my lip, fighting back the urge to moan as I saw him visibly twitch.

He was magnificent!

From his defined and pale chest, his strong and firm shoulders leading down to his toned stomach and thighs. I had to reach up to wipe my mouth with my hands as I wasn't quite sure whether I was actually drooling or not.

Now that would definitely ruin the moment, I thought.

"C-can you…" I stuttered, flushing as I struggled to find the right words.

Looking up at him I saw him smiling lustfully down at me, my previously light pants growing more intense as I saw his hand run down his chest causing me to shudder in anticipation.

"Can I what, Love?" he teased.

Oh god, was he really going to make me say it?

"Please," I pleaded, trying to ignore the uncomfortable throbbing of my enlarged clit as I fought the urge to rub my thighs together in order to get any kind of friction. I didn't want to risk him stopping, and I knew I was pushing his control enough without adding to it.

The last thing I wanted was to scare him off.

"T-touch…" I stuttered out.

His lustful smile widened. "I am touching myself, Love" he ran his fingers over his chest, not moving them to where I wanted to see them the most. "You're going to have to be a bit more specific than that."

I wanted to scowl. Who knew he could be such a bloody tease when he wanted to be?

"P-please…" I tried again, frustrated when the words once again caught in my throat.

"Tell me!" he demanded softly. "Tell me what you want, Bella! I would never refuse you!"

I nervously licked my lips before mentally preparing myself. "Touch yourself."

There, that was enough, right?

"Touch where?"

Apparently not.

At that I did scowl. "Come on, Edward! Just touch your bloody cock already!"

My eyes widened as soon as the words were out of my mouth, my hand slapping over my lips as I felt my cheeks flare with heat. Did I really just say that?

I was almost scared to look back at Edward from where I had diverted my eyes to, not knowing what his reaction would be. He may have wanted me to speak a little dirty obviously, but had I pushed it too far for him to consider it to be hot?

How did other girls manage to be so confident in the ways of sex all the time? I felt as if I wanted to do nothing more than run away and bury my head in the sand in pure shame.


My head snapped up when I heard his low grunt of my name, only for my eyes to widen and a gasp to fall from my lips when I immediately saw the rough movement of his hand as he rubbed it against his length as if trying to start a fire.

He was fucking glorious.

His head was throw back, eyes closed in pleasure as he grunted every time his thumb moved to encircle the head of his length.

Was this seriously the first time he had ever rubbed one off?

While a part of me found that hard to believe considering he was a fuck hot male and had been alive for as long as he had, I knew he would never lie to me. If there was one thing I knew it was that Edward was the perfect life companion; open, honest and loved me completely.

I had gotten incredibly lucky being mated to him.

I stared intently as h shifted his feet slightly, opening his legs wider as the hand that wasn't stroking his length to move to cup the hanging balls that I could visibly see tighten up against his body as he prepared to cum.

I didn't know exactly how long I sat there panting, my arousal having soaked through my panties to the extent that I could feel the stickiness against the inside of my thighs.


It was with that harsh growl, a growl which sent tremors through my entire body, that I knew he was close to cuming to the point where his strokes were getting quicker and rougher.

I couldn't take my eyes away from him.

A part of me still couldn't believe he had the balls to do this in front of me, but it hadn't taken long for me to realise that he was confident in himself around me. He knew that I liked what I saw, I never hesitated to tell him as such, but he liked the reactions he managed to pull from me.

I couldn't wait till out wedding night that was for sure.

I knew he worried about losing control, but how I thought about it was, so what if he did? It wouldn't be what he planned for exactly, what we planned for, but it would work out in the end. If he bit me then the result would be him changing me, exactly what we did plan for a few days later.

There wasn't any reason for him to worry.

Turning into a vampire would hurt, I knew that. I had made sure to speak to Carlisle about what the sensations would be and he had told me the truth, that it would feel as if I was burning from inside out.

It would feel as if I was bring boiled alive.

He also told he it would take three days of the excruciating agony before my heart would beat its last beat and I would open my eyes to my new life. It would be such a painful experience that I would never be able to forget or change my mind about.

Still, it had not scared me away in the slightest.

Edward was worth it a hundred times over. If I had to suffer in order to be rewarded with having him for the rest of my life, then I saw it as a worthy trade.

Carlisle had been hesitant to my line of thinking until I pointed out whether he would go through that agony all over again if it was the only way to keep his Esme. He had immediately seen my point and I knew he was fully in my corner for my change.

Edward came a few minutes later after tugging himself off harshly a few more times, and I knew that couldn't be anything hotter than what I witnessed as he cried out my name as he coated his chest and lower stomach with his release.

I almost came at the sight alone and I knew if there was one thing I was sure about, it was that I would never get sick of seeing a sight like that.

Eternity was looking pretty good right now.

The End

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