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The Happiest Days of Our Lives

Summary: For 24 hours, Natsu and Gray must endure the sweetest temptation. [NaLu] [Gruvia]

Prologue – In the Flesh

It started out like an ordinary day.

Natsu and Gray were sparring at a clearing by a river, exchanging powerful blows with one another.

"Fire Dragon's roar!"

"Ice-Make: Ice Cannon!"

Fire and ice clashed, sizzling upon collision before dissolving into air.

The force of the magic sent both boys a few feet back, their heels scraping against the ground.

Panting, covered in various scratches and bruises with their clothes torn, the two mages crouched in a fighting stance.

Gray swiped his jaw with the back of his hand before bringing both hands together. "That all you got, flame-brain?"

Natsu roared, pounding his chest before spreading his feet apart. "No way! I'm getting fired up!"

"Bring it on!"

"This is it!"

The two lunged for each other—until Gray was suddenly pushed backwards, crashing to the floor.

He grunted, rubbing the back of his head. What the hell? Something soft and heavy pressed into him. Tilting his head down, he spotted distinct blue hair, making his eyes narrow.

"What the hell, Juvia? You could've gotten hurt!"

The girl lifted her head from his chest, raising her eyes to his face. He tensed. There was something… different about the way she was looking at him.

Meanwhile, Natsu grinned triumphantly. "Ha! I win!"

Gray snapped his gaze to the dragon slayer. "Not a chance!" he shouted, grunting as he tried to pry Juvia off of him. "This—doesn't—damn it Juvia, let go!"

She smiled at him, a smile so sensual a chill shot up his spine. "Your grunts make Juvia so hot, Gray-sama…"

His eye twitched. "That's not funny, Juvia—"

"Ahh, Juvia loves it when Gray-sama says her name." She licked her lips before sighing dreamily, melting into him. "Whisper it for Juvia, Gray-sama. No—moan it, please?"

His face grew red as he jerked beneath her. "What—what the hell's with you—"

Her lips suddenly pressed against his, making his eyes widen. His words muffled against her demanding mouth as his arms flailed around him, looking to Natsu to do something.

The dragon slayer wasn't paying any attention, though, as he was too busy gloating about his win.

Catching sight of blonde hair, Natsu paused his victory cheers, glancing at the girl. "Yo, Lucy!" he called, grinning as she approached closer. "You missed it! I kicked Gray's ass!"

"That's great Natsu," she said, her hands laced behind her back. Her foot prodded the ground as she peered at him through her lashes. "Listen, I have to tell you something."

The boy tilted his head, oblivious to Gray's stifled calls for help as Juvia ravished his mouth. "What is it?"

Lucy gave him a small smile, curling her finger. "Come here."

He blinked, taking a step towards her.

"Closer," she whispered.

He took another step.

"You're so far."

He raised an eyebrow, standing barely a few inches away from her. Nevertheless, he moved closer, turning his face to the side and leaning his ear towards her.

"Perfect," she murmured, her warm breath sending a shiver up his spine.

Holding her hand beside her mouth, her lips brushed against his ear as she whispered three little words:

"Let's have sex."

Color drained from Natsu's face as he jerked away, staring her with wide eyes. "What the fuck!?"

Her arms flung around his neck, pulling his face down and crashing his mouth against hers.


The doors of Fairy Tail burst open as Natsu stormed inside.

Master Makarov sat on the bar counter, speaking with Mirajane until the sudden commotion caught his attention. Glancing at the dragon slayer sprinting towards him, he lifted a brow.


"Help me!" the boy cried, wagging his arm that Lucy was currently clinging to with little hearts floating above her head.

Makarov blinked. "Hmm?"

Mirajane clasped her hands together, stars twinkling in her eyes. "Congratulations!"

The master crossed his arms over his chest, nodding. "Ah, yes, young love and such. Would you like me to find you a priest?"

"Let's find a love hotel first," Lucy giggled, walking her fingers up Natsu's chest.

"So bold!" Mirajane gasped, popping a hand over her mouth.

Natsu twitched, pulling Lucy's hand away from him. "Something's wrong with Lucy! Really wrong with her!"

"You're so cute," she cooed, showering his cheek with kisses.

"How sweet!" Mirajane peeped.

Natsu's face turned beet red. "Stop that!" he muttered, leaning away from her. "See!? She's not herself!"


Natsu glanced over his shoulder, finding Gray trudging his feet against the floor, hunched over from Juvia's weight on his back as her legs dangled freely in the air. His hair was messier than usual, the last bits of clothing barely hanging from his body and his mouth flushed pink from friction.

"Ah, you too, Gray?" said Makarov, watching the ice mage approach the bar counter.

Mirajane swooned, holding her hands beside her head. "How romantic!"

Spotting Natsu, Gray snarled, glaring daggers at the boy. "Thanks for nothing, flame-brain."

"I got my own hands full, ice-princess!" Natsu shouted back.

"Gray-sama's so strong," Juvia sighed, one hand roaming down his bare chest. "Juvia wants to feel all of Gray-sama's body…!"

Lucy gasped. "Me too!" she said, moving in front of Natsu and promptly shoving his vest down his arms.

"W-Wait a second—!" Natsu yelled, shuddering as her fingers explored his shoulders before dipping in the ridges of his muscular back. "Lucy—"

"Fix her," Gray seethed through gritted teeth, slapping Juvia's hand away as she neared the hem of his pants. "This isn't Juvia."

"Juvia's always been fond of you, Gray," Mirajane said.

"Not like this!" he shouted. "She's too—" His face flushed when he felt her warm tongue on his neck, tracing his pulse point.

"Mm, Gray-sama's so tasty…"

Gray shut his eyes, stifling a groan. "Fuck—"

Makarov rubbed his chin. "The girls do seem different…"

"You think?!" Natsu screamed, one eye closed as Lucy kissed all over his face and ran her hands through his hair.

"Just do something," Gray growled, trying to yank Juvia's arms off his neck.


"Could it have been the mission?" Mirajane suggested.

"Which mission was that?" Makarov asked.

"The one to capture a potion maker who was brewing illegal potions. Perhaps he doused them with a potion that makes them…"

"Insane?" Gray supplied, tensing as Juvia nibbled his neck and massaged his shoulders.

"I think aggressive is a better term," Mirajane said with a small smile.

"Who cares, just fix it!" Natsu exclaimed, dodging Lucy's kisses.

Makarov shook his head. "Only the potion brewer can make the antidote."

"But," Mirajane added, "like most potions, the effects should wear off after 24 hours."

"24 hours!?" both Natsu and Gray screeched.

Makarov nodded. "Just avoid the girls and you should be fine."

"I don't know about that," Mirajane rebutted. "The girls are very vulnerable right now and could be taken advantage of."

"Then you watch them!" Natsu pleaded.

The woman shook her head. "I think they'd throw a fit if they weren't around you two. Just be careful and stay polite, if you do anything and Erza finds out the girls weren't in their right minds…"

A dark cloud reigned over the boys as an image of Erza came to mind, eyes glowing menacingly and an evil aura surrounding her. Their faces paled at the thought, instinctively covering their groins.

"Consider this training for becoming an S-class mage," Makarov said. "A mage must be able to endure both physical and mental hardships."

Mirajane closed her eyes and smiled. "Good luck!"

Natsu and Gray glanced at each other, the same thought crossing their minds.

The next 24 hours would be the longest day of their lives.