( Dipper's PoV )


Another day in Gravity Falls, Oregon, Dipper Pines thought as he sat on the porch of the Mystery Shack. And another day for others to assume him and his twin sister were alike. Just another attraction to these people. Did they think they were one of the exhibits here? No just like the exhibits... they gawked at him and her. It drove him insane. The place his Great Uncle Stan owned, that was designed around conning tourists out of their money.

Dipper looked down at the ground where he sat, and wondered about why him and his sister, Mabel, had been sent here for this summer. Sure they had grown farther apart. But that was what siblings did right? They would always remain close... but they had to have some kind of alone time. Weren't they allowed to have their own lives?

Being a twin on the surface might seem more fun to others. Those people who didn't know what it was like to have yourself and your twin lumped together. As if you both were one being. Why did everyone always assume him and Mabel were the same? Because they weren't. They were different beings.

As if the day hadn't started bad enough... Pacifica North-West, the supposed descendant of the town founder walked by. Her blonde hair tied back in a pony-tail. She wore a purple long sleeve shirt unbuttoned showing a cotton white skirt beneath that went to just above her knees. He didn't really like the girl, she had made Mabel's life miserable since they arrived.

"Look at what we have here," the girl said snottily, looking at Dipper through half lidded eyes. "It's a Dip-Stick."

"Shut up Pacifica," Dipper said, looking up from the ground. He'd been called these names for as long as he had been called Dipper. His nickname that stuck with him, due to his 'Little Dipper' birthmark on his forehead. He was sick and tired of everyone always making fun of him. "No one asked your opinion."

"Like anyone wants yours." she scoffed and continued on her way. Dipper got up and went into the Mystery Shack.

"Hey Dork," Said a female voice that he recognized right off the bat. Dipper couldn't be mad at the teen behind the counter. He turned and looked at the girl, long red messy hair. Her green flannel shirt, and lack jeans and he stared into her green eyes. She leaned against the wall. Easily the only real upside to staying in Gravity Falls. "You alright dude?"

"Huh? Wha… no Wendy, I mean yes, it's nothing." He lied and laughed nervously looking down at the floor, his shoe kicking at something that had been dropped. He hadn't realized that he had been staring at the older teen. Then again, he couldn't help it sometimes, his mind did that sometimes when he was around her.

"You sure, dude? You looked like you were like a million miles away there for a second." Wendy came around the counter, to stand in front of him. Perceptive... though, he wasn't sure if she knew about the crush he'd developed for her when he first arrived at the beginning of summer

Mabel walked into the front of the shop wearing a sweater with a cat face on it, he had never asked her why she wore sweaters during summer, and she was just that kind of person. She was trailed by Waddles her pet pig, and she was doing normal things that Mabel does, touching everything, making silly noises. She stopped and looked over at Dipper and Wendy. And she walked up next to her twin. It was hard to tell that they were twins when they were apart, but when they stood close to each other, it was more apparent. Same brown hair, and blue eyes. And their facial features were similar. She grinned at her twin.

"Hey Dippy, you hanging out with your gir…" Dipper interrupted her by putting his hand over her mouth. Mabel knew about his crush... and ever chance she got, she tried to expose him. He didn't know if it was Mabel being Mabel, or if it was a sister thing. But he wished that she didn't always try to embarrass him.

"Shut it Mabel, eww." He yanked his hand away from her mouth, "Did you just lick my hand?"

"Nah," she stuck out her tongue at Dipper, and then patted her leg calling her pet pig, Waddles. Then walked out of the room Waddles trailing behind her. "Come on Waddles, lets go eat."

"So what was she saying?" When Dipper only just stared at her, she grinned slightly, and then placed on hand behind her neck rubbing softly. He didn't answer... how could he? He didn't want to expose himself. So he just stared at her, hoping she'd change the subject. "Alright… then..."

"Hey Babe, Hey Dip-Stick," a voice came up behind him, coming from a person he hated. He turned and saw the black haired teen Robbie dressed in his usual black attire. Black painted finger nails and black eye liner, which always made Dipper laugh to himself, though this time he didn't feel like laughing. He was tired of this older boy messing with him. Tired of everyone messing with him.

"Don't call me Dip-Stick, Eye-Liner boy." Dipper snapped, at the same time Wendy snapped, "I told you, we were done. And don't call me Babe."

"But Wendy, I said I was sorry." Robbie whined. And Wendy just looked at him as if he was the stupidest person alive. Dipper couldn't actually believe he was stupid enough to even try. Wendy had made it clear, how come he couldn't see that?

"I don't care if you said sorry Robbie." She said looking down at the counter. Dipper was sick of people messing with him. Just plain tired of it. But Robbie messing with Wendy... just pushed him passed his limits. "We're done!"

"If your not here to see Wendy, and your not. Buy something or leave." Dipper snapped at Robbie.

"Tsk. You can't tell me what to do. And I'm not leaving until I talk to Wendy." Robbie raised his voice and stood over Dipper.

"Robbie leave me and him alone, he's just a kid." Wendy said moving next to Dipper. Dippers face tinted pink at Wendy's comment, though he wasn't sure if it was because she was defending him, or calling him a kid.

Just a kid? Dipper asked himself in his mind. Dipper faltered a moment before standing up straight looking right into Robbie's eyes, and he balled his hands into fists. Robbie's fists did the same thing, only he raised his. Dipper watched the older males fist become closer and closer to his face until it connected with his jaw. He could have ducked... but he didn't actually think the older teen would really hit him. Dipper fell to the ground his hat had been knocked off. Then Robbie started to kick him in the stomach. Dipper saw Wendy jump to help him, and Robbie pushed her, causing her to fall back onto the floor. Anger burst through Dipper as he jumped up and leapt on Robbie, who threw him off, Dippers face hitting the floor, when he got up a tooth was missing.

Dipper jumped back up, Robbie went to hit Dipper again. Robbie's hand was coming fast and this time Dipper closed his eyes and waited for the blow. This time he knew the older teen would hit him, and all he could do was brace himself for it. And he waited... No pain, no impact, nothing.

"Wha…" Dipper opened his eyes, a bigger hand was holding onto Robbie's hand, he looked over his shoulder. His Gruncle Stan stood over him, glaring at Robbie, though his thick framed glasses. His usual red bow-tie and gray suit. Mabel was standing not far behind him. Obviously his twin had heard Robbie, and went straight for their Great Uncle, who came to help. It was embarrassing that in a way his sister had to save him. How many times had she been the one to come to his rescue? Too many for him to count.

"Listen to me boy." Gruncle Stan said his voice low and menacing as he moved toward the door, dragging the goth boy behind him, who seemed much smaller in Stan's grasp. He stood the boy up next to the door. He waved his hand behind him indicating everything behind him. "This is my home, my shop, and these," he pointed to the people behind him, Dipper was shocked because he didn't really think that his great uncle cared all that much about him. "These are my family, and my employees. You come around here causing trouble, I'll toss you in the bottomless pit."

Robbie walked out the Shack, Dipper could see him through the still open door as he walked away. Robbie turned and looked right at Dipper, and glared, "It's not over, Dip-Wad. I'll get even."

"So anyways Dipp, what was you sayin', Dude?" Wendy said walking over to Dipper, who walked right past Wendy. He held up his hand. He couldn't say anything really... what was there to say? The conversation they had been having, was lost to him. He couldn't even recall what it was about at the moment. He needed time, he thought as he continued on without looking at anyone.. "Come on Dipp."

"Dippy. Come on. Don't get so mad about that jerk-face. Come and talk with us." Mabel took Dipper by the wrist, which he jerked his hand out of her grasp. Why did Mabel always have to push the issue? Didn't she know sometimes people needed to be alone? No... because they were twins. They were supposed to share everything. Including feelings, and he was sick of it!

"I don't want to talk." Dipper muttered as he walked out the back door. He went out to where Stan had made him chop wood on one of his first days there. Where, in Stan Dream land, he found out how his Gruncle really felt. Sometimes he forgot, like today when Stan stood up for him, that his Gruncle really cared. He picked up the ax and started chopping wood. It still took him several tries before he split a piece of wood. But he never gave up, he continued for what felt like hours.

"Dipper," Stan's voice was rough as usual, but not harsh. Dipper turned to look at Stan. He tried to blink the tears from his eyes. When he failed he stood up straight.

"I didn't need you help Gruncle Stan!" He said loudly, his eyes full of hatred, not at Stan, at everything. It was just that Stan was the first to take his attention away from his task.

"He would have hurt you Dipp" Stan knelt down and put his hand on the boy shoulder. Mabel, Wendy, and Soos had gathered at the door from hearing Dipper yell. Dipper wasn't the sort to yell, lose his temper. Not in ways that anyone really noticed from him.

Dipper still held the hatchet in his hand, which shook along with his other hand in fury. He noticed Stan's shocked look when he glanced at the ax. This made Dipper even angrier. "I'm not going to use the ax on you Stan."

Dipper tossed the ax down in anger, and noticed Stan's attention was still on his hands and not the ax. He cast his eyes down, looking at where the ax fell fell. Something was wrong about the handle. He stared at the wooden handle that seemed to be covered in something red, he looked down at his hands and noticed what had really shocked his great uncle, he had been chopping wood with such focus his hands were bleeding.

"Great," Dipper yelled in frustration and embarrassment. How weak am I, he wondered. "I'm even too weak to cut wood, I'm so tired of this." Dipper looked into his uncles eyes. Stan stepped back from the sight in his great nephews eyes. "Robbie embarrassed me, then you, and now I've embarrassed myself."

Stan reached out to put his hand on the boy shoulder, "Lets go inside and get your hands clea-" Dipper jumped away from Stan and darted off into the woods behind the house. He didn't think His Gruncle would hurt him. He just didn't want to talk... he didn't want to go back inside... he didn't want to be around people.

Dipper kept running and running. He didn't know where he was going, other than just wanting to get away fron the Shack, and anyone who wanted him to 'talk'. He tripped and rolled a few times, rolling over roots, and landing on the hard ground. He pushed himself off the ground and continued running. He knew the fall had hurt... but it was like he barely felt it. At the time he hadn't noticed the lack of pain. But he would in the coming days. The Man-o-taur's where right, he thought to himself, I'm not a man. I'm just a kid.

He just kept running until he was tired. He sat under a large tree and just stared off at the nature surrounding him. He didn't have the energy anymore to continue, or turn back. His adrenaline had ran it's course, and his body was spent. He laid down under the tree and closed his eyes. This would be as good a place as any to sleep, he thought.