Flynn White didn't have a lot of feelings except for hate. He hated his life, the life he was living now his dad was found dead in the Meth lab. It should have been a relieve, but he hated it. He actually had to show compassion for the bastard now. He hated his dad even more for naming him after himself because his family that was left could call him Flynn as much as they wanted to, his name was still Walter White jr.

He hated the kids on his high school, who had made his life miserable for the last few weeks after his dad was found. Flynn Heisenberg, that was how they called him and even teachers didn't know how to act to him. he hated them all. He didn't want to be associated with Walter White, but people couldn't keep themselves from bothering him with his dad.

Sure, he aced his high school exams and he was leaving ABQ now, but he would always remain the son of the biggest meth king in the US.

He looked back as his mom left the apartment with another box of his stuff. All the stuff that he was going to take to the campus of his college, which wasn't a lot. Not much was taken after they had to leave their house. Out of the apartment a small cry sounded and Flynn went back inside, looking at his sister whom was in the high chair. Flynn shove a chair in front of her and looked at her. At least she wouldn't remember whom her dad was.

''I am l-leaving today. Are you going to miss me?''

Holly kicked with her feet and laid a chubby hand in his face.

''I am g-going to miss you.''

''Flynn!?'' His mom called outside and Marie walked through the front door.

''Your mom wants to leave now.''

He nodded and got up again, grabbed his crutches.

''Take care of yourself.''

Everything I have done, I did for this family.

''I will aunt Marie, see you soon.''

He looked around the apartment one last time but it didn't feel like he was leaving home, more like a station that he was living before going to college now. Hopefully everything would be better now.

Hopefully people wouldn't know who his dad was.

To be honest he wasn't even sure himself.

For sure, he wasn't the man with the stupid shoes, that his classmates always used to make jokes about. He was not mr. Wallabee, the goofy chemistry teacher. He wasn't the honest father Flynn always thought he was. but he also couldn't be 100 percent Heisenberg. His dad been so good to him before.

''Come on Flynn, we have to go.'' Skyler White smiled at him as she laid the last box in the car and Flynn got in the car, looking out of the window one last time, leaving ABQ behind, leaving Heisenberg behind, but saving a little place for Walter White in his heart.


NOTE: I know Flynn was pretty hateful to his dad in the last episodes, but he couldn't hate his dad for the full 100 percent, right?

Somewhere - I think in the beginning of season 5 Flynn speaks about College and I figured he was still going to college soon, where he can start over.

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