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The Happiest Days of Our Lives

Summary: For 24 hours, Natsu and Gray must endure the sweetest temptation. [NaLu] [Gruvia]

Part III – Run Like Hell

Peeking his head inside the guild, Natsu slyly glanced left and right. Okay, the coast seemed clear; the sooner he grabbed some food and left, the sooner he wouldn't run into—

"Nice hickey, flame-brain."

The boy flinched, whipping his head to the side to find Gray leaning against the wall with a wicked smirk on his face.

Natsu glared, ignoring the blush creeping on his cheeks as he hastily fixed the scarf around his neck. "Yeah, well, you got one too!"

Gray simply shrugged, closing his eyes. "Not surprised. Felt pretty damn good too."

Natsu's eyes widened, "Are you stupid?! Erza's gonna—"

"Erza's not gonna do anything," Gray retorted, crossing his arms over his chest. "Juvia was never under that damn potion."

"What?! But she was acting just like Lucy!" Natsu paused, eyes growing distant for a moment before his face instantly brightened. "Oh! So that must mean Lucy wasn't—"

Gray shook his head. "No, Lucy was. She took the potion as soon as she got it." He glanced offhandedly to the side, watching Juvia talk animatedly with Cana. "Juvia just got excited from Lucy."

The girl glanced towards his direction and instantly blushed, looking away and fumbling upon finding his gaze on her.

"No way…" Natsu mumbled as Gray returned his attention to him.

"What's your problem? You look like hell."

Natsu huffed, glaring daggers. Che, jerk—so he was a little pale 'cause he'd been locking himself away in his house, and maybe he had some bags under his eyes because he hadn't slept the last few days. Whatever, he didn't look that bad.

"You wanna fight?!" he snarled, raising a fist.

Gray lifted a brow, eyeing him for a moment before a sly grin spread across his face. "Oh, I get it." He nudged Natsu's side with his elbow, snickering. "You did something, didn't you? You afraid Erza's gonna find out?"

Natsu jerked away, shaking his head vigorously. "I didn't do anything! I didn't!"

Gray snorted. "Yeah, right, 'cause you totally gave that hickey to yourself."

His face flushed beet red. "Shut up! Nothing happened!"

"Obviously something did, or you wouldn't be acting so lame. I get it, you finally manned up, it's not a big deal—"

"Does Juvia remember?"

Gray paused, squinting. "What?"

Natsu stared at the ice mage, eyes large and wild. "Does Juvia remember what happened?"

Gray frowned. "Course she does. I told you, she was never under that stupid potion." A beat of silence passed before realization dawned upon his face. "Wait, Lucy doesn't remember?"

Natsu nodded, a bead of sweat rolling down his anguished face. "Nothing, not a damn thing. And every time I close my eyes, all I can think about is—is—" He spluttered nonsense, his face growing unbearably hot. "But she doesn't remember!"

Gray rubbed the back of his neck, puffing out a breath of air. "Damn, that's rough. No wonder you look like shit."

Natsu's stomach growled loudly, eliciting a wail as he hunched over and held his sides. "I can't eat, I can't sleep—all I wanna do is—but Lucy—ugh, I'm so hungry—"

"Hungry for you~"

He clutched his head and whined. "Damn it—"

A sweet scent suddenly struck his senses, making Natsu stiffen. Gray lifted a brow as the dragon slayer instantly paled, his eyes widening in recognition.

Keys jingled in the distance before a light voice called, "Hey guys!"

Gray glanced over, finding Lucy smiling and waving as she approached them. He nodded towards her before feeling a sudden gust of wind at his side. Looking to Natsu, he found the pink-haired idiot bolting for the opposite direction, leaving a cloud of dust lingering in his wake.

Lucy blinked, the wind brushing her hair aside as she watched Natsu's retreating form. "Is he okay?"

"Uh… he's fine," Gray mumbled, scratching the back of his head. "Just had some bad food."

"Gray-sama!" A gentle hand rested against his arm, drawing his attention as Juvia smiled radiantly at him. "Thank you for waiting, Juvia is ready to go now."

Lucy glanced at the two, eyeing them before a coy smile curved her lips. "Oh? When did this happen?"

Gray averted his gaze, mumbling under his breath while Juvia merrily nuzzled his shoulder. "When Juvia told Gray-sama about our po—"

"—tential!" Gray cut in, slamming his hand over Juvia's mouth. "Our potential, yeah. Finally got what everyone was saying and oh man, look at the time. See ya!"

He snatched Juvia's wrist and hastily led her away. Lucy blinked, arching a brow as she watched them go.

Natsu was sick.

Yeah, he must've caught some kind of foreign disease because he was completely wrecked, and it was all because of Lucy.

At first, he felt feverish—and that was really weird, considering his body was always burning—but then there these urges stirring inside of him, urges that made him really want to find Lucy, push her against a wall and… do things to her. Things he never realized he wanted so bad, now more than ever.

And it sucked.

The day after Lucy went back to normal from her "potion incident", Natsu went to the guild and tried his best to pretend nothing happened. At first, it was okay, and he thought he'd be fine—but then he saw Lucy, and all his senses became electrified. He couldn't stop staring at her lips and remembering how warm they were against his, how soft her hair was against his skin and how her generous chest pressed up against his as she moved her hips with sinful grinds that sent violent shivers down his spine.

With her sitting right beside him, especially with her scent flooding his nose, all the memories from the previous day came crashing down on him more powerful and vivid than ever. Barely able to restrain himself, Natsu bolted out of the guild and never looked back.

But at his own house, he was no better. Her mesmeric scent was everywhere—on his door, on his couch, in his bed. He couldn't sleep without thinking of her warm body beside his, and he couldn't eat fish without remembering how her tongue licked up his chest, evoking delicious chills throughout his body.

So Natsu left his house and tried walking around Magnolia Town, but to his dismay, wandering through the town didn't make things any easier. His mind was plagued with memories of their "date": her small hand gripping his, her giddiness as she scattered kisses all over his face, her soft cheek as she merrily nuzzled his shoulder. Lucy's apartment was in the city too, and even miles away he could smell her sweet scent, spiking the carnal urge in his body to go and claim her as his—but he couldn't do that because it was Lucy, his nakama, and he really shouldn't be having these thoughts about his nakama! Besides, what would she say if he fell to his urges? What would she do?

Man, this whole thing completely and totally sucked. It was so weird too, having these kinds of feelings. Lucy's eyes were brighter now, her hair shinier and her face prettier. She was smart, pretty, brave, nice (when she wasn't yelling at him for little things), and just like him, she was completely loyal and selfless to her nakama.

…Huh. Lucy really was all kinds of amazing, and now Natsu felt even sicker.

As the clock struck the three, signaling mid-afternoon, Lucy sat at her desk, drumming her fingers with her chin in her palm.

Apparently, Natsu had dropped off the face of the planet. For three days there had been no Natsu in her bed, no Natsu in her tub, no Natsu crashing through her windows and no Natsu starting a fight at the guild. She didn't understand—why wasn't he hanging around her like usual?

On the fourth day of absent Natsu, Lucy decided to go to the guild and ask around. Maybe he had taken a mission without her, or maybe he was mad at her for some reason. Either way, someone had to know something, but the responses she got only led her to more dead ends.

"He's sick."

And he didn't come whining to her to take care of him?

"He struck gold and moved away to a beautiful castle."

Right, as if Natsu would spend money on anything other than food.

"Erza showed him the slot machines and he's addicted."

Possible, except Natsu has the attention span of a goldfish.

"I heard he found the love of his life and eloped."

That was the most ridiculous excuse yet.

Disappointed, Lucy left the guild even more confused than when she entered it.

So not only had Natsu taken a sudden leave of absence, but everyone in Fairy Tail was acting fishy too. Just what was going on?

Was he avoiding her because of they woke up in the same bed? But why would he be? They slept together all the time when he snuck into her bed, so how was her waking up in his any different? They did still have their clothes on, for the most part…

A fuzzy memory came to mind, bringing a nagging headache with it. Lucy clutched her head and winced, drawing a breath before exhaling slowly. Taking a moment to compose herself, she gently shook her head and continued walking.

As she passed a few blocks, she heard a small bell chime, catching her attention. Glancing over, she found the vendor of a Popsicle stand smiling and handing a mother-daughter pair two popsicles. She felt another pang in her head before recalling the taste of something sweet in her mouth, then someone's lips against hers.

Lucy instantly flinched, pausing her next step and placing a hand over her mouth.

Okay, that was weird. She'd never kissed anyone before, so why did it feel so familiar to know what it felt like? As she closed her eyes, a visual suddenly came to mind—Natsu kissing her lips, his hands against her jaw and waist before trailing kisses down her neck.

A searing blush spread across her cheeks, her heart skipping a beat. Where in the world did that come from?!

With all these weirdly sensual thoughts of him, maybe it was a good thing Natsu was temporarily gone. They were starting to get out of hand—first they consumed her dreams, and now they haunted her during the day too?

They were so incredibly realistic, it was getting harder and harder separating fantasy from reality. But they were just fantasies, they had to be, because she certainly would've remembered if something like that had happened between her and Natsu.

Why was she even fantasizing about him in the first place? It wasn't like she liked him or anything—he was just strong and sweet and kind of cute when he wasn't being a total blockhead, and he always knew how to make her smile and—oh. Okay, maybe she did have a little crush on him, but it wasn't like she could do anything about it. He probably saw her as just a teammate, and she was fine with that. No need to go complicating their friendship over a silly little crush.

Lucy shook her head, taking a deep breath as the nagging ache of her headache gradually receded. These strange headaches, Natsu's disappearance, her weird dreams and the guild's strange behavior—something was going on, and she was determined to figure out what.

Turning on her heel, Lucy took a step forward, only to collide into someone as she staggered backwards.

"Oh, I'm sorry—" She lifted her gaze, only to blink at the sight of messy pink hair and dark eyes. "Natsu?"

The poor boy looked like he was about to pass out, hunched over with an emaciated pale face and bags under his droopy eyes.

"Are you okay?" Lucy asked, face twisting in worry as she looked over his frail appearance. "What is it? What's wrong?"


She quirked a brow. "What?"

"So… hung…"

He suddenly collapsed forward, making Lucy gasp as she moved to catch him. "H-Hey! Natsu!"

His cheek rested against her shoulder, his weight pressing heavily against her. She frowned, shifting his body to her side and slacking his arm over her shoulder.

"Come on," she murmured quietly, fighting the blush on her face as he leaned against her.

At the enchanting aroma of food, Natsu immediately bolted upright, eyes snapping open. Instinct drove him to the source as he dashed out one room into another, his eyes widening at the heavenly sight of the most delicious meal ever—charbroiled meat and flames.

Without sparing a moment's hesitation, he launched himself to a seat and began vacuuming down the food. So consumed in his meal, Natsu failed to notice the light colored walls, the pink comforter he had been lying on, and the unique scent of the rooms that belonged to none other than—

"There you are."

Natsu tensed, whipping his face over his shoulder with bones hanging out of mouth. "Lumfschy!"

A small smile crept on her lips as Lucy stepped inside the kitchen. "Is it good?"

He eyed her carefully as she took a seat beside him. Scooting a few inches away, he swallowed and gave a brief nod before devouring more food.

Lucy blinked before furrowing her brow. "You're eating like you haven't eaten in days. Why haven't you been eating?"

He mumbled a response, his words muffled by his full mouth.

"Where have you been?" she asked after he swallowed.

He didn't answer her, instead stuffing his mouth with more food.

Lucy crossed her arms and frowned, deciding to ask her questions after he finished eating. When he sucked down the last bit of meat, he dropped the plate on the table and draped an arm over his round stomach, sighing in content.

Lucy smiled fondly at the sight. "So—"

"Thanks for the meal, see ya!" Natsu blurted before bolting for the window.

"Hey, wait a second!" she called, quickly dashing after him. Slipping past him, she stood between him and the window. "Natsu—"

She caught a glimpse of his wild eyes before he snapped his gaze towards the door and tore towards it. Breaking into a sprint once more, Lucy blocked the door with her body and scowled.

"Enough!" she said sharply, but her face softened when Natsu recoiled away from her and avoided her eyes. "Natsu," she called gently, "talk to me. Why are you being like this? Where have you been? Why aren't you looking at me?"

The boy swallowed, desperately trying to quell the overwhelming heat raging in his body. Her scent stimulated his senses, making him hypersensitive to everything about her: the light flush to her cheeks, the soft pants escaping her lips, the rise and fall of her chest with every breath she took. His fingers twitched, urging to grab her and touch her and feel her warm breath against his skin, and each passing moment it was only getting harder and harder to fight his instincts.

Stepping away, he locked his hands behind his back. "Luce, please, I really gotta—"

"Why are you avoiding me?" she demanded, frowning as he moved away from her. "Is this because of what happened the other day?"

Natsu cringed, frantically shoving out the vivid, distinct memories flooding his mind. He drew a slow breath, desperately reigning himself in as he forced his eyes to the ceiling.

"Natsu. Natsu, look at me—"

"I really, really gotta go—"

"Talk to me!"

He groaned in aggravation, closing his eyes. Couldn't she see that he needed to get the hell away from her? That he was trying to keep himself from doing anything stupid and spare her the confusion and frustration and aching and all these other conflicting feelings that left him a scrambled mess?

"We just fell asleep together," Lucy continued. "Yes our clothes were a little messed up, but nothing happened, right?" She took a step forward, her voice insistent. "Right?"

His hand curled into a fist, trembling slightly at his side. "Lucy—"

"You promised," she pressed. "You said nothing happened, that your vest was off because you went swimming, and that I was at your house because we went fishing. We'd had a long day, so we both fell asleep—but that doesn't make sense."

He snapped his gaze towards her, swallowing as she looked to a corner.

"Wet clothes dry instantly on you, and if we did go fishing, I wouldn't have worn such a nice dress. And…" Her eyes slowly rose to his, her cheeks flushing a little darker. "The mark on your neck… it looked just like a—"

"I lied, okay?!"

Lucy flinched, eyes wide. "…What?"

"I lied," he repeated, whisking his head away and avoiding her gaze. "Something did happen, but I can't tell you, and I—I feel really, really weird! I know it wasn't really you that did that stuff but I still feel so—so—I don't know!"

"Natsu…" Lucy called quietly, her heart pounding in her chest, "what are you talking about?"

He growled in frustration, stepping towards her and tightly gripping her upper arms. "Remember, Lucy! Remember!"

She stared at him, bewildered. "Remember what? I don't understand!"

He growled, making her flinch as he hung his head low. Why couldn't she remember?! What did he have to do, show her—?

He froze, eyes snapping open. She had to remember, and if that was the only way…

Drawing a deep breath, Natsu lifted his face to hers. "Lucy," he murmured, watching her puzzled eyes meet his. "Don't get the wrong idea."

She blinked, "What are you—mmph!"

Her eyes widened as his lips pressed against hers, his hands on her arms keeping her still. Immediately she raised her hands and pressed them against his chest, shoving him back.

"What are you doing?" she gasped, staring at him in shock.

Natsu gripped her arms tighter, eyes desperately imploring. "Remember, Lucy!" he pressed before he cupped her cheeks and captured her lips once more.

"Nat—mmph! Mm—mm—mm…"

Her struggles gradually weakened as the hand pushing him away gripped his vest. Her other hand slipped in his hair, clutching the spikes as a soft sound escaped the back of her throat. She pressed herself closer and Natsu purred against her, placing his hands on her waist and pushing her back against the doorframe.

Her nails teased through his hair as his mouth slanted over hers. He nipped her lower lip before sweeping his tongue across it, making her shudder as she tilted her head and opened her mouth. His hand slipped to the swell of her backside while the other rose to her neck, holding her face and angling her lips against his. Lucy mewled softly, sliding her fingers up his lean chest before wrapping her arms around his neck.

Natsu was functioning on sensory overload, consumed by her sweet scent and intoxicating lips. The noises she made were addicting, making him eager to keep kissing her and elicit more sounds from her. She tasted so good, and the way her lips perfectly melded against his—wait. She was kissing him back—she wasn't supposed to be kissing him back—

He forced himself to pull away, leaning his forehead against hers. "Don't," he breathed. "You're… not supposed to…"

Lucy's eyes fluttered open, her cheeks stained pink as she panted heavily. Her arms loosened around his neck as she lifted her gaze to his face, finding his eyes still closed with his eyebrows pulled together as though he was struggling.

Softly, she called, "Natsu…?"

He was silent for a moment, then asked in a low voice, "Do you remember?"

Lucy flinched, flustered. "R-Remember what? Why—what does kissing have to do with—"

He suddenly growled loudly, making her shrink in fear. Shoving himself off her, he paced around and pulled at his hair. "Damn it, remember Lucy!"

She winced at the volume of his voice before a scowl crossed her face. "Remember what? I don't—" She paused, eyes widening in realization. "Oh, no… this is about the other day, isn't it?"

Natsu looked at her, reminiscent of a kicked puppy with his slouched shoulders and anguished eyes.

Lucy stared at him, her stomach twisting nervously. "What… what happ—"

"You took a potion," he muttered, and she covered her mouth. "You… you touched me and you kissed me, and I…" His hands opened and closed in fists. "I can't…" He stepped back. "Something's wrong with me. You smell so good and I feel really weird and I just wanna… wanna…" He tilted his head down, hunching his shoulders.

Lucy gaped at him, frozen. No… no way…

"Those dreams…" she whispered, looking to the floor. "They… were real?"

"You had them too?" he asked quietly.

Her eyes flashed to his face, wide in disbelief. "Th-That means… you were my…"

Natsu averted his gaze, eyes downcast with a heavy frown marring his face. "I think I'm sick," he mumbled. "When I'm around you, everything gets really hot and I feel funny, like here." He placed a hand over his chest, by his heart. He could feel Lucy's stare on him, but he adamantly kept his eyes trained on the corner. "I don't know when I'm going to get better," he added, stepping back to the window ledge. "So till then… just…" He turned around and jumped out the window.

Lucy stared, frozen before she slowly crumbled to the floor.

The following day, there was a soft knock on Natsu's door. The boy's nose wrinkled as he turned on his side, nestling himself further against his bed. He knew who his visitor was the moment she arrived, her distinct scent making his nostrils flare and stomach clench.

The knock sounded again, this time gentler, almost hesitant. He still made no movement to answer, closing his eyes and drawing a steadying breath.


Her voice was soft, cautious, and he could hear her feet shifting outside.

"Are you there?"

He frowned, feeling a pang of guilt in his chest. She sounded so fragile, and normally he would be the first to prop her back up and reassure her—but he couldn't right now, not with the way he was feeling. His self-restraint had already slipped once, and he wasn't going to let himself lose it again.

But it was weird. It was his instinct to help her, his friend, but now… now he didn't just want to help her. He wanted to nuzzle her face and put his arms around her and lay on her lap while she talked about whatever she wanted because he just wanted to be around her, in her company and making her smile.

There was no way things could go back to the way it was before. His innate instinct to protect her was even stronger now, fueled by his striking new feelings for her.

…Yeah, he had feelings for her, and it was so… foreign. Different, yet the same, but overall new and confusing because now what would he do? What should he do?

She shifted again, snapping him out of his reverie. "You don't have to see me," she murmured, and if only she knew that's exactly what he wanted. "But if you're in there, could you let me know?"

Lucy leaned her ear against the doorframe, carefully listening for a hint of a sound. After a few moments, she heard a light thud, and she felt a wave of relief wash over her as a small smile crossed her lips.

"Thank you," she said quietly, resting against the door. Biting her lip, she trained her eyes on the doorknob below her. "Listen, about what happened… I… I'm really sorry. I still can't remember a lot, but if those dreams really were real, I don't even know where to begin…"

She glanced away, leaning her back against the door. Natsu budged, his ears perking as he turned slightly towards the door.

"I understand though, why you were avoiding me, why you were acting differently. If you want space, take all the time you need, okay? Pull yourself back together, then come see me when you feel comfortable around me again—if you can. Oh, I can't imagine what you think of me now… I'm sorry, it's all my fault. If I hadn't rushed into drinking that stupid potion, none of this would've happened… Guess it's a little too late to say that, huh?"

A rueful sigh escaped her lips as she glanced off to the side, holding her opposite arm. Natsu listened with bated breath, carefully grasping every word.

"But you know… I am glad about one thing. I'm glad I had someone like you watching out for me. With anyone else, who knows what could've happened, but you… you looked out for me, and even after you were just trying to protect me, so I just wanted to say… thank you."

The boy's eyes widened, feeling his chest tighten.

"Well… that's all I wanted to say," Lucy finished, the door creaking as she leaned her weight off the doorframe. "I'm really sorry about all this, Natsu. I hope you can forgive me."

Natsu rolled out of his bed, planting his feet against the floor before darting to his door. Of course he'd already forgiven her—she hadn't done entirely unpleasant things, he thought with a blush—but the problem was she made him feel so differently now. She made him happy, she made him nervous, she made him uncertain and flustered but excited and eager. He wasn't exactly sure what he wanted from her—he wanted things to be like they were before, but then he wanted more too.

He'd figure it out later; for now, he had to talk to her before she left, to give her some kind of reply and assurance—but the moment he swung open his door, he found no one there.

Stepping outside, he glanced around, only to find she was already gone.




Her biscuit fell from her hand as Lucy clutched her cup of hot chocolate, sitting on her bed with papers sprawled across the blanket. Snapping her gaze to the sudden commotion, her eyes widened at the chipped pieces of wood on her floor.

"My window!" she cried. Looking to her sudden intruder, her eyebrows furrowed in a chiding scowl. "Natsu!"

"Huh?" he said, glancing behind himself before smiling sheepishly and scratching the back of his head. "Oh, sorry about that!"

Lucy whined, slumping her shoulders and hanging her head low. "The landlady's going to kill me…"

"Hey, what's this?"

She looked up, finding him sitting at the edge of her bed. His head tilted as he looked at all the papers lay before her, picking one up and arching a brow before turning it right side up.

"Um," Lucy began, eyeing him, "it's just information about celestial spirits and the celestial spirit world."

"Huh," said Natsu, squinting before placing the paper aside. "Hey! That reminds me, today at the guild…"

He rambled off, speaking animatedly with broad gestures. Lucy studied him carefully, flashing him a small smile to mask her inner confusion. She hadn't seen him for another few days, but she had figured he was taking the space he needed away from her.

But now he was suddenly here, with her, alone, talking as if nothing had happened. Was he just pretending to be fine, or was he really okay around her again? It seemed a little sudden, but if he was willing to act like nothing happened, the least she could do was do the same. So she nodded and genuinely listened to his story, sipping her hot chocolate and smiling at the appropriate places.

"…and then I threw his clothes in the lake!"

Lucy giggled behind her mug, idly shaking her head. "Of course," she said, picking up a biscuit and taking a small bite. Natsu's nose wrinkled as he stared at the treat, dark eyes blinking curiously. Reading his stare, Lucy asked, "Would you like one?"

"What is it?"

"Chocolate and shortbread," she answered, holding it out to him. "But the chocolate's foreign, from a country called—"

She paused when Natsu tipped forward, taking the biscuit with his mouth. Her eyes widened as a blush coated her cheeks, her heart skipping a beat.

He sat back and chewed, mumbling some incoherent words. Lucy stared for a moment, gathering her scrambled thoughts. "W-What?" she peeped.

Natsu swallowed before leaning towards her, brushing some whip cream from her lip. Lucy flinched, her face coloring bright pink as he swept his finger against his tongue and licked it clean.

She quickly averted her eyes, unconsciously taking another sip of her hot chocolate. Natsu chuckled, and her heart involuntarily raced at the sound.

"Oi, Luce."

The girl swallowed, flicking her brown eyes to his gaze. He was gesturing towards his face, trying to cue her to something her distracted mind wasn't grasping, but then, without thinking, he leaned over and brushed his tongue against the corner of her lips. Lucy froze, wide-eyed with cheeks flushing dark. Natsu settled back on his calves before he suddenly froze as well, eyes widening in realization.

A stilling silence filled the room as the two sat, rigid. Then, Lucy set her mug on her nightstand before leaning forward, cupping his face and pressing her lips to his. He stilled beneath her, stunned, but then his hands found her waist as he slanted his mouth and pulled her closer.

Her fingers flirted with the nape of his neck, eliciting a purr from the boy as his hands rose up her back. She arched into him, tilting her head before tracing his jaw with her fingers. His tongue swept across her lower lip and she opened her mouth, sliding her hand in his hair as he kissed her harder.

A soft sound escaped her before she pulled away, panting softly while her forehead rested against his. Natsu trailed kisses from her jaw to her neck, breathing in her scent as she tilted her head back.

"Natsu…" she whispered, gasping softly when his warm tongue slid along her neck. "What are we doing?"

He lifted his face, his clouded eyes meeting her own as he took quiet breaths.

"I don't know," he murmured, sliding his hands down her back. He pressed light kisses down the column of her throat, murmuring against her skin, "Do you want me to stop?"

His mouth sucked the curve of her neck, making her shudder in his arms. "D-Dummy… don't ask me that while you're…" She squeezed his shoulder, whimpering breathlessly as he gave a powerful suck.

"Should I stop?" he asked again, warm breath passing over her skin as his eyes rose to hers.

Lucy blushed, biting her lower lip before shaking her head. "No, but… if we do this… where do we go from here?"

"Wherever you want," he replied, watching her eyes meet his as he flashed a small grin. "I don't really know what's supposed to happen next, but whatever you want, I want it too."

She blinked, her heart fluttering as a small smile crossed her lips. "You're sweet," she murmured, cupping his cheek and pressing a sweet kiss on his lips.

He chuckled, closing his eyes as he beamed. "You said that too, when you were under that potion thing."

"I did?" she said, tilting her head before pouting. "I'm sorry, I can barely remember anything…"

"Don't worry," he assured, grinning cheekily. "I got enough memories for the both of us!"

She cringed. "Was I really that bad?"

"Nah, but I can't look at ice sticks the same."

"Ice sticks? …You mean Popsicles?" Lucy flinched, cupping her flaming cheeks. "Wait, I did something with Popsicles?!"

"Yeah, and you showed me something new with fishing wire too!"


"Here, I'll show ya!" he announced with a wide grin, lifting her off his lap and hopping off the bed.

"Wait, Natsu—!" Lucy called, reaching for him as he leapt out the door. "Come back! What else did I do?! Natsu!"


Juvia glanced to Gray, a radiant smile curving her lips as he held out a caramade frank while munching on another. She paused from digging through her purse, leaning over and planting a soft kiss on his lips.

Gray blinked, a light blush dusting his cheeks as he swallowed. "What was that for?"

Juvia merely smiled merrily. "Juvia's very happy."

Gray paused, feeling his cheeks grow warmer before he glanced away and fidgeted slightly. "Yeah, uh, good."

Juvia giggled before looking back to her purse, resuming sifting through her things.

"What are you looking for?" he asked.

"The potion," she answered. "Juvia was going to find a merchant to give it to." She peered into her purse and pursed her lips, turning it around and dumping out the contents.

Gray merely shrugged, finishing the last few bites of his food. "Better off without the stupid thing."

The girl stared at the floor, tapping her chin pensively. "Juvia had it in the woods when she showed it to Gray-sama, after we…" She swooned at the memory, cupping her blushing cheeks and sighing dreamily.

Gray choked, coughing before wiping his mouth with the back of his hand. Shoving the caramade frank in Juvia's hand, he whipped his blushing face away from the girl. "Just eat."

Juvia glanced at the food before looking at him, her lips curling in a sly smile.

Gray narrowed his eyes.

"What are you—mmph!"

Heavy armored boots treaded across fields of grass, rustling the green blades with every step. There was a soft clink as something punted forward, drawing Erza's attention.

She glanced down, finding a small vial glinting in the sunlight. Tilting her head quizzically, she bent over and picked the bottle up. She eyed the pink liquid inside before holding it up to the sun, swishing it side to side.

"What's this…?"

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