Hello once again guys. This story is not based from the original character. All characters are mortal. For the first few chapters it will be based on Percy's life. Percy and Annabeth's love story will soon to follow.

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Chapter 1

I woke up to the sound of my alarm. I cover my ears with a pillow and ignore the sound, but unfortunately I have to deal with it because the sound is really annoying. I reach for it and press the stop button. I groan and force myself to get up. I let out a deep sigh, pushing the covers off and get up. I walk out and head to the stairs to go down to the kitchen.

When I reach the kitchen I saw my father and my mother sitting on the table and eating breakfast. "Good Morning." I greeted. I made way to my mom and kissed her. "Good Morning sweetie." She said. My dad then put down the newspaper that he's reading and turn his gaze on me. I gave him a nod and sit on my chair. "Care to tell me Perseus why you aren't done with the documents that my secretary has given to you?!" My dad demanded. I winced when he called me by my full name. I knew I was in trouble. "We already talked about this. Why are you being so stubborn?" he added. My mom comes to my rescue and reaches for my Dad's hand and squeezes it. "Hon he sure has a reason for it." "Stop defending him! He needs to grow up and start taking things seriously!" He snarled. "I told you I have to think about it first." I stubbornly replied. I saw him stiffened and before he can throw me another lecture, I got up and excused myself. "Where do you think you're going young man?!" He demanded. I ignored him and headed towards my room.

You are probably wondering what that is all about. My name is Perseus Jackson, 18 years old and the heir of the Atlantic Corporation. My father is one of the three most powerful people in America. It consists of the three brothers namely Zeus, Poseidon and Hades. Our family is the second on the list. Our company handles almost all the design and construction companies around America, not to mention we also own the shipping companies. My father is Poseidon , CEO of the said company. My mother is Sally Jackson, a very well known writer. They are totally different from one another but they love each other. I have also a younger sister, whom I love so much. Her name is Kelsi Jackson, 12 years old. Just like me she has black hair but curly and sparkling sea green eyes. She is currently at Clarion Academy in New Hampshire.

I just arrived two days ago. I have attended St. Paul's School in London. It was a boarding school for boys where I just graduated. You may be wondering why Kelsi and I chose to study in London. Well first, is for security and second, identity. Despite from being so strict and hard to please, our father loves us anyways. He decided to send us there to be safe. He doesn't want us to suffer all the pressure and attention that he did during his teenage years that is why we are using our mother's maiden name. He wants us to be normal until the time that we are ready to take the responsibility. You may think it is crazy but we totally agree with it. Only few people know about us, only those trusted employees, close friends and of course our family. People only knew that the owner of PJ Corporation has two children.

I entered my room and lock the door. I don't want to argue with my dad. We are not that close since we hardly spend time together. He is always busy and the fact that we are miles away. My mom in the other hand is different. Since she is a writer, she can travel anywhere and anytime she wants. Once in two months she visits us in London. She'll stay there for one week and spend time with us. My mom is sweet, carefree and a loving mother. She takes good care of us. Kelsi and I love her so much.

I lay in my bed frustrated. Sooner or later I have to deal with my father. I am not yet ready to take the responsibility. I just want to go to college and study music. But how in the world should I tell that to my father. He will think I'm crazy. Don't get me wrong, I will take the responsibility but not for now. I still have so much to do and experience without thinking the consequences. I am not yet up to the whole world of business and revealing my identity to the whole world. I just wanted to be me for as long as I want.

I let out a deep sigh and grab my guitar. Music calms me down. I strum my guitar inattentively. Dad and Mom don't know my talent, only my sister and my friends. I am just afraid of what they might think. It can be good or bad. My mom will surely be proud, but I doubt my dad will. Especially when they will find out that I am actually considering a career for it. In our school I have joined music clubs and there are few times I even entered competition and actually won. I wish my sister is here at least she'll distract me from my dilemma.

I decided to call her. I reach for my phone and press the call button. After three rings she pick up. "Percy!" she yelled. I smile as I hear her voice. "Hey princess," I said. "So what's up?" she asked. "Nothing, I am just bored." I replied. "Is that only the reason?" she demanded feeling hurt. "Of course not, I miss you." I replied immediately. "Is that so? Well I miss you too you annoying being." She then said and started to laugh. "Hey I am your big brother, and that is not how you suppose to address me." I smirked. "Yeah yeah whatever, are you home already?" she asked. "Yep, 2 days ago. When will you be home?" I asked. "After a week."she said. We talked for about five minutes and said goodbye.